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The Call Virginia May 26 with Lou Engle, others here.

Fredericksburg, Virginia, the site of the upcoming Call VA, is full of history. In the days of the Civil War, this region suffered more bloodshed than any other area of the country.

Fredericksburg was also the boyhood home of George Washington. The resolution and depth of this founding father was forged in this town–largely through the unyielding intercession of his mother.

Mary Washington would journey every day of her life to a rock near town, and intercede fervently for her son. She continued this practice throughout his career.

Mantle of National Leadership
As we have emphasized, from Passover to Pentecost, God is granting access to Holy Spirit mantles granted to our forefathers in Christ. It’s no coincidence that the Call VA culminates this time on the day before Pentecost–in this very city! We desperately need God’s mantle of national leadership that will empower us all to overcome in the battles we face.

And we desperately need the mantle of intercession that will daily release God’s grace to imperfect humans chosen to lead us forward–whoever they may be! Mothers of lightning, releasing sons of thunder!

Below is a vision the Lord gave me almost a year ago. I consider it one of the most important perceptions of my life! As you read, keep in mind that we have since relocated to metro Washington DC… Riverview Apartments… actually overlooking the Pentagon. Take encouragement from these personal confirmations–lets pray for God’s mantle of national leadership and prayer to be fully released.

Vision of George Washington
Reviewing the incidents of my administration, I am unconscious of intentional error; I am nevertheless too sensible of my defects… Whatever they may be, I fervently beseech the Almighty to avert or mitigate the evils to which they may tend” —George Washington, Farewell Address

This morning in prayer, the Lord granted a very unusual prophetic experience. I saw a vision of George Washington. This heroic general and first President of the United States was standing tall in refined colonial garb, with a stern countenance–courageous but clearly unsettled.

Then Washington turned to me, and with tears in his eyes said, “I only saw in part.”

Eyes of a Jealous God
This vision was an answer to a decade-old quandary before the Lord. George Washington was a godly man, and the foundations of our Nation have greatly prospered by his wisdom. History clearly shows he was given to prayer at key moments—as was his mother, a devoted intercessor.

However, Washington was also a Mason. The tragedy of Freemasonry is its inherent idolatry, veiled at first, detested by our Savior. In the eyes of a jealous God, this unholy alliance has become one of our nation’s greatest “covenant conflicts.” And the consequences have been debilitating for generations to come.

Beyond our Frame of Reference
How could the “father of our country” have embraced such a dichotomy? The plea within this vision settled the matter in my spirit. “I only saw in part.”

To his credit, Washington perceived the danger of the illuminati, and famously warned against its doctrines. He saw in part. And beloved, we do too! Lets ask God to make us aware of idolatry and sin that we have yet to perceive—beyond our current frame of reference.

Refounding Fathers & Mothers
I love Washington’s Farewell Address—his candid awareness of defects, and his plea to the Almighty that their consequences be averted or mitigated. Perhaps the recent HAPN/RPN initiave to divorce Baal in each state is somehow tied to this very plea. Christ’s great gift to us is forgiveness. As we repent of our sins, individually and collectively, we can see the enemy’s influence abated and God’s original intention established.

And what’s at stake in this land is the fathering of our nation—directing us towards evil or towards good. The Lord is calling forth Refounding Fathers—and Mothers– launching us into our future by realigning us with our apostolic foundations.

Pray, Train, Persevere
In the vision this morning, this depiction of the Father of our Nation then spoke to me with intense emphasis that “I am again praying by the river.” I remembered the painting of Washington kneeling in prayer at Valley Forge. In a terrible winter, his army of farmers had been reduced to rags, facing sickness and starvation.

Washington prayed. Then he implemented a strategy that seemed totally contrary to the needs of his army. Despite their depleted energies, his army embarked on a regimented and demanding training program. This bitter pause became a major turning point in the Revolution. Farmers and tradesmen became competent as soldiers of war. Against all odds, Washington and his army soon persevered to secure our Nation’s freedom.

I sense this from the Lord—some are deciding either to rest or to gain new training. If you devote yourself to training, you will advance beyond your exhaustion!

Emphasis on Prayer
The emphasis of this vision was certainly on prayer. Washington, the father of our nation, was in the vision devoting himself to praying again by the river. I totally admit—not really sure what this means.

Google search just came up with an astounding story. Unbelievable. Suddenly it all makes sense. Please understand that, until now, I was totally unaware of the following event in Washington’s life. From the website www.ministers-best-friend.com:

“How did God answer George Washington’s prayers at Valley Forge?  The following is one historian’s account of the miracles that occurred that winter which helped remedy the impending starvation of the Colonial Army: 

One foggy morning the soldiers noticed the Schuylkill River seemed to be boiling. The disturbance was caused by thousands and thousands of shad which were making their way upstream in an unusual early migration. 

With pitchforks and shovels the men plunged into the water throwing the fish onto the banks. Dragoons rode their horses into the stream to keep the shad from swimming on out of reach. Suddenly and wonderfully there was plenty of food for the army.”

Another Providential event that occurred that winter was France becoming an ally to America. Much needed French money and troops began to poor into the new nation. The Continental Congress acknowledged this as the hand of God as they declared a National Day of Thanksgiving on May 7.”

Pray for Provision!
What is God saying here? If Washington will pray again—God will release fresh, supernatural supply to His troops! I believe this goes for Washington DC—including our President and governmental leaders– and for generals in this army called the body of Christ. Lets humble ourselves and seek the Lord for what we cannot on our own attain. Pray for provision for your troops… God will release food for His army!

At this critical turning point in our nation—the Lord is willing to resource His army as we persevere for freedom! This is so much greater news than I am able to convey here—maybe even for our national economy, certainly for the Body of Christ. PRAY AGAIN BY THE RIVER—PROVISION WILL COME!

Significance of May 7—Faneuil Hall!
Interestingly, this “National Day of Thanksgiving” became the National Day of Prayer, held on or around May 7 each year. On May 7, 1983, the appearance of a comet supernaturally confirmed a new work of God’s Spirit in Kansas City.

And on May 7, 1998, intercessors from across New England met at Faneuil Hall in Boston for a Solemn Assembly. We repented of root sins of our state and asked God to reset covenant with our land. And Rick Ridings prophesied about a revival in Mobile, a wind tunnel between Alabama and New England, and a release of the “winds of awakening” across the eastern seabord.

Friends, this stuff just can’t be made up! As I don’t know how else to end this, please pray for provision… covenant blessings to each of you!