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DO NOT YIELD YOUR SEAT! That was the word of the Lord in a prophetic experience I received JUST BEFORE YOM KIPPUR on “Ruling from the Precipice.” It was posted on October 7. 

In other words, before the 2020 elections. You can read the original post here. https://jonandjolene.us/call-tonight-ruling-from-the-precipice/

Isn’t it amazing how the Lord prepares us beforehand for the battles ahead? Another word the Lord clearly gave was that the 2020 elections were going to be contested. This word was posted on October 20, as part of the recording of a prophetic experience with the Lion of Judah. You can read the original post here. https://jonandjolene.us/authorized-to-possess-visitation-message-and-directive/

I feel that the Lord is saying to contend for the seat. It’s time to literally rule from the precipice! Isaiah 28 is key. Covenant with death and hell over our national government annulled! Redemptive exposure decreed! Please review the entire chapter, it is amazing what the Lord conveys. And our book White House Watchmen covers this extensively. As documented, we have seen some amazing victories already. 

Exposing the Manufactured Turnaround
Here’s a “blue light special” for you. New Ballot Machines Come Pre-programmed to Invalidate Republicans!

Here’s an example of redemptive exposure for you, in real-time. Ballot machines in Michigan had a “software glitch” that turned Republican votes into Democrats! Neat trick. A manufactured turnaround! In most language “software glitch” would really be translated that the machines were intentionally hacked! Thank God that an observer saw a discrepancy in the pattern and investigated. Turns out some 30 counties in Michigan as well as many polling stations nationwide use the very same software!  

Can’t make this stuff up, friends. Seriously.

What is at stake is not just the presidency, by any means. Instead what is at stake is the defrauding of the American voter. We say no. This election will be won fairly, not stolen. NO MANUFACTURED TURNAROUND! We want only the genuine… for the sake of the nation.

Sunday evening Ed Watts, Lynn Alderson, Lori Perz and others are joining us for a special Facebook Live broadcast. We hope to come to you live from Plymouth MA, where the Pilgrims originally established covenant with the Lord, seeking God’s face for His deliverance in their hour. If the bandwidth doesn’t allow for FB Live we will simply connect by conference call. But for now plan on FB Live! 

Once again, I want to share with you the prophetic posting we shared yesterday on RULING FROM THE PRECIPICE. Because it’s that relevant. Beloved, do not yield your seat!

AN UNSETTLING PROPHETIC EXPERIENCE recently brought me to my knees. It occurred just two nights before the Return and the Prayer March, ushering in Yom Kippur 2020 on the National Mall. Please grant me just a few moments of your time to describe it. Lets together process and absorb what the Lord is showing us. I want to emphasize up front it’s not necessarily good news. But it’s truth—as only God can truly convey.

I had just prayed for the Lord to seat me with Him in heavenly places when the startling vision occurred. I saw myself and six others seated in chairs set in a circle over a bright white surface. In the middle of the circle was what looked to be a carved out circle, like you would see in a frozen lake where people were ice fishing. All of the sudden I could feel the realm this hole in the surface gave way to. By “feel” I mean I could sense the oppression with my hands. I could hear voices and sounds from the realm, with horrific lusts and deceptions and unholy ambitions attached to them. A swampy stench was emanating from the hole, kind of like a manhole over a sewer. Strangely enough, the lusts and unholy pursuits and evil thoughts that I sensed amidst the chatter could be tangibly felt through breathing the air. Rage. Accusation. Slander. More. Thoughts on a magnitude I had literally never experienced before. The awareness of these sensations felt so intuitive, so real, it took a moment before I realized they were from another source than myself. At that moment I looked down and saw how perilously close I was towards the edge of this sinkhole. It felt as though one small movement and I would be sucked in.

Probably at this point you’re thinking to yourself, welcome to Washington DC. The swampy part at least. And there’s some real truth to that. I wanted to run. The edge of this precipice was far darker than I could ever have imagined, and in that moment I was perilously close to it. 

This is sometimes what it is like to stand in the gap. You “feel” the onslaught of the enemy against a person or an office. Looking around it was clear that the seat of covenantal authority at the edge of this horrific realm needed to be occupied for the gateway to hell to be closed, and for the realm I was ruling in to be repaired.

Then I heard a daunting phrase from the Lord. “Ruling from the precipice.” As I continued to watch and pray, a misty vapor began to form over the hole until it disappeared entirely, and the “flooring” was completely repaired.

Precious friends, I believe this vision describes what our rulership in the spirit is like right now. You are the vanguard against the emergence of a realm of darkness in our land more unimaginably vile than anything we have previously known. Most who are ruling by the Spirit and in the natural are aware of this ungodly portal, so repulsive and defiling that you almost want to just cease your efforts and yield your position. 

The Lord is saying for many of you to join with others He has selected and circle the gate of hell in prayer. Stand with Him in obedience to see this realm you are contending for repaired. Because that is truly the moment we are now in. What we have contended for over decades must now be seized. 

And take heed of yourself, that there be no agreement with the filth emanating from the realm. Go low. Read and absorb God’s word. This will help you maintain your sense of balance. Pray in the Spirit. Rest in Him. Embrace shabbat as needed, even if you need to travel to another geographic location to gain refreshment.

But do not back down, and do not yield your seat. Please resolve now not to yield even a fraction of ground to the enemy. If you persevere with Jesus in your rulership and stewardship over your realm, it will soon be healed. I believe this is even a “NOW” word from the Lord for our land.