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Jon & Jolene at the Gate DC this Saturday! Prophetic swirl continues. 7:30 pm Whole Word Fellowship, Oakton VA. Key teaching on the Court of Heaven!

Pray Now for Pastor Pitts!
Today I share with you a few encouraging emails from my good friend Pitts Evans. He is now in Sierra Leone, ministering in Freetown and addressing the nation via radio before returning in a few days. An extraordinary window has opened for Pitts to prophesy to the nation.

I am asking that you stop in your tracks right now and pray for him. Pray 2 Thessalonians 3:1-4.Pray for his protection from ebola, other diseases and any spiritual warfare. Pray for fresh strength and anointing. Pray for the word of the Lord to run swiftly and be glorified through Freetown and all of Sierra Leone!

Apostolic Effectiveness
Pitts is a humble guy, and very few things rile him up like bragging on him. So I didn’t ask permission before sharing this. I just figured he’s in Africa, I’m here, so really I’m relatively safe.

Maybe you should pray for me.

Locally as pastor of Whole Word Fellowship, Pitts very effective in advancing Christ’s kingdom in hearts and the region. He also extraordinarily effective in laying genuine apostolic groundwork that impacts entire nations.

I learned so much from him during our trip to Sierra Leone over Passover 2014. His version of apostolic ministry is simply being a committed father, and caring for those in his care with foresight, love and firmness. And as such, he felt he needed to stand shoulder to shoulder with his friends during the ebola crisis to encourage them and help prepare for the future.

Turnaround in an Ebola-Ravaged Nation!
Like many of you, I have privately been praying for Sierra Leone since this crisis began, watching for a window of breakthrough. Only in recently did I actually feel a release of authority to see things turn.

Before Pastor Pitts left, I shared with him the word about God’s scepter being extended over Sierra Leone, and the “snake-eaters” being released. I believe he is carrying this scepter for national turnaround.

We agree with Pitts and the saints of Sierra Leone that the snake of ebola will be completely disempowered and devoured by the Lord as He extends His scepter of favor over Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone will see God’s Turnaround!

Below are excerpts from a recent email from Pastor Pitts.

Observations: In Sierra Leone, the devil has discovered some unintended consequences with ebola. All the bars in the country are closed by law and every store MUST close by 6:00pm. Everyone is supposed to go home before 9:00pm.  That means the usually drunken husbands and wayward youth WHO NORMALLY FILL THE BARS AND BROTHELS are home with their families and regular Christians are spending much more time with the Lord. 

Sexual sins are virtually non-existent due to the rules (and fear) about no bodily contact. Sexually transmitted disease is WAY DOWN. Unwed pregnancy is WAY DOWN. Drug and alcohol abuse is WAY DOWN. 

And on Sunday, NOTHING BUT CHURCH IS OPEN. So, church attendance is WAY UP. Salvations AND REPENTANCE are WAY UP. Praise God. 

Reminds me of what Joseph said to his brothers who sold him into Egypt,  “You tried to harm me, but God made it turn out for the best, so that he could save all these people, as he is now doing.” (Gen 50:20, CEV). And God didn’t start this, but I can see how He is turning it for good for according to Rom 8:28:  “We know that God is always at work for the good of everyone who loves him. They are the ones God has chosen for his purpose…”

Scepter Extended—Devouring the Snake of Ebola
Today I received an encouraging email about Pastor Pitts’ upcoming radio series. Again, didn’t get permission to run it, but I’m running it anyway. So pray for Pitts. And pray for me 🙂

Hi Jon, I just recorded a 60 second message that will be run here 200 times, starting Monday Feb 9-28. Here is the copy…

BBN 60 second commercial (The Serpent of Ebola)

Hello Freetown and Sierra Leone! This is Pastor Pitts Evans from USA. I host the Whole Word For the Whole Word Radio program 9:30 on Monday night. I’m visiting Freetown right now and I have a “word” from the Lord for you about The Serpent of Ebola.

The Ebola Virus looks exactly like a serpent under a microscope. The Bible speaks of the devil as a serpent. Ebola looks like a serpent. JESUS said, “I give you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy” (Luke 10:19, KJV).

That means JESUS has given His People power over Ebola.

I decree and declare that JESUS has given us authority over serpents. In JESUS Name, I decree that we have power over the Serpent of ebola. In Jesus Name, I break the power of fear from ebola. In Jesus Name I speak confusion to God’s enemies. By the Blood of Jesus Christ, I rebuke the serpent of Ebola.

 In Jesus’ name, I decree that Sierra Leone is free from Ebola. AMEN. Sent from my fire tested iPad.

Friends, lets agree with this decree. That God’s scepter of favor NOW be fully extended over Sierra Leone, and His “snake-eaters” devour ebola, disempowering the disease in the spiritual and natural realms. That President Koroma receive fresh courage, grace and direction to lead the nation out of crisis and into this new season of rebuilding and restoration.

And that the nation of Sierra Leone, beloved of God, fully receive His turnaround in every sphere of life and culture. In Jesus’ Name and for His glory, amen!