SPECIAL PRAYER CALL MONDAY, OCTOBER 22, 9-10 pm. Covering the final Presidential debate in prayer! We’ll be joined by Abby Abildness, a key leader who taught us on “No Cross, No Crown.” Conference call number: 530-881-1400 access code 903-586. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us!

Talk about Tent the Nation! Just found out people from every state in the nation–except South Dakota–have already been on worship teams at Davids Tent. Last night, friends from Newport Vermont helped bring us through. And South Dakota is on the way!

Earlier in the week I shared this note with our core Davids Tent intercessory team, and wanted to pass this on to our broader Lamplighter family as well. Sharla Mylar, a budding prophet as well as key administrator for Davids Tent, wrote this to us after our Tuesday evening prayer call last week.

Jolene and I celebrate you! To all who have made a Throne Room investment in Davids Tent, THIS NOTE IS FOR YOU.

Note From Sharla
“Thank you Jon for keeping the intercessory fires burning! We are definitely experiencing the lightness of bearing Jesus’ yoke 🙂

We receive daily financial donations and encouraging posts promising prayer support on our various social media accounts (YouTube, facebook, et al). People come to the Tent claiming to have been “drawn” there by the peace or joy. Our volunteer team is stellar and full of life even 3 weeks in.

Our night watch especially has seen healings and re-commitments to Jesus as Lord. Your prayers are releasing the Kingdom!”

Continue to Pray! No King but Jesus!
All we can say is, thank you Jesus! Lets keep watch as we advance in this crucial season. Please continue to pray for Jason and Kimberlee Hershey, for the Washington House of Prayer/YWAM team. Please pray for Jolene and me as well in this strategic week.

Please also pray for the Tent the Nation initiative, which we launched yesterday. How exciting to partner with the Lord to governmentally “stake in” God’s Bridal Canopy from state to state, all across the nation! And from Davids Tent to each state Capital, we get to see the Lord enthroned on our praises.

We live in truly unprecedented times! Just as the patriots of old, lets advance through this season with a united cry, NO KING BUT JESUS!

I want to close with a few notes from RPN/HAPN leaders about the Tent the Nation initiative. Seems the Lord has already been speaking to many across the nation about praying at their Capitals on October 31. Praise the Lord… and please join us!

From Kingsley Walker, Missouri Coordinator, RPN, HAPN
“Just wanted to respond quickly and tell you that in Missouri we felt the need to stake the capital in Jefferson City as a center post in our canopy, so we already scheduled the 31st. We’ve been given complete use of the rotunda, so our tent will be inside. Praise God that we are all finding ourselves moving in syncronicity as we individually hear what Father is speaking.  Thanks for your obedience to stir all the states and issue the call for us to move together!”

From Vicki Nohrden, West Coast, CA Coordinator, RPN, HAPN:
“Dear Jon and Jolene, this is all so awesome. Our RPN CA team including myself will be at the Capital in Sacramento to stake and decree… Also the Lord has shown us to declare and set in place the 5 fold ministry gifts represented at each corner of the state and lift the canopy in the center of our state and declare God’s government rule.”

From Sandy Newman, Kansas Coordinator, RPN, HAPN:
“On October 31 we will gather at the geographic center of America to prophetically secure the center tent pole for the Tent the Nation Initiative! In preparation we have staked our four corners already, driven the entire perimeter of Kansas…and are about to go live with our Transformation Kansas website… DeeAnn and I are blessed to be connected with you and Jolene.”

From Mildred Bean, Mississippi Coordinator, RPN, HAPN:
“The Holy Spirit had already spoken to me to facilitate a time of worship/declaration at our state capitol in MS on Oct 31. We already have a room and worship team and have sent out an alert!”

“I’m not going to have any tears left for anything sad!” Bill Brubaker, from Washington State, after experiencing worship at Davids Tent.