What a call last night! Very significant. Thanks to all who participated, and shared key insights. The dialogue really strengthened my personal resolve to see this through.

Many new friends are joining us. Welcome! Jolene and I delight in co-laboring with our Lamplighter family and prayer networks. Amazing to pursue God, and together experience His work in our lives and nation. We love the journey with you!

We shared last night about how God is rendering His verdict regarding abortion. Today I want to explore themes related to abortion and the Court of Heaven specifically from the Book of Exodus. By the Spirit of God, this has become a consistent theme of the New Birth of Freedom project.

1:22–Hand of Pharaoh
Pharaoh worked to enslave the Israelites. More responsibilities were mandated, while their freedoms and rewards were progressively taken away. This included their right to worship God freely. How do we know this? In negotiations with Moses, Pharaoh offered the concession that he would allow the Jews to worship God freely in Egypt.

Though persecuted, the Jews in Egypt continued to prosper and grow. So Pharaoh decided to bring an even harsher form of subjugation. In Exodus 1:22, Pharaoh commanded all male Israelite infants be drowned in the Nile River.

It is hauntingly prophetic that the Supreme Court verdict on abortion was handed down on 1-22-1973. Is this merely coincidence? Or is the Lord prophesying even through the date how He identifies this abortion ruling as a perpetuation of Pharaoh’s cruel hand? And is there a time when God will render judgment–both on Pharaoh and the gods of Egypt?

Judgment in Favor of the Saints
Note that Moses was born right around the time Pharaoh was stretching forth his hand to kill the firstborn males. As noted before, God often confronts the greatest evil with the travail of a new birth! Makes me wonder about the Moses seed in this generation.

But it’s important to note that, after decades of slavery and injustice, abortion became a pivot point where God as Judge took His seat, and rendered judgment in favor of the saints. God brought His people from slavery to a new birth of freedom! And that’s exactly the journey we are all on now.

Exodus 2:24–Remembering His Covenant
That said, we can only imagine the grief that overtook all Israel due to this travesty. No family escaped. Exodus 2 records, “And the sons of Israel sighed because of the bondage, and they cried out; and their cry for help because of their bondage rose up to God. So God heard their groaning; and God remembered His covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob” (Exodus 2:23-24).

Lets look at this passage from a Court of Heaven perspective. He heard the inconsolable grief of mothers and fathers. He saw the trauma and confusion that became embedded in their children. And He heard the cries of the babies as they were put to death.

In this season where God is rendering His verdict, questions resound within my heart. Am I desperate enough to cry, entering into God’s heart for His own? Are we groaning or travailing? And how does this interplay with the release of God’s verdict?

Exodus 2:24– Courtroom Hearing
God heard their groaning, and God remembered His covenant. Two Hebrew words help to clarify the interaction between God and His chosen people. First, the word for “hear” or “heard” is “shama.” It is one of the primary words to denote a courtroom hearing.

The Hebrew word for remember is “zakar,” and is consistently used to denote remembrance that provokes to action. To take to heart and act–these two actions are married in this word. Friends, this is essentially the judicial process of “rendering a verdict.”

When God’s people cried, He remembered His covenant–His legally binding agreement with His people. And He rendered His verdict according to their covenant! For this reason–and based on this precedent–Moses, Sampson, Nehemiah, Jeremiah, and Habakkuk all sought the Lord to “zakar” and act on their behalf.

With this in mind, lets render Exodus 2:24 accordingly. In a courtroom hearing, God considered the testimony of their groaning. He took it to heart, reviewed the injustice according to His own covenant with Israel, and rendered a verdict that included his action plan for the future.

Travail of Justice
What was that verdict? Freedom. Passover. Let my people go! He would release the most dramatic expression of signs and wonders ever seen on the earth both to confirm his covenant and enforce His verdict. His very hand would lead them out. All future generations across the entire earth would gain inspiration from this Exodus from enslavement by Pharaoh and his gods.

As we cross over this 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade, lets understand how God longs to hear our travail for justice. Watch as He renders verdict accordingly. He will add our groanings to 12 years of solemn assemblies, generations of pleas for justice, and countless unheard cries of babies in the womb. Not sure what this looks like, but Jesus is rendering judgment in favor of the saints.