For the past few days, we have sought with diligence to sound an alarm about challenges we may soon face. Storm warnings. Dire straits. World war watch.

Today I want to begin to share what God is now releasing governmentally. The heavens are literally trembling. There is a literal re-emergence of angelic hosts of the Lord! They are being released at this very hour. God is never late.

And this is good news. These angels are assigned by the Lord to restrain evil, and perpetuate God’s grace–even for nations. Psalm 103 shares how they are “mighty in strength, who perform His word, obeying the voice of His word” (Ps 103:20). How exciting that these angels hear and respond to the voice of His word! This includes the voice of God expressed and released through you.

Without going into detail now, I can tell you this experience is a current reality for Jolene and me. I just want to make the following declaration, acknowledging with gratitude what God has done and is now doing. The angels of the Lord Jesus Christ have been released. It is now time for an angelic re-emergence!

Angels and Awakening
I love the Scriptures–mysterious as they almost always are. Take Zechariah 4, for example. “Then the angel who was speaking with me returned, and roused me as a man who is awakened from his slumber” (Zech. 4:1).

That an angel from heaven could actually be assigned to speak to a human being–on a regular basis–is amazing. That he could somehow go away is frankly disconcerting. That he returned… That’s what I call “angelic re-emergence!”

Zechariah’s response when the angel disappeared, and spiritual activity slowed down, was so very human. The prophet fell asleep. Can you relate? I sure can!

The good news is–just as God sent His angel to awaken Zechariah, so He can send His angels to awaken you. He can stir again the depth of desire you once felt for the Savior, and for His word. His anointing can penetrate through the numbness that has formed over your heart and spirit. He can awaken you, and awaken His word within you again. He can bring your awakening to completion!

Gideon: Delivering a Nation
There’s another scriptural precedent for angelic re-emergence which I will touch on now and delve into more deeply later. Lets look at Gideon. He was visited by an angel of the Lord. The insinuation in scripture is that this was the very angel who was assigned to bring God’s people into the promised land and conquer all their enemies.

Second Wave of Breakthrough?
God’s people had experienced a void of breakthrough because of their idolatry and disobedience. This angel, whose activities were described in Exodus 23:20-33, actually returned after the Israelites had settled in portions of the promised land. This angel “re-emerged” with the intent to help them possess the remainder! He offered them what my friend Randy Demain calls “the second wave of breakthrough.”

Yet instead of catching this wave, the Israelites were rebuked. To the angel’s horror, they had not removed the altars to Baal, nor had they followed God’s command to keep from covenants with the people and their gods. Tragically, the angel departed–and the people wept at what they were about to experience.

You probably know that they became slaves to the people they were supposed to conquer. They lost almost all their freedom. But a time came where the Lord of hosts decided to grant Israel another round of deliverance.

Gideon’s Call
And this very same angel, sent by God to deliver a nation, re-emerged. He found Gideon. “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior!” And this guy, the least of the least in his tribe, was then empowered to save a nation.

We’ll share more later on this. But it is important to note that Gideon was not released into his deliverance anointing until he had taken down his father’s altar to Baal. Really important that you get this. God sent his angel to prepare the way for His people. They were charged with confronting the idolatry of the land, and they didn’t obey. God gave them over to be enslaved by their choices for a period of time.

And when the time for deliverance came, the first thing the angel charged him with was to obey this aspect of his command, which his forefathers had not!

It’s where we are right now. For real. Gideons are being selected and empowered for the victories ahead. Maybe you feel like Gideon–the least of the least of your tribe, overlooked by your parents or leaders. In the core of your being–you can’t shake it–you know there’s more. You may be part of this Gideon company. Get ready to deliver nations, in Jesus’ Name!

Prayer–Angelic Re-emergence
Father God,
We ask to be like Gideon. Make us mighty warriors! Let us love what you love, and hate what you hate. Align us with Your Throne, and establish Your covenant with us, in Jesus’ Name.

In this day of release, we ask for Your “angelic re-emergence”–for us, for our nation, for Israel, in Jesus’ Name. Let us experience awakening, as Zechariah was awakened. Let us be empowered for victory against all odds, just like Gideon!

Lord we ask this for ourselves, and in obedience to Your word, for our leaders. For President Obama, for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, for our military and for our intelligence agencies (PLEASE KEEP THEM IN PRAYER THROUGHOUT THESE “DIRE STRAITS”).

Bring our leaders into Your council. Show each leader the absolute supremacy of the Lord Jesus Christ. Grant them Throne Room insight and timing. Teach them to love what You love, and despise that which You despise. Warn them about any alliances that could sabotage our great nation, and the advancement You are now offering us all. Help us to align right. We cry out for mercy, in Jesus’ Name. Bring deliverance!

Finally, we welcome the activity of the angels of the Lord Jesus Christ, sent to minister on behalf of the heirs of salvation.We pray according to Exodus 23:20 that You send Your angel ahead of us to prepare the way. We align with Your covenant, and promise to obey the voice of Your word. Help us in this Lord! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Note: We encourage you to study and pray through Exodus 23:20-24 and Zech. 4!