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70th ANNIV. OF ISRAEL’S REBIRTH—and Jon & Jolene are making the journey to Jerusalem! Thank you for helping us cover expenses and ministry costs over the two weeks we will be in the land. To make a donation CLICK HERE.

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CANCELLED. That was the email from Air France this morning, notifying us that our flight to Israel was removed from their docket. As of April 17-18, employees for the venerable French airline are now on strike.  

Extraordinary timing. Thank you Jesus for Jolene. Had it not been for her fierce persistence through a nonstop day and a half, we would be stuck at home, catching up on Israel’s independence day via the web. At least twice Jolene was on hold with Air France for at least an hour and a half. Their elevator music is lacking. But finally she spoke to a two very proficient operators. No solutions turned into good solutions. Including securing for us a nonstop flight to Israel.

Through Boston. 

Yes, at the threshold of the anniversary of Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride, Jon and Jolene Revere are flying to Israel… through the revolutionary town where it all began! Grateful to Jolene and to the operator who saw our plight and rerouted us a day ahead. 

Remember that, by God’s orchestration, Paul Revere’s midnight ride on April 18 and the first official day of the American Revolution on April 19 precisely converge with Israel’s 70th Independence Day, April 18-19, this year. Two covenant nations, two freedom nations, one freedom movement. 

A very wise man once said, “you cannot make this up.” I’ve found this to be true.

Thank You Lamplighter Family! Wednesday Call
Note this Wednesday’s prayer call will be from Jerusalem… on her INDEPENDENCE DAY! Please continue praying for our trip. Tensions with Iran remain extremely high. Pray against any terrorist activity in Israel during this time. Friends, please keep watch…

And thank you all for your generosity! We have not only met our goal but gone a little beyond. All future donations for the trip will enable us to represent you even more generously on behalf of the incredible ministries and works in the land we sow into while in Israel. Love sharing in both His work and His great reward.

Please note we most likely will not have time to write another posting, so let this serve as your reminder to join our Wednesday call.

To prepare your heart, below is our original posting on “The Midnight Cry—America’s Birth, Israel’s Rebirth” from April 4.

MIDNIGHT CRY—America’s Birth, Israel’s Rebirth
Just over five months ago, I set out to chronicle the clear prophetic perceptions the Lord was giving me regarding the season to come. I figured it would become a posting—maybe even two. Instead, a book was birthed. The Midnight Cry. Brought to publication after a solid month of nonstop labor pains. And it chronicles the release of God’s freedom movement for this hour.  

The ultimate expression of this is found in Matthew 25 with the parable of the wise and foolish virgins. “But at midnight, there was a cry, Behold the Bridegroom! He’s coming. Rise up to meet him!” That said, the United States of America was actually birthed out of a Midnight Cry. On April 18, 1775 Paul Revere saw two lamps burning in the upper room of a Boston church. He rode at midnight to awaken his army and ignite a Revolution. And a freedom nation was birthed.

The legendary David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, made his own midnight cry to launch a revolution. He chose May 14, 1948 to declare the independence of this thin slice of covenant land carved out by the United Nations to become the Jewish state. Immediately this newborn state was at war.

The date was Iyar 5, 5708 on the Hebrew calendar. In 2018, the Hebrew date Iyar 5 cycles around as April 18-19th. So this year the 243rd anniversary of Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride falls on the 70th anniversary of Israel’s rebirth. 

Can’t make this up.

Just as with Revere’s ride, Ben-Gurion’s proclamation was immediately met with a war of independence. Just as with America’s colonial army, Israel’s untested military miraculously prevailed against overwhelming odds. In their case, they overcame a simultaneous invasion by Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Iraq to seal the independence of the Covenant Land. 

Confirmation—Freedom Movement
What is God saying? A double portion of His freedom movement is now being catalyzed. Passover. A justice turnaround from subjugation to liberty, personally and governmentally. The marriage of the miracles of Exodus and Acts to bring this deliverance to an entire generation. 

As we shared in the Midnight Cry, this is really how God has framed the move of His Spirit now at hand. And spiritual revolutionaries are being summoned right now to bear the torch of this freedom movement to the nations. If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of them. It’s worth pursuing with all your heart!

Bearing in mind that 4-18 and 4-19, 2018 mark this year’s amazing convergence, maybe it’s not a coincidence that Luke 4:18-19 give such definition to this double portion movement:

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor. He has sent Me to proclaim release to the captives, and recovery of sight to the blind, to set free those who are oppressed, to proclaim the favorable year of the Lord.”

Israel’s 70th! Jon & Jolene
And it so happens that Jolene and I will be in Israel for 4-18! The Lord spoke to us both clearly on this. We are so honored to be joining the 70th anniversary celebration. And more importantly, we are excited to stand in Zion for the continuance of God’s synergy between our freedom lands, and the full release of His freedom movement.

A Rider Like Paul Revere—Bob Jones Vision
Let me close this posting with a prophetic word which features a prophetic word about Paul Revere given by Bob Jones. I had heard that Bob had received a word on Revere, but never knew the details. This post was sent to me today during a private prayer call. Written by Bob and Rose Weiner, the posting ultimately prophesies the deliverance of America from Marxism and other forms of godless governance. Here’s an excerpt:

“Then the Lord spoke to me (Rose Weiner) and said, “You know, this is the only nation ever founded because people loved Me in the history of the world. I founded Israel because I loved people and made them a great nation so I could  come as Messiah, the Savior of the world. But the United States of America was founded because people loved Me and sought a to create a nation where they could have freedom to worship Me. I will never forget that! “(When He said this His voice broke up with emotion and you could hear that He was holding back the tears.) Then He said, “I am going to move in a Great Spiritual Awakening to call this nation back to Myself…

“I believe that all of this is part of the Great Spiritual Awakening and the hand of God moving to preserve our Christian heritage of liberty to further Christ’s purposes in the earth… 

“In October of ’09, prophet Bob Jones had given me a prophetic word that I took as confirmation. HE SAID HE HAD A DREAM AND SAW A RIDER LIKE PAUL REVERE, waiting for the light to go on in the church belfry. He said, when the light goes on, there will be a spirit of rebellion against the progressive form of government that has been oppressing this nation, and it will sweep across America and the Second American Revolution will begin WHICH WILL RETURN THIS NATION TO ITS ORIGINAL FOUNDATIONS.”

Friends, in some miraculous way our work as Lamplighter Ministries is summed up by this word. I believe the light is now shining! But the work still continues. 

And this April 18, the 70th anniversary of Israel’s independence converges with the very date Revere rode, and our own freedom journey began. Why? Because it is once again time for another MIDNIGHT CRY. And a spiritual revolution that perpetuates the torch of His covenant freedom in our world.