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First–two weeks from today, join us for the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast! As President Obama takes the seat for his second term, we are asking the Lord Jesus Christ to take His seat of authority over Washington DC and the nation. Join Jonathan Cahn, author of the Harbingers, Rep. Michele Bachmann, and many others for this forerunning prayer experience! For more information, visit

Also–Joel Rosenberg just wrote a significant posting about Sen. Chuck Hagel, President Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Defense. “It’s a terrible choice and will send the wrong message at precisely the wrong time to Iran, Hamas and Radical Islamic enemies of the U.S. and Israel in the Middle East,” according to Rosenberg. Please contact your reps in Congress! To read the posting click here.

Shutting the Gates of Sabotage–Prophetic Experience
Yesterday we shared about “shut the gates of sabotage.” We shared a seven-point action plan to shore up areas in your life personally so that cycles of sabotage can be broken.

This word and commission came from a prophetic experience. In a meeting where many were experiencing visions of heaven, the Holy Spirit literally propelled me into a vision of Washington State. He then spoke to me, “Shut the gates of sabotage over Washington State!”

I have to admit–as cool as the experience was, at first I was a bit disappointed when my friends went to heaven, and I went… um… west. But I soon realized that this commission was straight from heaven, straight from the heart of our Father. As I shared yesterday, it stunned me to realize how Washington was the first state where their own constituents voted to legalize abortion.

Elijah’s Reformation–Shutting the Gates of Sabotage
Friends, in this year termed by God as the “New Birth of Freedom,” we must not allow the enemy to abort God’s covenant destiny and purpose for our lives. We must partner with the Lord to shut the gates of sabotage!

This is how Elijah sought to bring reformation to his land. God led him to lay the axe at the root of the sabotage, which was in every way tied to the worship of Baal.

You know the story. Through marriage to Ahab, Jezebel ascended as queen of Israel. Jezebel worshiped Baal, and taught all Israel to do the same. God chose Elijah to confront this idolatry tied to sexual immorality and abortion. And 1 Kings 18 records how he confronted the prophets of Baal.

“Now then, send and gather to me all Israel at Mount Carmel, together with 450 prophets of Baal and 400 prophets of the Asherah, WHO EAT AT JEZEBEL’S TABLE” (1 Kings 18:19).

Jezebel’s Table–What is It?
To shut the gates of sabotage, lets take a closer look at Jezebel’s table. What exactly is this table? And what’s the significance of those who eat at the table?

Remember that God had judged the whole land by sending a drought–a harsh economic downturn–due to their idolatry. To this primarily agrarian society, no rain meant no crops, and no economic increase.

Ahab and Jezebel were king and queen–the governmental leaders of the land. In the midst of this economic judgment, they prepared a table for the prophets of Baal. In other words, they channeled government funding to sustain and empower the prophets of Baal!

By this government funding, they were able to sustain and increase their influence even in a time of severe judgement. The people of Israel were experiencing famine, the true prophets of God were hidden in caves, whereas the prophets of Baal were growing in wealth and influence at the peoples’ expense.

What was the enemy doing? He was trying to remove Israel from covenant alignment with God! By this he was trying to position Israel’s citizens to sabotage their very life and destiny.

Jezebel’s Table and Government Funded Abortions
How does this play out today? Friends, we are still in a time of economic judgment. While God is calling us to return to Him, the enemy is trying to persuade us as a nation to abort or sabotage our very destiny. It’s a covenant issue.

Lets take Planned Parenthood as an example. According to their just-released annual report, this institution received $542 million in government funding. In 2011, they performed 333,964 abortions. Doing the math, this equates to $1623 per abortion, funded by the government.

“America shouldn’t celebrate abortion, and our taxpayers shouldn’t subsidize abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood, who profit from the destruction of human life with taxpayer money,” according to Congresswoman Martha Blackburn, who just introduced the first pro-life bill for 2013. “It’s fiscally irresponsible, and morally indefensible.”

Bound4Life director Matt Lockett quoted Rep. Blackburn for an incredible posting on this bill. To read the posting click here:

Praying for Breakthrough
Friends we need to shut these gates of sabotage! Personal breakthrough begins when we refuse to tolerate living beneath God’s best for our lives. Our national breakthrough begins the same way. How can we shut the gates of sabotage? Lets break out of our apathy. Lets begin to pray for God to cut off supply lines tied to idolatry, sin and covenant-breaking. And lets ask God to fully release funds to continue repairing our covenant alignment with Jesus Christ, and establish His covenant in the land.

Pray for the Elijah anointing to again baptize the body of Christ. Pray for God’s Elijahs to break through the “sound barrier” of apathy that has mesmerized so many in the body of Christ. Lets break free from Jezebel’s Table.

Personal Application–Can You be Bought?
Let me end with a key question–a frightening one, given the results of the 2012 election. Can you be bought? Can your vote, your support, your affection, your worship be bought? Maybe you find it easier to eat at Jezebel’s table. But if you can be bought–no matter your race, political persuasion, or financial status–doesn’t that make you a slave? Something to ponder as God’s “New Birth of Freedom” breaks forth.