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GREETINGS FROM WASHINGTON DC! Great to be back. As the photos above show, it is amazing how the Lord has focused us for this season. On Sunday evening, a miracle unfolded before our eyes. A rainbow formed in a nearby field, by some railroad tracks. I grabbed my camera to take a picture. I then watched as the rainbow literally crossed the Potomac River and seemingly overtook the US Capitol. 

Can’t make this stuff up. 

But what does this mean? What is God saying? I really want to hear from you on this. I’ll share my growing perceptions in a moment. 

First a little background. In February the Lord framed out for us the next season. I saw how we were to launch the Glory Train in Alaska over Passover. Then, as with the pattern given by Jesus to the early disciples, we were to contend from Passover to Pentecost for a great move of Holy Spirit before launching the Glory Train in the continental US during this time. We will announce our Pentecost Tour schedule tomorrow.

And on Sunday evening lets launch into the prayer vigil that advances us into Pentecost. This train is bound for glory! Again, I am in awe of the Lord’s encouragement and confirmations. 

So let me briefly share what I feel the Lord is saying through the “rainbow crossover” here in Washington DC. As mentioned, back in February the Lord began to encounter me regarding our new season. His mandate on the relaunch of the Glory Train was in context with the revelatory clarity and the release of His covenant promises to define our future. We shared many of these messages in Alaska. We are working now on compiling them for you.

In February, on of the most important queries I sought the Lord over was whether or not His covenant with our land was still valid before the Throne. Because election results and other circumstances indicated the exact opposite. Was God through with our nation? On the 400th anniversary of the signing of the Mayflower Compact, was He allowing an antichrist spirit to prevail over Washington DC? 

God’s answer to these questions would obviously determine our trajectory as a ministry, both in regards to Washington DC and also the Glory Train movement. We have all learned the hard way about leaning into presumptive assertions. Therefore everything was on the table. We were seeking a true word from Heaven’s council, even if it disrupted our hopes and pursuits. 

In the midst of my grief, the Lord’s response was graciously unmistakeable. It all began with a dream in which He called me to a 4am watch. No coddling allowed. 

One of the most important revelatory encounters during this time came as I was fumbling through the pages of the Bible, looking for Isaiah 55. Summarizing here. Keep in mind March 4 marked my 54th birthday. 

“You and this nation have been in a season of Isaiah 53, where the arm of the Lord seemed restrained and My people forsaken. But as of March 4 I am bringing you and the nation into a season defined by Isaiah 54, where the hand of the Lord returns to His bride. In your seeming barrenness it is time to sing again! Enlarge the place of your tent. Lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes! You will break out to the right and to the left. Your seed will possess the nations. All your children will be taught of the Lord. No weapon forged against you will prosper… 

“Your Maker is your Husband. My covenant with you, and with this nation, remains secure. For a brief moment I abandoned you, but with great compassion I will gather you…  FOR THIS IS LIKE THE DAYS OF NOAH TO ME. For the mountains may be removed and the hills may shake, But My favor will not be removed from you, Nor will My covenant of peace be shaken,” Says the Lord who has compassion on you.”

For this is like the days of Noah to me. In the days of Noah, what was the sign of God’s covenant restoration? A RAINBOW.

Can I tell you that over Passover, Isaiah 54 was governmentally released to Alaska, and from Alaska to the nation! This after Jolene and I were chauffeured around by a courageous friend who, during the midst of extraordinary trials marking 2020, was also given Isaiah 54. In fact she marked her new home with scriptures from Isaiah 54, from the window frames and doorposts to the very foundation!

Can’t make this up. 

And as spectacular as the rainbow picture is, the message behind it is even more profound. Over Passover we asked for God’s hand again from Alaska. And in Washington DC the sign of a rainbow appeared in my proverbial backyard, crossed over the Potomac River into Washington DC, and overshadowed the US Capitol. 

Covenant with death annulled. Covenant of life established—as a verdict from the Lord, a promise that will be fulfilled. And our nation will shift in return. No King but Jesus!!!