As we look to Israel and current challenges in the Mideast, it’s important to understand our role in prayer. God desires maximum impact!

This was portrayed to me in a vision in 2000. Hard to believe the turn of the new millennium was 12 years ago. But in 2000, while in Colorado Springs, I had a vision that seems to pertain to this very hour and times to come.

Fighter Jets Take Off!
In the vision, I saw a fighter jet launching from Colorado Springs. Then I saw a fighter jet take off from Kansas City. Then a fighter jet launched from somewhere in the northeast. These three jets entered into formation together over the northeast, and shot across to Israel.

The Lord quickened to me that these three fighter jets represented moves of God–more specifically, prayer movements within His overall move of the Holy Spirit. Does that make sense?

Colorado Springs and Governmental Prayer
Looking at prayer movements, the Colorado Springs jet could probably represent what we’ve come to know as “governmental prayer” or the spiritual warfare movement. Assignment-based governmental intercession to shift things in the spiritual realm, thereby impacting our world and releasing harvest.

Most of the leaders of this movement–Chuck Pierce, Cindy Jacobs, Dutch Sheets–are no longer in Colorado Springs. But C. Peter Wagner, whom I consider to be a primary apostolic founder, is still based there. From prophetic intercession to identificational repentance to deliverance, spiritual mapping and strategic level spiritual warfare, Dr. Wagner has brought clarity and definition globally to pioneering prayer thrusts and strategies within what I would term the “governmental prayer movement.”

Kansas City and 24/7
The Kansas City jet could probably represent what we know as the “house of prayer movement.” Mike Bickle and teams were praying into this movement since 1983. But in 1999 Mike was led to bring it to birth. Since that time, it has grown from a small “Bethlehem stable” in a double-wide construction building to a truly global influence in the body of Christ.

As Peter Wagner is to the governmental prayer movement, so Mike Bickle is to the House of Prayer movement. He synthesized pioneering work from James Goll, with prayer for Israel and the Moravian cry, Kevin Connor, Mark Hendrickson, Joann McFatter, and so many others. From harp and bowl to prophetic worship to God’s end-time emphasis of 24/7 prayer, Mike Bickle has brought clarity and definition to this movement on a global basis.

My Journey
In my journey, I have been honored to be a part of both movements. In 1999 through the end of 2000, I worked for Cindy Jacobs, went to Dutch Sheets’ church, and became friends with Peter and Doris Wagner. At the end of 2000, the Lord called me to IHOP-KC, where I became one of their first “intercessory missionaries.”

But I am originally from the northeast. Descendant of Pilgrims. Born in Massachusetts, site of the First Great Awakening, and raised in Columbia MD. Spent much of my photojournalism career on Cape Cod, where I was concurrently being schooled by Holy Spirit regarding the covenantal foundations of our nation.

The Third Jet–Northeast Prayer
To some extent, I have been laboring for this northeast jet to take flight since my time on Cape Cod in the 1990s. Unexpectedly, in the summer of 2003, the Lord called me to return to the region, this time to metro Washington DC.

And after moving to the region, there was an incredible sense that the Lord was wanting to release this “third jet.” Over the past few years, I believe we together have begun to see the beginning of an expression of prayer as important to God as the first two movements.

Though I don’t have my head completely around it, I know this movement rightly aligns and combines governmental prayer with 24/7 worship. This movement is rooted in Christ’s covenant with our land, and thereby impacts the government of this land. It is being birthed in concert with God’s overarching movement of a Third Great Awakening–where His glory is restored, and new life birthed.

Maybe this is a movement of Awakening Prayer. I don’t know, but there’s a lot to this statement. All I really know is that we are among many friends across the whole region working together to see His movement birthed.

David’s Tent and Tabernacles 2012
And I have a sense about Tabernacles this year–that something key on God’s timetable will have officially begun. Though I do not believe this “David’s Tent” at the Ellipse by any means fully encapsulates this move, it is somehow ordained by God to be a witness of this new move. It’s that important.

And as this movement gets off the ground, the formation of fighter jets I saw will then be complete to stand for Israel and further impact God’s covenant land for good. For the sake of Your covenant, Lord, it’s time to take flight. Please launch this plane!