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Yesterday we shared on a key principle to overcoming the usurper. Gently but firmly, the Holy Spirit is lifting our gaze. And we together are shifting from a focus on the crisis of need to a vision of potential!

The insights below speak into this. Both James Goll and Rick Ridings have been on revelatory journeys conveying a global shift in the watchman ministry. We are coming up higher, to see from God’s unshakeable Throne!

Over the past few days, I have had the great privilege of assisting James at the Harvest International Ministries (HIM) annual prophetic conference. James has been a mentor and friend for more than a decade, and I can say he is blazing for Jesus in a way I have never seen. Proof that covenant faithfulness and integrity brings great reward from our God!

Over the next few days I will be sharing on a few prophetic priorities the Lord has given him for this year. Today lets focus on the watchman anointing, with revelation related to James Goll and Rick Ridings. WITHOUT GOING INTO DETAIL, BOTH REVELATIONS BELOW SPEAK INTO GOD’S NEW POSITIONING FOR US IN METRO WASHINGTON DC. Please pray!

Angelic Encounter—James Goll
Last night James Goll shared how he was awakened by an angel of the Lord standing at his bedside. It was clear he had been sent specifically to deliver a word about the watchman ministry for 2014. James had not seen this angel in 25 years. Though I am not at liberty to share what the angel brought 25 years ago, I can say unequivocally the word came to pass.

The angel of the Lord was dressed in a military uniform. He declared to James a very simple phrase. ATTENTION! BE ON THE ALERT!

Please note that this angel was dressed in a military uniform. This simple fact cannot be emphasized enough. The Lord is calling us forth as His army, and He is also calling us to stand in prayer for our military—our armed forces, intelligence community, etc.

The word was succinct: ATTENTION! BE ON THE ALERT! By implication, we must watch and pray through potential global conflicts.

Here’s a primary example. Longtime Lamplighter readers remember James’ call to pray against the release of chemical and biological weapons from Syria against their own people, against Israel, and against America. More than a decade ago the Lord spoke to him: “When the eyes of the world are on the threat of Iran and nuclear weapons, that’s when the threat will be greatest for chemical and biological weapons from Syria.”

News reports TODAY show how only 5% of chemical and biological weapons have been surrendered by Syria. Further, Al Queda and other Jihadist fighters in Syria are beginning to turn their attention towards striking Israel.


Rick Ridings Move—Parable of Global Shift in Watchman Ministry
Please note the timing of James’ visitation. Because around the same time, Jerusalem prayer director Rick and Patti Ridings moved the 24/7 house of prayer “Succat Hallel” to a new location. The following posting from October 29, 2013 shares my perception about the prophetic significance of this move. Jolene and I feel that in a very real way, our own repositioning is somehow related.

We had the privilege of ministering at Succat this September, and I shared with Rick and Patti a strong prophetic sense this move would be directly correlated to a global shift in the “watchman ministry.” God is bringing us all up higher!

Rick’s longstanding location gives a breathtaking view of Mount Zion, the “holy hill” upon which the Tabernacle of David was originally established. His new location shares this spectacular view. But because it is at a higher level on the mountainside, they also have a clear view of the Mount of Olives and the Temple Mount, demarcated by the Dome of the Rock. Now that’s quite a perch!

Conquering the Three Mountains
For a long time, the global 24/7 worship and prayer movement has had a pre-eminent focus on Mount Zion—the place of intimacy and praise to the Lord. This focus has been absolutely necessary and right as the primary foundation for the House of Prayer.

And we will never lose this view, even as we “come up higher” in this season. But prophetically the Lord is summoning us to cover and establish His work on two other mountains as well. First, it’s time to focus on the Mount of Olives—the mountain of Gethsemane, of agonizing, world-changing intercession for redemption. The mountain where Jesus ascended to heaven’s Throne, and where His feet will again touch as He descends in His great return. Agonizing in prayer, ascending to the Throne, descending in power—this is our path too.

We must also allow the Lord to draw our attention to the Temple Mount, where Jesus—Yeshua—will set up His everlasting Throne and rule the nations! Can you imagine the weight of the intercession necessary to birth this expression? You’re probably already feeling its intensity. Can you imagine being invited to watch and pray 24/7 for the Throne of David to be fully established?

Crown & Throne: Until Thrones are Cast Down
The prophet Daniel was gripped with a similar call. “I KEPT WATCHING until the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of Days took His seat” (Daniel 7:9). In other words, Daniel watched and prayed until thrones were established to bring the earth realm into alignment with heaven’s Throne.

Many of you receiving this are being invited into this watch as well. In fact, this call is a primary focus of God’s emerging “Crown & Throne” movement. On a global level, Holy Spirit is intent on establishing thrones of His governance in this season, eventually culminating in the greatest coronation ever seen in the earth!

And you are a watchman for this miracle.

Not coincidentally, from our new vantage point we will be covering in prayer some of the primary issues we just reviewed. From tensions with radical Islam to scandals and secret governance, these themes are all highlighted in the unfolding biblical panorama of life in the end-times. What an adventure!

So—lets celebrate with our friend Rick Ridings and the intercessory worshipers at Succat Hallel as they quite literally lead us all in ascending to a higher vantage point. And lets prayerfully embrace God’s call to watch and pray over His three mountains: Zion, the Mount of Olives, and the Temple Mount. Until the thrones are cast down, and the Ancient of Days takes His seat…