“I have a sense about Tabernacles this year–that something key on God’s timetable will have officially begun. Though I do not believe this “David’s Tent” at the Ellipse by any means fully encapsulates this move, it is somehow ordained by God to be a witness of this new move. It’s that important”–from yesterday’s posting.

Beginning tomorrow, Jolene and I will be spending a good part of each day preparing and praying for David’s Tent DC with Jason Hershey and the Washington House of Prayer. God has lit a fire! And yet there’s a sobriety about the excitement we feel.

Plain and simple, your strength is vital to birth this work! Please consider becoming a David’s Tent Prayer Partner. Respond by clicking the email at right. Please include your name and phone number. We are grateful!

Here’s what we seek from you. As a prayer partner, we ask simply that you:

1. Pray each day for Jason Hershey, Jon & Jolene, and David’s Tent team.

2. Participate in weekly conference calls, beginning this August.

3. Pray for specific prayer alerts sent via email and text.

4. Share important revelation God is showing you.

It’s that easy! And you’ll have the opportunity to partner together to see a dream so big on God’s heart come to pass before our eyes.
I know that Jolene and I ask a lot from our Lamplighter family. Honestly, it’s because you are that good! Together we have seen God move in extraordinary ways, to the extent that even our nation has been impacted for His glory. In this historic season, I expect nothing less. That said, we cannot even begin to express how grateful we are for each of you. Thank you for your heart, your intercession, your care!!!

From DC40 to David’s Tent: Brief Prophetic History
Remember how the Lord spoke to us that 2011 and 2012 are parallel years. Projects birthed by the Holy Spirit in 2011 will come to maturity in 2012.

It is interesting that forerunning prophet James Nesbit started DC40 last year around the Feast of Tabernacles. We prayed nightly in conjunction with the nation until 11-11-11. This year, David’s Tent is launching around this same time!

Ellipse Prayer Started DC40!
This gathering started with a three day conference with James Nesbit, Jim and Faith Chosa, and others. We were originally scheduled to pray in different strategic sites throughout the region.

However, both James Nesbit and Jim Chosa received a very clear word to shift their priorities. It was time to pray over the Ellipse!
Honestly, Jolene and I didn’t even know where the Ellipse was. We just pointed our car towards the White House and looked for familiar faces. Somehow this worked!

But that to say–God made sure that prayer on the Ellipse was “front in center” in birthing this whole expression of worship and prayer now emerging in Washington DC. From DC40 to David’s Tent–excuse the pun–we are literally coming full circle!

Below are excerpts from a key word from our friend Sue Ekenberg, related to the Feast of Tabernacles. She wrote it originally for 2011.

Again, it’s more and more clear how 2011 and 2012 are parallel years! At the time none of us knew about the DC40 prayer initiative, which would be held during the very time she prophesied about.

Tabernacles: Birthing a Move of Holy Spirit–by Sue Ekenberg
Shortly before Hanukkah, in December 2010, the Lord showed me that the next 9-10 month period was going to be similar in nature to the year in which John the Baptist and Jesus were born. I first shared this with my church family in Frederick, MD.

It was over Hanukkah that Holy Spirit brooded over Miriam—Mary—and Jesus was conceived in her womb. John the Baptist was born on the first day of Passover. Jesus was born on the first day of Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles, and circumcised on the eighth day–a separate, sacred day known as Shemini Atzeret.

I felt like the Lord showed me that over Hanukkah 2010, which is also called “The Feast of Dedication,” the Lord was going to implant in the “bride” a manifestation of Christ’s glory. Following conception, there would be birthed on the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles 2011 a facet of the Spirit of Jesus that has not yet been seen.

In context, will not be a manifestation of the Prince of Peace, but a release of the Spirit of Christ as the King of Salem. As with any new move, this expression of His nature, character and power will not be birthed fully mature. But after the birth and circumcision there will be supernatural, exponential growth!

I don’t know what’s in store for us, for Israel, for the world as the Feast of Tabernacles approaches this fall. There will be a release of the Spirit of the King of Salem–His phrasing not mine. Remember that Christ was established “after the order of Melchizedek.”

Just as we are seeing a release of the forerunner anointing in this season, I anticipate a fresh release of Christ’s priestly anointing, tied to governmental authority. The Lord is beginning to move into His position as King and Priest of righteousness. And the work of His Spirit in this season is producing a Bride who will reflect the beauty of this righteousness—free from the enemy’s leaven!