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THIS PROPHETIC WORD WILL STUN YOU. Both because of how God’s heart is conveyed and because of its pinpoint, real-time accuracy in situations they are not even aware of. For instance–when you read it, keep in mind the timing of this New Birth of Freedom project. And keep in mind how Jason Hershey and team are leading 45 days of nightly worship at a church just a few blocks from the National Cathedral. Just keep this in mind.

The word by Crystal Kain-Ross was distributed by Aslan’s Place, a pioneering prophetic ministry founded by Paul Cox. Crystal is an intercessor for them.

Before we continue with the word, today close to a million people will participate in the “March for Life” rally in Washington DC. I have actually heard more hotel rooms were booked for this event than for the inauguration. Marking the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade, their “exodus march” is a prophetic witness of God’s desire to shift us from a culture of death to a culture of life. Pray for them now! Below is the word.

Early this morning, before day break the Lord took me into the heights. In an instant I was shown the “state” (moral condition) of America. It is now in an extremely deplorable condition. I looked down and saw a tall border wall. There were serious breaches in the wall. I was told to observe what has transpired in the past 40 years. Then the Lord reversed the time-line process before my eyes. It was like watching a home movie, and then stopping the film, and rewinding it while watching it. I saw the wall being rebuilt in the places where there were breaches.

When the “timeline” stopped, we were at the point of January 22, 1973. The wall around America, and all her islands was intact. In places the Wall was not very tall, but there were no gaping breaches. Jesus explained, “This is the moral state of America 40 years ago….Our favor was on her, and Our protection solid.”
(Note: The term “Our” refers to the Trinity)

40 Years Ago Today
He looked intently at me and asked, “Do you know what happened today 40 years ago?” (meaning January 22, 1973). I answered, “No.” He said, “You know it by a Supreme Court decision called “Roe vs. Wade”. Then I remembered; that was the name of the decision legalizing abortion on demand in America. Then Jesus told me to “Look”, and I looked. He held out His hands towards me. As I looked, my eyes were supernaturally enabled to see microscopically. There, literally imprinted in the fabric of Jesus’ palms were millions upon millions of babies’ faces, with their first names below each picture.

I wondered, ‘Why aren’t there any last names?’ The answer was spoken aloud to me, ” They were not given last names, because their lives were taken from them before they were born.” “These are all My precious babies”, said Jesus.
I was reminded of the scripture, “I have engraved you on the PALMS of my hands; your WALLS are always before Me” (Isaiah 49:16).

(Note: the Living Translation of that verse states, ‘I have written your name(s) on the PALMS of My hands…always in My mind is a picture of Jerusalem’s WALLS in ruins.”)

Tears of the Intercessors
Then Jesus did something I did not expect. He pulled His hands to His face, and buried His face in His palms, and wept. I could barely stand to watch. It was gut wrenching.

His sobs were louder than thunder and as he sobbed, His tears fell thru the openings between His fingers, and spilled out over His cupped palms. An angel came up to me on my right side and held me up, for I was about to collapse from kindred sorrow. I turned and buried my head in the angel’s chest. How long we all cried, I don’t know.

It seemed like years. Then all was silent, and Jesus looked up, as did I. Our eyes were all red and swollen. Jesus held out His arms to me, and I ran to Him. He embraced me, and we both wept again, but not nearly as long.

Jesus pulled away from me, still holding me at arm’s length, and said to me, “Thank you for sharing My sorrows over the loss of My babies.”

He continued, “Even now, the tears of the intercessors and those who walk with Me are all that keep total collapse and annihilation from commencing to destroy America.”

National Cathedral Visitation
Then I was turned around and 3 large, regal angels, who were dressed in full warrior dress, came down from up higher. They landed on our level and came up to us.

Jesus introduced them, “These are fellow servants of Mine; they are your brothers on the heights. They are from the Highest Order of the Kings of Melchizedek.” At this introduction, all three bowed their heads slightly, and placed their right forearms in kindred salute over their chests. I did the same in greeting, greatly honoring in my heart their service. They have great humility married with great strength.

The Lord said, “There is now a destroying angel standing next to the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.” I looked down and saw the capitol area, and a short distance to the North, the Washington Cathedral.

“I asked, who is the destroying angel and why is he standing by the tall spire of the National Cathedral?”

The Lord answered, “This is the same angel, given orders by Us, generations ago, to punish David for taking a census.”

Bowl from Heaven
Then I looked up and saw several large angels coming down from above carrying a large bowl. It was half as big as a football field, and very tall. The underside was semi-transparent, and I could see into it. The color was gossamer, opalescent swirl with turquoise blue, interspersed with crimson strands…most beautiful.

I was told this was a bowl of the tears Jesus has wept over the past 40 years over His babies whose lives were taken in America. The angels were flying most reverently and carefully, so as to not spill one teardrop before the time to pour. They came over to the orifice, and they instructed us all to stand back. Then they began pouring and pouring. The tears looked like an ocean of flaming alive LOVETEARS. They were a torrent of love, overwhelming and their fragrance was mixed with many heavenly holy scents, of myrrh and frankincense, and stacte, onycha, most intensely holy.

From Cathedral to Capitol
When the tears hit the floor of the Cathedral, they flooded the entire sanctuary, and then the 3 angels opened the main doors. A great holy smoky vapor was emitted up, as the flood of tears flowed out and south. It flowed over the land on straight course to the Capitol, over 5 miles away to the southeast. When it came to the Capitol, it surrounded it, and filled up a transparent cylinder, which totally engulfed the Capitol and surrounding government buildings.

40 Days
Jesus said to the destroying angel (who still had his sword pointed towards the center of Washington, DC,) “’Stay your hand for forty days, for this is the period of grace the intercessors have purchased for America.”

I asked, “What will happen after the 40 days?” Jesus said, “That is in the hand of the intercessors and My prayer warriors Worldwide. The fate of America, and the terms of her demise, whether gradual or sudden, is in their hands.” Then we were taken back up to the heights.

Smoke from Cathedral–Death to Holiness
One more look down, and I saw black smoke coming up out of the top of the National Cathedral. “What is that?, I inquired. Jesus told me, “That is the sacrifice they (the leaders and dignitaries) have offered up to the heavens this morning. It is an abomination to Me.” (At this time we did not know that there was an a service held in the Cathedral for the inauguration.) “Their prayers are wickedness, laced with propriety. They cover evil with pomp and circumstance; thinking all is well because they are in power, but they are not in power.”

“Their legacy will not stand as one of honor, but of wickedness, debauchery and death to holiness.”

The Lord looked at Paul and said…”It has fallen to you to uphold America, and stand in the gap as her spiritual ambassador. “Call the people to a holy fast. They should forsake all her evil practices, and not partake in any of ‘Her’ idolatries or they shall share in her judgments.”

Glory from the East
Then I was back in my bedroom. I ran outside. The sun was just rising from the East.

I looked towards the sun. The leaves were bare, but the sun looked beautiful and full of glory. There was an obvious line of clouds, separating white clouds from blue sky.

The Lord said to me to go get my camera and take a few pictures. Jesus said, “This is a picture in the sky to you illustrating three things:
1) My glory will surely come from the East, and cover the Earth even as I promised;
2) There is a definite defining line between light and darkness in America and the line will get more pronounced in the coming years;
4) The trees are bare, but spring will come. Tell My people to prepare; for some of them will endure hardship and many shelves will be bare.” The final verse spoken to me was, “When you see these things begin to happen look up for your redemption draws nigh.” Luke 21:28