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“Not just one Pharaoh rose against us to exterminate us, but in every generation did they rise up to exterminate us, and each time the Holy One–Blessed be He–has rescued us from their hands”–Passover Haggadah.

Rick Ridings, a prophetic leader now from Jerusalem, prophesied in January about major shifts beginning in March. “I felt very strongly that January to March was a very, very important season for this nation, that much of the future of this nation would be decided not in November, not even in October or September, but would be decided between January to March of 2012...”

During this time, Rick called intercessors in Washington DC to 52 days of prayer to build a “Nehemiah Wall” for the city. It’s important to remember Nehemiah built this wall as a protection from terrorists.

Finally, Rick called us to host a Sacred Assembly to repent, reset covenant, and stand together as a “corporate Esther” on behalf of America and Israel.

Both Rick and his wife Patti also felt Jolene and I needed to focus intensively on Washington DC for an extended season. Within 12 days, Jolene and I relocated–thanks to the generous contributions of so many of you!

Our Season: an Issachar Perspective
Now that March is over, we are inquiring of the Lord for fresh revelation. What key events in March shaped our future? Was a crisis averted, or postponed? What can we expect for our future?

Today I feel to share my perspective on where we are prophetically. I’m going to convey some things that you may disagree with, and that’s ok. Just know I am endeavoring to cover a time period as a “spiritual journalist,” giving an Issachar perspective on where we are and where I feel God is taking us.

March: Two Key Verdicts
In Washington DC, March began with a “Throne Room verdict” during the “Capitol Cry” Sacred Assembly. The month ended with a Supreme Court verdict regarding a healthcare bill widely known as Obamacare.

Those present at Capitol Cry may remember how we entered into the Court of Heaven, asked for mercy, and sought God for His verdict of preservation and blessing for our city and our nation. We interceded for Israel and America in the face of nuclear threats from Iran. According to Rick’s word, we stood as a corporate Esther–and sincerely felt the weight of God’s verdict in favor of the saints.

Not coincidentally, March ended with a verdict as well. The Supreme Court convened to evaluate the constitutionality of the healthcare bill. Last Friday, the justices met privately to render an initial verdict, and assign a judge to write the majority opinion. Based on questions and feedback throughout the hearings, it seems the justices took issue with the constitutional validity of several key aspects of the bill.

Shut the Gate of Sabotage!
When we moved to DC, I honestly felt in my spirit a sense of alarm. For months this undercurrent never went away. It somehow felt like a gate of sabotage was open, and the Capitol was vulnerable. The need for Nehemiah’s wall was no longer just a concept–by the Spirit, it literally became our “Capitol Cry.”

Iran had threatened to wipe Israel and America off the map. I wholeheartedly believe we need to do our part to stop this potential nuclear holocaust. Along with many of you, Jolene and I have interceded continually for God to align our government and military with His Throne Room timing.

But I felt that going to war prematurely could bring bring severe consequences to our homeland. A gate of sabotage first needed to be shut. My continual question was, “Lord, what gate was open?”

Principle of Bloodshed
Before the Supreme Court hearings, I did not know much about the healthcare bill. But two aspects seem extremely unsettling. First is the “individual mandate,” in which Congress seemed to assume powers more akin to dictatorships. Second is the mandate for government-subsidized abortions.

Against the President’s articulated intentions, this healthcare bill actually established the largest governmental expansion of abortion in America since Roe v Wade! As Lou Engle recently wrote, “If the Supreme Court rules for the constitutionality of this health care reform, it could forever embed abortion into the soul of this nation…” (full article here).

Scripture is clear that “Because you do not hate bloodshed, therefore bloodshed will pursue you” (Ezekiel 35:6). And I also believe that, without repentance and at least a beginning of a governmental turn towards righteousness on this issue, our nation has potentially been vulnerable to further bloodshed–even on our own soil.

I also believe that the verdict of the Supreme Court Justices, known at present only to God and themselves, has satisfied an immediate demand for justice from the very Court of Heaven. Has God granted us a window of grace to turn as a nation? I believe so.

Passover: Preservation and Advancement
And now we come to Passover. Where the unjust bloodshed of Israelite children was met with God’s verdict–the removal of the firstborn of all Egyptians. Remember how the blood of the Lamb was placed on the lintels and doorposts of all Israelites so they would be preserved in the midst of God’s judgment!

And centuries later, actually during Passover, Esther took her courageous stand for the preservation of her people. The government of Iran shifted. God’s covenant people were again preserved.

This Passover, let us remember the sacred gift of our Lamb, Jesus Christ, slain for the sins of His covenant people. Let us apply His precious blood to the lintels and doorposts of our hearts, our families, churches, cities, states, and nation. Lets stand for the preservation and advancement of all whom Christ claims as His own!

The Justice of God’s Throne
Not coincidentally, this Good Friday, Lou Engle is hosting an “Esther Call” in Dallas to facilitate repentance for abortion especially among God’s handmaidens of today. From coast to coast, lets join in! Together we will present the blood of Jesus Christ to remove our bloodguilt, believing God for His shift in our land.

And lets continue to stand together for the government of Iran to shift–for Hamans to be removed, and for God’s covenant people to be preserved.

I just believe that if we align with the justice of God’s Throne, His hand will preserve and advance us all through these challenges. Enemies will be subdued, and the cause of freedom will advance. Beloved, that’s what Passover is truly all about!