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Shalom all. And welcome to 8-18! It’s a double portion day. 

Jolene and I are writing you from a white-cloth table in a ballroom at the Trump International Hotel, guests a conference hosted by Lance Wallnau. Together with Mario Bramnick and others, we helped lead prayer for Washington DC earlier in the gathering. Revelation is flowing with clarity. And I figured it best to take advantage of the flow!

So I want to share with you eight keys for a “new way forward” we as we make our transition from 5778 into 5779. I just discovered this morning that Rosh Hoshana is September 9-11 this year. Interesting. For a week now every time I turn around I’m seeing “9:11” on my watch or on clocks. We really need to pray into this. 

So this 8-18, lets take a look at the new way forward God is bringing. I’m going to start by sharing a recent visitation that is very personal. It is sacred for me. Please respect this as we share.  

Visitation and New Commissioning
On Wednesday, August 8, 2018, the Lord gave me a prophetic experience to set a new course for our lives and for Lamplighter. It all began with communion. Pastor Jamie Jackson had given us a special “fountain container” to serve communion. It actually fills eight cups at a time. On 8-8, I felt led by the Lord to receive communion eight times with this fountain. 

Watch how the Lord Jesus visits you this year in the midst of communion! Because in in the middle of this time, He met me in a very unusual way. 

I suddenly became aware of a high-ranking angelic host in our living room. His wings were feathered and brilliant white. They encompassed me, literally enfolding around me. 

Within my spirit I heard the voice of the Lord. “Moses My servant is dead. Now therefore arise…” The words of Joshua chapter one continued to flow. “Now therefore arise, go over this Jordan, you and all this people, into the land that I am giving to them, to the people of Israel (the people of the covenant)…” More on this in a moment. 

All at once I became cognizant of a sword resting on my left shoulder, then my right shoulder. It was a similar sensation to a ministry commissioning we received a few years ago. Old rank removed, and a new rank conferred. 

Beloved, I wasn’t seeking anything more than to give myself afresh to Jesus through communion. But the Lord had other plans. In the midst of the Table of the Lord, He gave me a new commissioning. 

Two questions immediately came to mind. First… what just happened? Second… exactly who was the ‘Moses’ who had died? 

The second query was answered first. In a flash vision I saw a cloud of witnesses. And in the cloud of witnesses I saw two people. Our friend Bob Jones, and our friend Jill Austin. Both mighty prophets who had gone on to be with the Lord, leaving a portion of their legacy to us. 

It was just a flash. But deep was calling to deep. And I knew the Lord was activating deposits of His heart, His covenant, His anointing imparted through these amazing leaders. They are now in the immediate presence of the Lord. We are tasked with walking out the covenant dream they lived for, and gave their lives for. Including the prophetic expression of God’s Spirit, angelic release, and even the Glory Train movement which Bob had prophesied. 

I actually experienced this during the visitation. Suddenly I felt myself moving through the gates we had just warred to see opened. Momentum is being recovered. The Glory Train, this freedom movement, is now rolling through the gates! 

Jolene—Double Portion Deut. 8:18!
Interestingly, Jolene came home from her prayer meeting after a similar encounter with the Lord. She heard the Lord say 8-8-18 represents “double portion 8:18.” Deuteronomy 8:18 declares that God gives power to gain wealth to establish His covenant. We have now moved through these gates! 

What was the Lord initiating through this commissioning? Note that Joshua was commissioned by the Lord to complete the work that Moses had initiated. 

More than anything else, I believe it is an assignment for all of us to complete the work that has begun. He is releasing power to gain wealth to see this turnaround completed and His covenant more fully established. 

The Finishing Angel Released
Immediately I thought of the prophetic word our friend Anne Tate of Glory of Zion released to our home group just weeks before. Anne prophesied the Lord was releasing a “finishing angel”— to complete the work He had begun in Washington DC even generations before. 

Anne’s ministry to our home group, overlooking all of Washington DC, was pivotal. I really believe the “finishing angel” she saw weeks before actually brought this new commission. Heaven perpetuated the blessing she deposited!

It’s interesting that Anne’s last name is Tate. Because the Hebrew number for “9” in 5779 is the word-picture “tet.” Pronounced, of course, “Tate.” So every time you even pronounce her name it’s like this new year is speaking into your destiny. 

Lets put this another way. Tate or “tet” has prophesied to you—a “finishing angel” has been dispatched to complete the story, to complete the turnaround! And you have been commissioned into this work. 

Ponder the movement Joshua inherited. A Moses movement, fueled by 400 years of prayer for deliverance, ushered the people of God from bondage to freedom. Even though Moses’ journey was cut short, the movement was not. The angel of the Lord who partnered with Moses was released by God to partner with Joshua. To finish the work! 

I think it’s so amazing that the year 2020 marks the 400th anniversary of America’s covenant with God. Through the Mayflower compact, our land and government was covenanted to God for His glory and the advancement of the Christian faith. This covenant is being repaired and established in our hour!

It’s time for 2020 vision. There’s an assignment, started by our fathers and mothers, that God wants you and I to complete. May you receive the fullness of your commissioning in a new way even as you read these words. 

Your Commissioning—A New Way Forward
Here are eight priorities for this new way forward in 2019. Some of these may be familiar. But read them anyway and let revelation expand within you. Get this in your spirit!

  1. A Freedom Movement is Here—the Glory Train is rollin!’ As we move through the gates of the 70th anniversary of the restoration of Israel, and the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, the Lord has made one thing clear. He is initiating a “Moses movement” to bring His people out of subjugation and into Christ’s freedom on a magnitude we can right now barely perceive.On a personal level, God desires us to release healing and deliverance from abuse, betrayal, occult structures, present and generational bondages etc. And on a governmental level, He is confronting the Pharaohs over nations, ideologies, and religions with this mandate. God’s Glory Train is rolling again for freedom. LET MY PEOPLE GO! 
  2. Covenant Restoration and Inheritance—divorced from historic idolatry, restored covenantally to the Lord. Hosea 2 is our prototype. This is the foundation for any longstanding movement of God’s Spirit in your life and your sphere. Covenant alignment with God’s dream for Israel is a foundational key.In this season the Lord is re-releasing the title deeds of the inheritance He has ordained for you. They are established by covenant. The deed has become a seed, so that the seed can become your deed. Releasing a harvest of destiny for you and your generation. Restore!Time for 2020 vision. The deed has become a seed so that the seed may now become our deed!


  3. Next Phase of His Turnaround Released—as granted by Heaven’s Court. Daniel 7:22 continues to be our mandate and prototype. Judgement in favor of the saints, restraining the enemy and releasing the saints to possess the Kingdom!We have already seen Israel and America dramatically impacted by this Turnaround Verdict. In January 2018 a visitation from the Lord alerted us that He is now releasing the next phase of His Daniel 7:22 turnaround. The launch of this movement took us from the Western Wall on the 70th anniversary of Israel’s rebirth, to Sacramento CA to help spark a renewal of godly government, to the halls of the State Department for the first-ever global ministerial on religious freedom.Watch how this next phase of governmental turnarounds is even accompanied by Holy Spirit shakings in the prayer meetings which bring them to birth. From Acts 4:31—And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God with great boldness. Be filled! Be bold! Complete the story your forefathers began!


  4. Awakening—Let There Be Light. The crisis of this hour has been provoking a midnight cry. Heaven is responding! Therefore in 5779 and 2019 we are entering into a burning lamp awakening, demonstrating the restoration of His glory. Genesis 1:1-4 is our prototype. Holy Spirit is brooding and bringing to earth. Now it’s time for you to shine! It’s time for you to innovate and birth the new. Intercessors, in this year we will literally be be birthing light into the earth.And it’s time for God to separate light from darkness. That’s called deliverance! And we are going to see this disruptive new level manifested both personally and corporately.Keep in mind the new level of authority on your lampstand comes as your light is met with His scrutiny and approval. From Genesis 1: He saw that the light was good. And He separated light from darkness!


  5. Worldwide Womens Movement Arises—And Jezebel Comes Down! Speaking of birthing…  the Lord is bringing to birth a global womens movement! This movement is coming at a grassroots level.As part of this movement, Jezebel is now being thrown down from the gates of governmental influence. God is delivering His body from sinful and idolatrous structures tied to the queen of heaven as part of this separation of light from darkness. This force of darkness always incorporates accusation, abuse, sexual immorality, and witchcraft to impose unjust control upon humanity. Countering this force by verdict from Heaven’s Court is key to releasing women into the fullness of their destiny as end-time leaders. LET MY PEOPLE GO! 
  6. New Coverings Formwith the substance and weight of Holy Spirit. The tabernacle of David is being restored. And a dimension of the breaches which caused it to fall have now been restored. Under various expressions of His bridal canopy the Lord is joining us back to Him, and in Him back to each other.As we’ve emphasized, there is absolutely no room for prejudice or abuse in this movement. This is actually the lowest rung on the ladder we are called to ascend. God’s dream is that every tongue, tribe and nation dwell together under His bridal canopy! 
  7. Governmental Glory of God. Even in Washington DC! As with Isaiah’s commissioning in Isaiah 6, the governmental glory of God is now becoming unveiled through the gates of our land. We are passionately seeking to see habitations for God’s glory established in Washington DC as well as regions of our nation. The apostolic, prophetic, intercessory and worship expressions of the body of Christ must be honored and released. By this we can wholistically empower people to grow into maturity and gain God’s best in their lives.
  8. Fountains! Double Portion Provision! Lets close this posting by revisiting Deuteronomy 8:18. God is releasing power to gain wealth to establish the covenant He swore to our forefathers. It’s time to complete the work!Zechariah 4 conveys how the Lord is now releasing this wealth generation to complete the work He promised. He saw a fountain of oil from olive trees, flowing into a golden lampstand to perpetually fuel its fire. This vision became the witness to Zerubbabel that God is now arising to complete His work!We are entering into a double portion flow of provision. This is great news. But embedded within this word is also a dramatic call from the Throne TO STEWARDSHIP. Are the funds entrusted to you building and establishing His covenant? Do you even know what this covenant is? What is the covenant dream He is calling you to complete?

    Keep in mind that the fire on the lamp is the flame of His covenant. Lets gain the oil now that keeps His lampstand shining. Invest. Because God is releasing wealth generation to complete the work He promised!

    And the burning lamp is bearing witness that now is the time for this new way forward. No King but Jesus!