NO BROADCAST TONIGHT! Broadcasts Resume Next Sunday, Jan. 3.

PRAYER PROJECT—RULING FROM THE PRECIPICE! Beginning December 31—January 24. 

LAMPLIGHTER CALL WEDNESDAY—Time to Engage! Launching the Ruling from the Precipice Prayer Project.


THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN SUFFERS VIOLENCE—and the violent take it by force. 

Don’t get mad at these words. They’re not my own, they’re the words of Jesus. And He was not condoning the outward violence that so marred the landscape of Israel in His day, and our land recently. Instead Jesus was describing the ministry of John the Baptist. And He was calling forth forerunner prototypes for each era to come. And He was compelling His followers to embrace an internal “violence” that removes the boundaries to seeing Heaven’s Kingdom manifested on earth as in Heaven—first in our own hearts and lives.

One of the most important aspects of Jesus’ calling is knowing when to engage—and also when to exercise restraint. Jolene and I have personally been in a season where the Lord’s very hand has restrained us from engaging in things which we would otherwise be running to at full speed, honestly whether He was in the activities or not. And it all began when, in October, our condominium elevator in Washington DC was shut down to be replaced. 

For this reason alone it’s been a difficult season. Of course, when we briefly relocated to Georgia we had no idea that the destiny of the nation would soon be entrusted to the voters of this Re-Constitution State.

But the restraint itself has magnified the importance of what the Lord has called us to fully engage in, and see victory. Covenant reset in Plymouth MA. Prayer convocations such as HAPN and RPN. Our weekly broadcasts and prayer calls. And of course, Revolution 2020.

Besides these gatherings, and our regular prayer calls covering leaders, we have felt to disengage from many activities. The Lord’s intent in these seasons is always to “retool us” to re-engage at a higher level. Kind of like our elevator!

Now the elevator has been fully replaced. It goes to the top again! This time free from the inherent risk of breaking down and putting its passengers in severe peril. We are now realizing that our time away has allowed us too to move to a higher level, safely. And Jolene and I look forward to returning to Washington DC very soon!

This Wednesday, we will begin a new prayer project. I originally wanted to sojourn down the Revelation Road. But the Holy Spirit spoke to me again about this season as a time for RULING FROM THE PRECIPICE. 

That’s for sure. So take some time with the Lord now to gain new strength for the season ahead. Disengage to re-engage. You’ll be glad you did. 

Covenant blessings to you,

Jon & Jolene