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True State of the Union
The State of the Union address will be given tonight by President Obama. I believe God desires to convey His own perspective on the State of the Union. Here are a few thoughts.

First—in this year of governmental shaking, God still rules the affairs of kings and nations (Isaiah 6). Just as the three branches of government are convening tonight to hear the President speak, so the Lord is holding council. He is summoning His kings and priests to hear His directives, and implement them in the earth.

God’s majestic, unshakeable Throne is still tied by covenant to the thrones of rulership of the United States. He is compelling all of our leaders to return wholeheartedly to Jesus, to make a stand for His righteousness and blessing in every facet of life and governance. And the simple message I feel that He wants to convey is that “You cannot serve two masters.”

In the Year of Government Shutdown
I believe that last year’s government shutdown was more than just a dysfunctional challenge by Congressional radicals. God Himself allowed the shutdown as a disciplined warning to both parties and all offices of government not to usurp the “separation of powers” keeping America from becoming a dictatorship. Covenantally and governmentally, honoring and defending these boundaries is a primary mandate this year—from the very Throne of God.

This is the clear message of Isaiah 6, a passage the Lord highlighted over the Feast of Tabernacles for 2014. It portrays how, within a year of the government shutdown in Isaiah’s day, His unshakeable Throne became unveiled to the prophet Isaiah. Watch for two things. First, the unveiling of God’s unshakeable Throne in your life this year! Watch also for discipline to come where covenantal boundaries defining governmental offices is violated. This is a facet of Jesus’ intervention in our nation, a privilege granted by our founding covenants with Him.

Between Moses & Pharaoh
For years I have shared prophetically how President Obama stands between Moses and Pharaoh. For clarity, Pharaoh came into covenant with demonic powers and brought God’s people into subjugation and slavery—even murdering their babies (Exodus 1:22). Moses came into covenant with God and ushered His people from slavery, abortion and subjugation into true freedom.

President Obama clearly defines himself as a Christian.Before the Inauguration last year, I felt the Lord was drawing him to a point of wholehearted decision as to whom he would serve. Earnestly contending for his destiny in Christ, I took great encouragement our President’s choice to take his oath of office on the Bibles of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King.

My hope and prayer was that President Obama’s second term would reflect a “Moses agenda” for our nation. I took some flack for this. But how amazing would it be to see a renewed focus on healing from division, empowering wholeness in fathering and family, empowering true social and economic freedom, and empowering nations victimized by blood-stained dictatorships to embrace freedom and democracy!

Usurping Covenant Boundaries
I attended the Inauguration last year with these hopes on my heart, praying for the healing of our nation after such a divisive election. And it stunned me how President Obama decided to set the course of his second term. Instead of reaching out to bind up our nation’s wounds, he declared his resolve to remove the definition of marriage from the standard of Biblical morality. This remains one of the most divisive issues our nation has ever faced.

Approaching the State of the Union address, President Obama is now reiterating his longstanding willingness to override Congress to implement his goals for the nation. Front and center in the audience will be the Supreme Court Justices, who are now reviewing the constitutionality of his recent recess appointments, allegedly made while the Senate was still in session.

Freedom of the press has also been challenged this past year, with the Justice Department taking the unprecedented step of confiscating names of confidential government sources from the Associated Press. And there’s more—Benghazi, warrantless espionage, etc.

American Pharaoh
If these precedents remain unchallenged, I fear they may actually set a course for America to succumb to dictatorship. Undoubtedly some future presidents—blue and red—will seek to expand their Executive powers based on the examples set by recent administrations. And apart from Divine intervention, the highest seat of authority in our land may eventually be filled not by presidents but by a dictator, an American Pharaoh.

Upholding Covenantal Boundaries
But God! The Lord still honors and upholds the foundational covenants, founded upon Judeo-Christian principles, that established America as a beach-head against dictatorship and a precedent to the nations. To reiterate: it is not okay for any branch of government to impose its will in manner that usurps Constitutional boundaries protecting:

Other branches of government

State governments

The church—freedom of religion

News organizations—freedom of the press

The rights to privacy, and the freedoms of We the People to collectively determine our destiny through a democratic voting process.

Hollywood seems to be promoting a Pharaoh-like obsession with influence tied to idolatry and sexual sin. The Grammys were astounding this year. To the dismay of parents, Beyonce mixed occult symbols with overt eroticism, much like her Superbowl performance last year. But former Christian singer Katy Perry took this mixture to new heights. Perry sang while literally performing an overt witchcraft ceremony. Demons danced around a circle of fire as 33 gay and straight couples were simultaneously married.

Gay or straight, it’s never wise to willfully invoke demons during your marriage ceremony, folks! I cannot believe I am even writing this.

Covenants Establish Thrones
But what a picture of how our covenants, good and bad, establish thrones of rulership for spiritual entities. And how our worship, good or evil, compels spiritual entities to dwell upon these thrones!

Friends, all covenants exist in the spiritual realm as well as the natural. This is most clearly seen in Christian marriage ceremonies. The bride and groom come into covenant with each other, and also with Jesus Christ for their marriage. The covenant they establish with each other builds a throne of rulership for Christ to watch over and protect their union.

Whom do worship? Whom do you invoke to watch over, protect and enforce the covenant that establishes your union? The same principle that applies to a marriage applies to the covenants that establish every sphere of your life. It applies to our nation.

State of the Union
The true State of the Union message resounds from Jesus to the politicians, power brokers, producers and pawns caught between unholy agendas and expressing the heart and justice of Jesus Christ. Really, His message is for all of us. There remains no concord or union between Christ and Baal. You cannot serve two masters.

Which union do you choose? As for me and my house NO KING BUT JESUS.

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