Turnaround Tuesday 1pm ET Broadcast!

Take time to pray for your sons and daughters. Lets see a generation return to Jesus. LET MY CHILDREN GO!

with Special Guest Tina Pugh
Chris Mitchell, Jon & Jolene
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NEW BOOK! TURNAROUND DECREES. It’s time for your sons and daughters to come home. It’s time for our nation to turn to God! This book provides you with fresh revelation, clear teaching, and Heaven-breathed prayers for turnaround. Together we can repair the past to redeem the present and secure God’s dream for our future! To order CLICK HERE: https://jonandjolene.us/store/#!/Turnaround-Decrees-by-Jon-&-Jolene-Hamill/p/467067902/category=0

DEAR TURNAROUND CATALYSTS,FIRST—take time now to pray for your sons and daughters. Together we are laying the foundations for a generation to return to Jesus! And be sure to join us for the Turnaround Tuesday broadcast with special guest Tina Pugh!

Jolene and I are honored and excited that the interview for Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural” show is finally here. It’s only been on for a day. Yet more than 51,000 people have already viewed the broadcast! And our book “Turnaround Decrees” has just skyrocketed to best-seller status, hitting #1 in Pentecostal/Charismatic books.

THANK YOU JESUS! And thank you to all who have prayed. The themes in both the broadcast and book are holy, sacred to the very heart of the Father. We know the enemy is working overtime to defile and destroy a generation. But the Lord is now releasing a global movement to restore your sons and daughters to Him. IT IS TIME. 

So join us for Turnaround Tuesday at 1pm today! And to watch the YouTube broadcast of the Sid Roth show, CLICK BELOW: