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“THE CIRCLE OF MY COVENANT TRUMPS, triumphs, and prevails against the circle of Baal meant to confine you, and even define you!”

These words resounded in my spirit two years ago as I began a weeklong project to circle the White House and pray. I knew it was for President Trump, for the nation, and for us. At the Lord’s direction I have again begun to circle the White House and pray. It is amazing how these words are resounding again in my spirit as a Throne Room promise He will back up.

We are moving into a season of breakthrough. I will share more tomorrow, but God is joining the miracles of Exodus with the miracles of Acts just as prophetic forerunner Bob Jones saw 37 years ago this very time. “Let My people go” is joined to a mighty rushing wind and flashes of fire igniting the body of Christ as His governmental glory begins its sacred, majestic procession to form a full expression of His freedom movement. 

In case that doesn’t provoke you to awe, let me say this. I believe Passover 2020 and Pentecost 2020 both serve as gateposts in time for the manifestation of this marriage to finally come through. 

Please continue praying for President Trump in this season. We cannot imagine all that he is shouldering right now. Pray for the refreshing winds of Holy Spirit to blow through the White House. Impacting President Trump, Vice President Pence, the team countering the covid virus. Pray for synergy by Holy Spirit. Pray for the Lord to fully take the lead, and form an impenetrable barrier that restrains the forces of darkness and takes down the plague. Declare that the Red Sea he is facing, and our nation is facing, now parts!

And lets declare this next phase of this Exodus movement, this freedom begins now. Right on time. A second Passover!

In Jesus’ Name…