PHOTOS OF MARLENE AND BILL and adventures through the years. Clockwise from left—Marlene and Bill during Capitol Tour, Marlene, Bill, Jon, Jolene, home group launching the 2016 Glory Train journey from their living room, Marlene visits the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, Marlene and Bill take a quiet moment at an Israeli beach, Marlene and Bill at the Revolution 2019-2020 New Years Eve. For more please CLICK LINK: 

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This is the hardest post I’ve had to write. Taking a big deep breath here. Our dear Marlene Brubaker, spiritual mom to the Lamplighter family, passed into the arms of Jesus Sunday evening after laying down for a nap. She did not suffer, nor to our knowledge was she ill. Instead it seems that the One she loved more than life itself simply swept her off her feet on Valentines Day.

Purity, poise, love, virtue and dignity simply flowed from Marlene’s heart. For this reason she made an eternal impact on all who knew her. And she through love and prayer always sought to draw out the best. For this reason it’s not an exaggeration to say that even the course of our nation has been shifted by Marlene and her husband Bill’s relentless prayers. 

Speaking of Bill, he and Marlene were inseparable companions in love and life. Please pray for our friend right now, and for their two amazing daughters TerriAnn and Kathryn.

Jolene and I are privileged to be among many sons and daughters Bill and Marlene took under wing over the years. Their home group was always a continual source of delight. Jolene and I remain a puddle of tears, not just in our loss, but in our awe and gratitude for these years of friendship. 

It was more than eight years ago, during the 2012 elections, that Marlene and Bill helped us launch our Wednesday evening calls. At the time we thought we were only going to pray through the November elections and the launch of Davids Tent DC. But the call was such a hit we acted on the many requests to continue. From the beginning Marlene and Bill started every call with insight and prayer. Soon after we asked them to lead prayer to close out the calls as well. By this they took their place as Mom and Dad to the incredible Lamplighter family.

What a journey we’ve been on. We have seen miraculous turnarounds with wayward children returning to the Lord. Together we have also witnessed one of the most comprehensive governmental turnarounds in our nation’s history. More recently we have seen the relentless, deceptive resistance from the enemy seeking to steal the destiny that the Lord has decreed over our great nation. 

And history should record that we launched the continental 2016 Glory Train journey from Bill and Marlene’s precious home group. Not many people can say say the nation truly shifted from their living room. 

Through both the blessings and the challenges, Mom and Dad helped us all rise to the occasion. There is no doubt in my mind that this Lamplighter vigil is now being carried out on the other side of the veil, with Marlene relentless before God’s face on behalf of the people she so deeply loved, and the nation she so deeply loved, in this hour of peril. 

Marlene’s light shined so brightly. Given this reality it’s probably not an exaggeration to say Heaven itself is now even brighter than before. Yet for the rest of us, this prolonged midnight hour has now become even darker. Lord, let there be light.