I looked at the President and said, Can I ask you a question?” And he said, “Absolutely.” I asked, “After you leave office, how many of your staff would remain in place in the government? He paused then said “72%.”
Dream on March 30, 2016, Pastor Jamie Jackson.

From Washington, DC I can almost see the mountains right now. I can almost smell the farm-fresh air. Good friends. Apple pie. Open heavens. Berne, NY!

Jolene and I are so looking forward to connecting with many of you in Berne for this weekend’s School of Kings. Martin Frankena will be joining us. Martin is highly prophetic, and ministers consistently in perhaps the highest level of gifting in healing and deliverance of anyone I know. And for the past decade the Lord has been giving him clear downloads regarding this “now” shift into the Kingly identity and anointing. 

Note that the Berne school and the following week’s Lancaster school are the only two public gatherings we’ve scheduled this summer with Martin. So… say yes to your instincts and sign up! Both will be worth the drive. And if you don’t believe me, just join us for tonight’s call…

TONIGHT! MARTIN FRANKENA JOINS PRAYER CALL! 9pm EST. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us.

THIS WEEKEND—ALBANY SCHOOL OF KINGS! Next weekend Lancaster PA. Visit www.jonandjolene.us/school-of-kings

Divine Intelligence
You might wonder what Martin Frankena—teacher, prophet, spiritual father and deliverance guy—has to do with the “deep state.” 

I mean Martin’s kind of deep. He’s also reclusive at times, mysterious. He’s very adept at receiving divine intelligence far beyond his personal knowledge. He genuinely keeps secrets—no leaks. And he specializes in rescuing people from rogue forces in the spiritual realm, the ultimate “deep state.”

I guess that just goes to show you how similar the prophetic calling is to many aspects of the intelligence community. Elisha knew the conversations in the King’s bedroom. Daniel deciphered divine communications and summarized them for his leaders. Samuel revealed to Saul such detailed direction that you’d think he viewed surveillance videos… except that he told Saul these details before he even began. 

This stuff still happens today. In fact, receiving and stewarding accurate prophetic intelligence is a major part of our shift into the Kingly anointing. We’ll be sharing more on this in our School of Kings.

Deep State Deliverance
But back to Deep State Deliverance. What is the “Deep State?” For years the term has generally referred to secret workings within the intelligence community. But more recently, the term has come to refer to officials across the spectrum of government, loyal to an outside entity such as a previous President or a foreign power, who actively seek to undermine the governance of a legitimate administration to further their goals. 

Biblically, think of Sanballat and Tobiah’s influence against Nehemiah. They couldn’t defeat Nehemiah from the outside so they set up residence within Israel’s very Temple! 

That said, in our nation, disempowering covert sabotage from the “Deep State” is key to empowering the rulership of legitimate Constitutional governance. Deep State deliverance.

But before we seek to deal with the “Deep State” in government, I believe we should seek deliverance from the spiritual “deep state” seeking to undermine our personal lives! The Bible calls them demonic powers. Some are there because of our own sin and compromise. Some because of generational sin. These forces are literally aligned with a FOREIGN POWER seeking to destroy our lives and freedom. Ultimately these forces seek to sabotage the governance of King Jesus in our lives!

Thank God Christ died to redeem us. We can be delivered from the false governance of the “deep state” within! And by this, your true, unique identity is freed. You organically grow into who God called you to be. And your God-given authority as His king and priest increases exponentially. 

Not that it needs to be said, but this will be a key aspect of the schools we are facilitating. 

The Face of the Deep
It’s important to note that the same principles that usher individuals into transformation also apply to bringing our respective spheres into transformation as well. Deep State deliverance!

As we shared last week, Genesis 1 gives us a great picture. “Now the earth was (became) without form and void, darkness was on the face of the deep, and the Spirit of God brooded over the waters. The Lord said, “Let there be light” and there was light. He saw that it was good. And He separated light from darkness.”

Darkness, “chosek” in Hebrew, was on the face of the DEEP. Note that God is not scared of the “chosek” in the deepest parts of your heart and spirit, where the real “you” resides. Jesus gave His life to redeem you from this—to separate light from darkness. That’s the greatest “deep state deliverance!”

In Genesis 1, to shift darkness Holy Spirit began to “rachaph,” to brood or hover over the area. A key connotation of this word is to “bring forth” or birth. God moves by His Spirit to birth deliverance in deepest places of your life. He hovers, and then He declares your freedom. And from chosek to rachaph to Chabad, He separates light from darkness. Let there be Light!

Where is the Spirit Moving?
Note that the Lord made declarations over the very area in which Holy Spirit was “rachaph-ing” or moving. Lets identify where His Spirit genuinely is operating and then move with Him in our prayer and declarations! 

After countless interviews, I’ve discovered that this principle is Martin’s primary secret to effective deliverance. He simply sees where the Lord is moving in a person’s life, aligns with His work, and speaks into this specific area until breakthrough comes.

Which usually occurs at about the speed of light. Seriously.

Jolene and I have begun to operate this way as well, both in personal ministry and in governmental prayer. It is amazing how quickly our efforts meet with His spontaneous results. Prayer is most effective when we focus and align with where the Spirit is already moving!

Deep State Dream—Jamie Jackson
OK. I want to suggest to you that this flow of prayer is actually needed right now for “the Deep State” in our government. Without a doubt, darkness is on the face of the deep. But the Lord wants to shine His redemptive light!

Here’s a dream about the “Deep State” that literally seems “ripped from the headlines” today. Amazingly, our prophetic friend Jamie Jackson received this dream more than a year ago—on March 30, 2016. Note that Pastors Jamie and Redonnia are hosting the School of Kings, Brunswick GA, on July 28-30. Please join us.

“I’m setting in the Presidential Limo with our current President (which was then Barack Obama). There are a total of 4 men in the limo including myself, the President, the driver and one other person. None of the other men do I know or have ever seen with exception of President Obama… The driver turns to the President and says, “No one’s here.” The President says, “Lets wait a few minutes” and we just set there.  

I looked at the President and said, Can I ask you a question?” And he said, “Absolutely.”  I asked, “After you leave office, how many of your staff would remain in place in the government? He paused then said “72%.” 

We then came to this wading pool… at the moment I had no idea why but I stepped out of the car and did as he asked me to. I looked at him to see if he was going to get out of the limo but he did not. At that moment he told the driver to drive the limo into the water. The driver did as the President asked and drove the limo to the back of the wading pool. I remember seeing that at the back of the wading pool there was a dark overshadowed place that seem to be perfect for the car to fit in.  This is where the driver parked the car and at this point the limo became a part of the darkness and non-visible to the eye…”

Deep State—How Do We Pray?
The dream is profound. Three points I want to briefly make. First, in 2016 the Lord conveyed to Jamie that 72% of government employees would remain “his staff.” In other words, they would remain aligned with President Obama. Not sure if the number is literal or symbolic, but no wonder we continue to have leaks from the highest levels of intelligence, false news, apparent cover-ups, etc.

Second, Jamie saw the car “disappear” into a wading pool, which he described as a “dark, overshadowed place.” The limo then became “a part of the darkness non-visible to the eye.” What an incredible picture of darkness on the face of the deep! The “realm” they entered into completely covered over what was transpiring.

Which brings me to my third point. We can all see how darkness has been on the face of the “Deep State.” But how do we pray over what we cannot see? 

The good news is that the Lord knows exactly where these unseen pockets reside; they are not hidden from His eyes. Ask the Holy Spirit to locate and rachaph over realms of the “deep state” He desires to reveal. Declare God’s redemptive exposure. Let there be light!

Ultimately these realms are a covenant issue. Which is why this aspect of governmental prayer is such an important part of your daily petition at the Table of the Lord. 

Remember that covenant with Jesus Christ has been nationally restored. Godly leaders are in place who have affirmed, welcomed and aligned with His covenant. And Heaven’s Court has annulled the covenants with death and hell, which empower occult forces to cover over government corruption (see Isaiah 28). Therefore Throne Room authority is being granted to shine God’s light and separate light from darkness. LET THERE BE LIGHT!

So receive the Table of the Lord. Spend some time today praying for our government and intelligence community. Pray in the Spirit until you sense breakthrough. 

I strongly feel at this time we are being asked specifically to cover in prayer the State Department, the FBI and Justice Department. Declare God’s redemptive exposure. Ask the Lord to hover, shine, and separate light from darkness. LET THERE BE LIGHT!