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Due to the need for discretion, I generally don’t share much of what is accomplished on prayer journeys. I like the “special ops” model. Advance through the gates unseen, pray what God says, take down strongholds, rescue the enemy’s hostages. And then get out before anyone notices!

Then when the earth responds to God’s breakthrough, Jesus alone receives the glory. That’s our highest passion!

Sounding the Alarm… and Responding
All that said, I believe it’s important for history’s sake to see how the prayer movement has responded to the “Dire Straits” call this summer. Because when the alarm was sounded, we the people mobilized. Both the Lamplighter family, and prayer networks across the nation!

Heaven alone knows the results that will ensue. But that’s almost a secondary point. The primary point is that seeing and responding effectively and immediately to real-time prophetic warnings is an imperative we need to cultivate as we move forward in these times.

Capitol Hill—Last Line of Defense
And as the Iranian nuclear accords were presented over Dire Straits, from coast to coast we mobilized to fulfill God’s mandate. I am so grateful for Cindy Jacobs’ leadership in this. Cindy had already scheduled two important conference calls for July 14, the day the nuclear deal with Iran was announced. One was with the ACPE prophetic leaders, and the other with the RPN prayer leaders.

Talk about timing! We actually watched and prayed as history unfolded before our eyes.

I was asked to share a dream the Lord had issued the night before regarding the Iranian deal. You might remember how I saw Capitol Hill on the edge of a large cliff, facing a giant wave. I shared my sense that Washington DC was facing an onslaught regarding this deal, and that “Capitol Hill is a last line of defense!”

Cindy called for emergency prayer. It was clear that, in its present form, this nuclear accord was literally a covenant with death and sheol (Isaiah 28). And that we as the body of Christ first needed to stand in Heaven’s Court to see this covenant with death annulled. Cindy asked state leaders to pray through this passage at strategic sites across the nation that Friday, declaring this covenant with death and sheol annulled!

Capitol—Covenant with Death Annulled
Cindy asked us to pray onsite Friday at the Capitol. It was interesting how the Lord orchestrated our steps. Under the tutelage of a veteran DC prayer leader, Jolene and I took a small team of leaders into the Capitol to pray onsite where we saw this onslaught coming. We sought Heaven in repentance for our national sins related to the Iranian accords, Israel, and LIFE issues such as the government funding of Planned Parenthood.

We dared not presume anything, given the recent decisions by our government that have so grieved God’s heart. But a time came when we “felt the release” to drop the plumbline, and declare Heaven’s verdict that the covenant with death and sheol is annulled. According to the passage, we honored the “Costly Cornerstone” Jesus Christ and His foundational covenant with our land. No matter the intensity of the coming storms, “He who believes in it shall not be disturbed!” (Isaiah 28:16).

Further, we declared that all falsehood and deception that has been covered over by this pact with darkness is now coming into the light and being exposed.

“Then hail will sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters will overflow the secret place. “Your covenant with death will be canceled, and your pact with Sheol will not stand; when the overwhelming scourge passes through, then you become its trampling place” (Isaiah 28:17-18).

Our next ministry time was in Berne NY. As Lamplighters, we love how God’s people in the town live up to their name—burning and shining lamps for Jesus!

Not coincidentally, Berne is right next to Albany, the state capital of New York. Albany actually oversees New York City, the financial capital of our nation and perhaps the world. Further, the state of New York is home to more Jewish people than any region except for Israel. Definitely a great place to pray during the final hours of Dire Straits, and see the Lord annul covenants with death and sheol. Lord establish Your covenant with Your land and people!

So we joined with prayer leaders Randy Baker and Sharon Carlson to tour and pray onsite at the capitol building. It was actually one of the most impacting times we’ve experienced.

And on Saturday, the 9th of Av and the final day of Dire Straits, we returned to DC to pray with Glory of Zion leader Anne Tate. She and her team of intercessors received a mandate from the Lord to pray onsite at the Washington Monument specifically on this very date. Once again, annulling pacts with death and sheol!

Vision—Earthqake, Babies Shoot into Sky!
On our last night of ministry in Berne, the Lord reminded me of a prophetic I had while in New York back in 2008. This vision connected Washington DC and New York with His promise to annul covenants with death and hell, releasing His movement of life and awakening. It literally made me tremble to realize how, by God’s orchestration, we were directly on this directive.

On 8-8-08 Jolene and I were in a cornfield in Lowville NY with Bill and Rita Gamela as part of a gathering to uncap a historic well of awakening. Legendary intercessor Daniel Nash, who labored with Charles Finney in the Second Great Awakening, had his church there and is buried nearby.

Nash and Finney, of course, together broke through the antichrist idolatry of their hour— the spiritual forces behind Freemasonry—to catalyze one of the greatest moves of the Holy Spirit seen since the Book of Acts. Multitudes came to Christ in the very region we were in, as well as across the nation.

During this gathering, I was granted a life-changing vision conveying both a shift on abortion and a resurgence of Holy Spirit awakening in this hour. Actually I saw an earthquake rumble progressively from Lowville all the way to the Washington Monument!

It’s so interesting that an earthquake later cracked the Washington Monument. On August 23, 2011, exactly 50 days after we gathered at the Lincoln Memorial and sought God to annul pacts with death and hell and renew His covenant with our land.

I saw and felt the earthquake from Lowville, NY to Washington DC. And wherever the earth broke apart, babies literally shot out of the earth and into the sky! In the vision they were caught by angelic hosts lined up all along the way.

During the prophetic experience the Lord quickened to me that I was literally seeing the birthing of His Third Great Awakening. A turnaround where we shift from covenants with death and a culture of death to His covenant of life!

Romans 8:22 declares that “all creation is groaning for the manifestation of the sons of God.” Watch how heaven and earth respond to His birth pangs as these covenants with death are annulled.

What’s ahead? I don’t really know. All I can say is that against the backdrop of gross darkness, we have bee ushered through these Dire Straits in an incredible way. Covenant with death annulled!