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WELCOME TO DAY FOUR. Today is short. Just to say Jesus is faithful. He hears our prayers! And we are grateful for President Trump, Amb. John Bolton, Sec. of State Mike Pompeo, and so many others for an amazing push that has exposed plots of sabotage, secured greater stability in the Mideast, and helped to bolster the faith of nations in US diplomacy.

“NO SYRIA WITHDRAWAL WITHOUT TURKEY PLEDGE NOT TO ATTACK KURDS!” That was the headline today from NBC News while reporting on National Security Advisor John Bolton’s trip to Jerusalem. To read the full story CLICK HERE. 

This is a major answer to prayer. And the diplomatic hurricane unleashed when President Trump first announced the withdrawal of US troops in Syria has now proven to be very strategic. 

Turkey, Iran, and Russia all responded positive to the suggestion of the move. In fact, according to news reports they actually celebrated the announcement as their own victory. 

Trump’s move drew out their desire. In other words, it provoked the nations to “show their hand.” America paid the price to eradicate ISIS, and with our withdrawal they perceived a greater opportunity to overtake the spoils of war and further their own intentions in Syria and the Mideast. 

But friends, not so fast. Predicating our withdrawal on making sure the worst intentions of these nations are restrained is absolutely wise.

It’s my hope we can withdraw our forces without consequence to the Kurds, to Israel, or to the stability of the Mideast. Certainly the promise of intervention if necessary should be a far greater deterrent than the presence of a mere 2,000 troops in Syria. The commitment by the Trump administration has now made this clear. 

In a related development, Ambassador Bolton has also warned Syria’s Assad regime that any use of chemical weapons would draw a much greater response from the United States than our two previous strikes. This warning was absolutely necessary to deter a genocidal attack. 

Friends, please keep praying. We are seeing a Daniel 7:22 turnaround. 

Also in Jerusalem, National Security Advisor John Bolton and US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman have also announced that the release of the administration’s Mideast peace plan is being delayed by at least a few months.

Please keep praying for Ambassador Bolton and for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as they continue their respective Mideast tours. Again, it is clear that forces of darkness desire to provoke a Mideast war—Shia Iran provoking Sunni nations, Israel and the United States. This potential seems even more clear as Iranian warships are in the Atlantic, headed towards our coast. Meanwhile a US carrier is now in the Persian Gulf for the first time since September 2001. 

Forces of darkness are seeking to provoke a conflict of nations. But remember 19 for 19! The Lord desires to establish His Isaiah 19 highway. A freedom movement by His Spirit that sets a new way forward for the Mideast.

We are grateful for your prayers!