Jolene and I want to say thanks to many of you who blessed us financially, especially during this project!

Today, we felt it would be good to touch base regarding ministry donations. This is not an appeal. Instead, we want to clarify both our core values and our unique circumstances so that you can better identify with us in our requests. We want you to be able to wholeheartedly bless Lamplighter from your heart as these requests are made!

Sometimes when donations are sought by ministries, a stigma is attached. “Thought they were sincere when all along they were just wanting money…. probably what this whole service/prophecy/prayer project has been about…”

And there is no doubt a few have abused their ministry platforms for personal gain. Jesus warned of this, declaring “My House shall be called a House of Prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves!” Unfortunately, the abuse of a few has made it a challenge for the many who are earnestly seeking God’s heart and the advancement of His Kingdom.

The Nation Needs You… 
Six years ago, I left the stability of a $60,000/benefits government contract job as a graphic designer/photographer with the Department of Homeland Security. I wasn’t fired, with ministry the only “option.” Instead, I was offered more money and more vacation time to stay.

And honestly, a large part of me really wanted to! I really enjoyed both my work and my colleagues. Plus the security of a regular paycheck, benefits, regular work hours, and free weekends… not so easy to give up!

But God had spoken separately to both Jolene and me that He wanted us to step out. Why? The only thing Holy Spirit spoke to me is, “The nation needs you.”

Now that’s a hard sell–not only to potential donors, but to me personally! After many years in the prophetic movement, I had come to realize what God had been speaking to my heart was true. In and of myself, I can do nothing. Only the Lord working with us truly makes a difference. And that is truly all we are after!

That said, God had put in our hearts an unquenchable desire to see His covenant reset and established to forge a new future for our land. He was calling us out.

What was equally crazy–Jolene felt the Lord call her into fulltime ministry as well. We had lots of dreams, but not one ministry venue lined up when we transitioned. True story!

Preparing for the Future
That’s not to say we were totally unprepared. The Lord had spoken to us a year in advance of this transition, and we felt to prepare both by sowing strategically and saving for the future. We cut expenses–granola bars replacing Applebees, etc. We got rid of our remaining debt. We sowed, saved and prayed.

Let me clarify what I mean by sowing strategically. We sought the Lord to invest in ministries moving in a high level of anointing and integrity, impacting our nation, Israel etc for Christ. By sowing into these ministries, we knew the Lord would grant us a harvest to set the course for our future.

We were doing this already, of course. But that year we were led to sow directly into the spheres of His grace we desired to reap in our own ministry. Key principle here–sow into what you want to receive!

Finally the day came when the Lord transitioned us into fulltime ministry. Not long after, our friend Kevin Ford called and asked if we would come help with a revival out in northwest Washington State. The adventure began!

And it truly has been an adventure. Would you believe that in 2008, within a year or so of this transition, the American economy almost completely crashed! What a crazy time to start a ministry. Yet the Lord has been absolutely faithful to provide.

Moving to DC
Looking back, our transition to Washington DC came in much the same way. Three years ago, Cindy Jacobs prophesied to us about moving to Washington DC. A few months later, she prophesied again about moving to Washington DC. As the old saying goes, “God loves you… and Cindy Jacobs has a plan for your life!”

We kept on with our ministry schedule, sowed strategically and prayed. Then the Spirit of God visited us about a ministry journey to Washington DC, in accordance with Rick Ridings “Nutcracker Prophecy.” We together asked the Lord to “crack the hard shell of demonic resistance” over Washington DC, asked Him for the divorcement from Baal, and asked Him to marry our land again. Amazing how, exactly 50 days later, an earthquake cracked the Washington Monument!

And last January Rick Ridings, the same guy who prophesied this “Nutcracker word,” felt compelled to call us immediately to focus on Washington DC… even to move. We literally moved 12 days after!

For 2013–Sustained for Breakthrough
There is no way we could have done this without the grace of God, and your partnership with us. Our focus on Washington DC has mandated that we travel less in order to invest our energies and prayer here. This means we receive less funding from traveling and speaking, even while our costs of living have greatly increased. But miraculously, His provision has increased as well!

We had originally planned for a busy travel schedule from the beginning of 2013. But with this New Birth of Freedom project, the Lord asked us to remain in prayer here in Washington DC for this extended season. Our travel schedule hasn’t been cancelled–just pushed back a few months. At the same time we’ve received about half of our monthly ministry expenses.

The same God who brought us here will sustain us here–of this we have no doubt. I actually feel more “weight” in the spirit on this project even than praying through the elections. It is invigorating to partner with you–through projects, through conference calls, etc–for breakthrough in DC and coast to coast.

As with each of you, in this journey we are continually seeking the Lord and trusting in Him for full provision (Deut. 8:18). Occasionally we feel prompted to make our needs known. And we are so grateful to be able to entrust our hearts to you in these matters!

Again, we are not appealing for donations here. We wanted to share with you our perspective, so when a link occasionally appears with an invitation to give, you will celebrate the miracle God is about to release!

With much affection,
Jon & Jolene