Passover 2023 | Jon & Jolene Hamill

Shalom my friends. Jerusalem is the only geographic location on earth specifically referenced as an expression of “the Throne of God” (Jer. 3:17). Today at the leading of God’s Spirit, we are releasing from Jerusalem a very important decree. 

Before Passover Cindy Jacobs asked us to seek the Lord for a scroll. Specifically, a Divorce Decree from Baal Mammon. Cindy’s request stunned me, because in preparing for the “Spirit of Elijah tour” I was already very much focused on God’s work through Elijah to lead Israel into a “divorce” from Baal and restoration of the compromised nation to her covenantal foundations. Mount Carmel was the “turnaround moment” of this turnaround movement. And it had everything to do with Baal Mammon. 

As I began to seek the Lord, I kept hearing the word “Injunction.” Not being a lawyer, I had no idea what this legal term even meant. It was amazing to discover an injunction essentially is used to bring forced compliance to a verdict already granted. This so resonated!

That said, it’s an honor to present to you today “The Divorce Decree from Baal: Mandatory Injunction Against Baal Mammon.”

“YOU CANNOT SERVE BOTH GOD AND MAMMON.” In no uncertain terms, Jesus laid out for humanity that Mammon is a force for evil. Serving this force is considered idolatry. Mammon must not be allowed to steal our affections, nor the devotion of our obedience to Jesus Christ in our lives. 

For this reason, before we go any farther, wholehearted repentance should mark our first steps in receiving a divorce from Baal-Mammon. None of us should presume our loyalties have not been compromised in some way.

I sense Holy Spirit saying that to qualify for this verdict, three commitments sourced in our repentance must also be embraced. First is a recommitment to God’s national covenant with Israel and America. He gives power to gain wealth to establish the covenant He swore to our forefathers (Deut. 8:18). Second is a recommitment to the covenantal exchange of tithes and offerings. Remember the investment of our treasure conveys our hearts (Matt. 6:21). Third is to compel the body of Christ to the same renewed devotion to biblical giving, noting that the devourer is personally and nationally restrained in conjunction (Malachi 3:10). 

Confronting the “Master of Gain”
The word Baal means Master. He was known as the “god of storms” and therefore the irrigation of crops. Based on this, historically and presently the principality Baal has been worshiped by adherents as the “Master of national and global wealth.” 

A quick review of Baal worship in scripture proves the continuity of the theme. From Genesis to Revelation, from Christ’s birth to His return, wealth generation sourced by idolatry is a primary inflection point to provoke God’s judgement. 

Yet to my surprise, initially I could find no historic documentation referencing “Baal-Mammon” as a deity. Research led to a fascinating discovery. The ancient name for Baal-Mammon is actually Baal Hamon. The Aramaic word ‘mammon’ is derived from Mishnaic Hebrew after the Babylonian captivity. In Mishnaic Hebrew the word mihamon is a combination of mi, meaning “from,” and hāmōn, meaning “accumulation” and connotes gain, wealth or money. It is found in the Talmud, and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

From Babylon across the entirety of the Mideast, Baal Hamon or “Master of Gain” was worshiped as the deity that made vegetation or harvest grow. He was was seen as the bestower of the accumulation of wealth. 

Gaining the favor of this false god many times came at a horrific price. Cremated remains at ritual sites have proven how child sacrifice was consistently demanded as part of the worship of Baal Hamon. 

Why is a New Verdict Needed?
The movement defined by the Divorce Decree from Baal has now become the largest and most comprehensive repudiation of idolatry in American history. We’ve witnessed seen tremendous breakthroughs as a result. 

Why then is a new verdict needed? That was my big question before the Throne when Cindy Jacobs asked me to write a Divorce Decree from Baal-Mammon a few weeks before Passover. On Resurrection Day 2023 the revelation finally came into view.

The empowerment of Baal-mammon is sourced in covenants with death and hell (Isaiah 28), sealed by child sacrifice. What I saw was that on June 24, 2022 the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v Wade sealed the annulment of the covenant with death and hell with Baal-mammon through nationally legalized abortion. 

Accordingly, the passage of this verdict opened the window for an addition to the Divorce Decree, a demand of compliance to the terms, known in legal terms as a mandatory injunction. Note that until the Lord spoke this phrase, I did not know what an injunction was. May the Lord mitigate any deficits reflected in the decree.

We have indeed entered a new era. As of Passover 2023 it is the intention of the Ancient of Days, Presider over Heaven’s Court, to grant the body of Christ this verdict as a means to define and manifest His new way forward. A judgement in favor of the saints, restraining the enemy and releasing the saints to possess the Kingdom (Dan. 7:22). LET MY PEOPLE GO!


Passover 2023 | Jon & Jolene Hamill

The Highest Court in the Kingdom of God in re the Marriage of: 



(Incl. Baal, Queen of Heaven, Leviathan, Baal-Mammon) 

VERDICT: “I will punish Bel in Babylon, and I will make what he has swallowed come out of his mouth; and the nations will no longer stream to him…” (Jeremiah 51:44).

THIS MATTER COMES ON FOR HEARING before the Supreme Judge of the Highest Court of the Kingdom of God on the petition of The People of God seeking a mandatory injunction against the Principality of Baal, the Defendant in this matter, in order to secure compliance to the terms of the Divorce Decree granted by this Court (ref: Hosea 2). 

IT HAS BEEN DECIDED that the covenant made between Jesus Christ and His people to establish the United States of America, repaired as required by Heaven’s Court through the national repudiation of idolatry vis-à-vis the Divorce Decree from Baal, remains in right standing before this Court. 

However, voluntary compliance by the Defendant to the terms issued by this Court has been virtually nonexistent. Instead, the requests of the Plaintiff and even the demands of Court-appointed emissaries have been met with a repeated pattern of contempt, resistance, delay, defiance, and usurpation. As a result, the Plaintiff has already suffered significant harm and loss, and stands to suffer greater loss in the immediate future.

THEREFORE, THE COURT HAS SAT, THE BOOKS HAVE BEEN OPENED, and judgement has been rendered in favor of the Plaintiff regarding the request for a mandatory injunction against the Defendant in all matters material to the Plaintiff’s petition of divorce (Dan. 7:22). Enforcement authorities designated by this Court are hereby commissioned to bring forced compliance to the terms of this Decree, as well as all subsequent amendments and verdicts from this Court for which the Divorce Decree from Baal serves as a precedent.

As a facet of this injunction, let it be known that the Divorce Decree from Baal extends to Baal Mammon, both personhood and dominion, and therefore the spirit and structure of Babylon. 

1. Defining Babylon. Bearing the definition “gateway of the gods,” Babylon is a global governmental and economic structure sourced by occult powers and dedicated to perpetuating rebellion against the Most High. From Genesis through Revelation, it is referenced as a geographic location, but even more as a spiritual reality sourced in idolatry that seeks to take over nations and kingdoms. 

2. Defining Baal-Mammon. Jeremiah 51:44 identifies Baal as the anti-christ strongman of Babylon. Wherever access is granted, Baal builds Babylon. Access is legally established through covenants with death and hell (Isaiah 28), sealed and empowered by unjust bloodshed, especially the blood of the innocents. The name Baal mi-Hamon or Baal-Mammon connotes the specific focus attributed by adherents of Baal as “Master of national and global finances.” To be clear, the strongman is the same. 

3. Responsibility of the Plaintiff. That said, in the clearest of terms, the Court requires the stewards of America’s national covenant to remain uncompromised by this principality in all of its forms to ensure the perpetuation of these terms. The admonition of Jesus remains. You cannot serve both God and Mammon. Repentance where needed, beginning now, is mandatory to uphold this decision. 

4. Defining an injunction (from Cornell Law): An injunction is a court order requiring an individual to do or omit doing a specific action. It is an extraordinary remedy that courts utilize in special cases… particularly where the defendant must stop its course of action to prevent possible injustice and irreparable harm to the plaintiff. Failure to follow the court’s orders leads to punishment for contempt of court.

5. In rendering this decision, the Court takes into consideration that as of June 24, 2022, the covenant with death and hell through nationally legalized abortion has now been annulled by both the Court of Heaven and the US Supreme Court. Further, the Cornerstone Jesus Christ has been governmentally welcomed from state to state and in Washington DC. 

6. The Court has determined that all previous verdicts issued by Heaven’s Court regarding the Divorce Decree from Baal, including the restraining order previously issued, are extended to Baal-every facet of Mammon, and shall be enforced. This extends to the dominion claimed by Baal-Mammon over the US government and financial systems. 

7. Further, the judgement written in Jeremiah 51:44 is hereby rendered against Baal-Mammon and the dominion he has claimed. All that was “swallowed” or illicitly transferred into his domain—including all persons and all properties, real and intellectual—must immediately be “coughed up” or restored as restitution to the Plaintiff. Therefore by verdict from Heaven’s Court, let the lives, properties, reputations, keys of access, innovations, heritages, inheritances etc. stolen by the Baal principality, now be restored. 

8. The Court hereby welcomes claims by the Plaintiff to receive this restitution against nations, kingdoms, institutions and networks sourced by Baal-Mammon that have unjustly possessed real and/or intellectual property such as technology, etc. These claims shall be settled on a case by case basis as the occasions arise. 

  1. Precedent cited: Naboth vs Jezebel, mandating the dethroning of Jezebel and the removal of the trans-national government sourced in idolatry. 
  2. The shaking of nations has thus been decreed (Haggai 2:6-9, Hebrews 12:26-9).

9. The Court notes again that the United States presently remains in right standing in covenant with the Father. Therefore the power of wealth generation is hereby restored to establish the covenant He swore to your forefathers.

  1. The sovereignty of the United States of America under God shall be upheld by this Court. 
  2. Baal-Mammon is stripped from the throne of guardianship of the US government, financial system and the US dollar. The Lord Jesus Christ is enthroned as the watchman or guardian of the US government, financial system and the US dollar, nationally and internationally.
  3. As in the days of Elijah, Jezebel’s table (1 Kings 18:19) represents counsel, influence and provision from Baal-Mammon through government channels at the taxpayers’ expense. Leaders who derive their sustenance and societal influence from Jezebel’s table, pictured in 1 Kings 18 as eating at Jezebel’s table, shall be exposed and cut off.
  4. The Court has ruled that the current of currency must hereby be redirected from Jezebel’s table to the Table of the Lord.
  5. As in the days of Elijah, covenantal realignment brings a resurgence of godly innovation.

11. Angelic hosts of the Lord Jesus Christ, sent to minister on behalf of the heirs of salvation, are hereby appointed to assist in the enforcement of this verdict. The Breaker is sent to bring forced compliance to the Kingdom decree.(ref: Judges 6).

12. In the spirit of Gideon and Elijah, the Court hereby appoints governors of God’s covenant, seated with Christ over respective spheres to bring Kingdom alignment and advancement.

Obedience to engage in the repudiation of idolatry, including divorcing Baal, tearing down occult altars, and restoring the altar of the Lord, is now met with the release of synergistic partnerships with the angelic hosts of the Lord Jesus Christ within their assigned spheres.

That being the order of the Court, from and after this date, so shall it be. NO KING BUT JESUS

The Supreme Judge