Today, I want to share more on a personal note. A few weeks ago, friends who opened the Arlington apartment we have lived in these eight months let us know that the apartment complex did not renew their lease for another year. This prophets chamber, which overlooks the Pentagon and all of DC, has been an amazing prayer base. We are having a final prayer gathering here September 11.

Needless to say, with David’s Tent just a month away, this news was really challenging for us! We made tentative plans to move back to our home in Maryland. And we prayed–hard–along with a number of our friends.

Cross the (Potomac) River!
To a person, our friends all sensed God was extending a “Joshua call.” It’s not time to retreat, but to cross the river, advance and take the land!

By this, of course, they meant DC. Crossing the Potomac… where even a parking space can cost more than many mortgages! I almost dismissed their idea. Except that I had just written how God is calling His people to be like Joshua and Caleb–to advance and take the land. That was a primary theme of our last prayer project.

Moving to Capitol Hill!
The way seemed impossible–especially financially. But what we didn’t know is that dear friends had already heard from the Lord to sow a significant gift into our ministry. Thanks to God’s advance preparation and their covenant faithfulness, we are actually moving to Capitol Hill… for seven months!

With this move, throughout David’s Tent we will have the honor of praying daily both on Capitol Hill and at the White House. That seems important to the Lord this election season. Especially as we as a nation are in significant transition by the Holy Spirit.

Crown & Throne–Signpost!
Back in January, Rick and Patti Ridings shared how they felt we should shift our ministry to Washington DC–even to move here. You may remember how the way opened up immediately. With our friend Jason Hershey and W-HOP, we began 52 days of prayer, culminating in the Capitol Cry Sacred Assembly.

Rick also prophesied about a marriage between the Harp & Bowl with the Crown & Throne. Rick felt God wanted the prayer movement in DC to reflect this, and he felt Jolene and I have an important role to play.

It is interesting how “phase two” of our time here requires a move to Capitol Hill, the primary “stronghold” where the governmental thrones of our nation are seated. This as we again work with Jason and W-HOP on a sacred assembly!

Hard to believe David’s Tent begins only 22 days from now. I believe this work is actually a signpost of a maturing national prayer movement now entering the “Crown and Throne” phase. As we will explore in days ahead, I believe the Crown and Throne is a primary Holy Spirit emphasis as we advance into the final months of 2012 and beyond. God’s governance is being established in a new way. We are honored to be a part, and especially to link arms with so many of you for this new adventure!

Pray for 24/7 on Capitol Hill
As an aside–I have long felt that Capitol Hill is America’s Zion. And God is calling His people corporately to establish 24/7 there. This is a “secret place” God wants to secure in times ahead. Would you pray into this over the course of this project?

Thank You Friends!
A few final thoughts for today. We just want to convey our gratitude to friends who opened this “prophets chamber” to us. What an honor to pray from this perch overlooking the Pentagon, especially through the summer! We’ve been through many challenges here–Jolene’s recovery from a broken leg comes first to mind–and we have seen many victories. Lamplighter family, I would greatly appreciate it if you would extend your blessing to this couple. Through their dedication, you have been blessed as well.

And I also ask that you bless our friends in Washington State whose incredible generosity is now propelling us across the Potomac. Jesus wanted us to advance. And for Him, they made all of this possible–with a contagious delight in their hearts!

Finally, I want to thank each of you for praying for us and walking together with us. In some way, even our nation is being touched! Enjoy the final hours of Labor Day. We declare the Father’s covenant blessing to each of you, and to your families. Favor and protection, intimacy and advancement. In Jesus’ Name, amen!