“Always look forward, never look back.” Our final Davids Tent Prayer Call culminated with Dr. Negiel Bigpond leading a chorus across the nation, prophesying together in Negiel’s Native language.

I found out after that he took this time to be with us ON HIS BIRTHDAY! Crazy that he made time for us. It only figures that Negiel Bigpond and Billy Graham share November 7 as their birthday. New birth of freedom… anyway Happy Birthday Negiel!

From Oklahoma, God’s “heart within the heartland” clearly resonated last night. It was a great privilege to join Dr. John Benefiel and Church on the Rock as he led us all in national repentance for the choice of voters against clear biblical values, given by the heart of God.

Well Done! Prayer Calls will Continue
Negiel and so many of you were with us from the beginning of this Davids Tent journey. A dreamer named Jason Hershey was invited by the Lord to build an “oval altar” that would enthrone His presence night and day, and help birth the next phase of this restoration of the Tabernacle of David.

All I can say is, well done. Watch how the Lord tabernacles with His people in this new season of “securing the secret place!”

Though Davids Tent has ended, we feel to keep going with weekly prayer calls. So lets take a break for a few weeks and then join together again to set the course ahead.

Until the Day Breaks
As many of you know, we felt that God was granting us a “New Birth of Freedom” through this time. This remains an absolute reality.

Remember that President Lincoln termed this phrase while writing the Gettysburg Address. Division in the nation had succumbed to civil war. And this war–for the union of our nation under God, and the eradication of slavery–was still two years from ending. Friends, we must remain in the battle until God’s new day fully shines.

More than a year ago, our friend Sharla Mylar had a vision about Obama’s Gettysburg. Sharla is a key prophetic voice and capable administrator for Davids Tent and YWAM/WHOP. She had the vision well before we met, so she knew anything about our personal call as “spiritual Paul Reveres” or about our “Awakening & Union” initiative that culminated in Gettysburg on July 2, 2011 and the Lincoln Memorial July 4.

Battlefield Encounter
But the imagery of Obama’s Gettysburg totally resonates with this hour of history. We are a divided people, facing challenges that could render America unrecognizable to the generations who gave their lives for her freedom.

It’s interesting that historians recount Gettysburg as a turning point not only for the war, but for Lincoln’s own faith in Jesus Christ. President Obama needs a battlefield encounter with God–and so do we.

We originally shared this vision with the Lamplighter Family in January. I believe this is straight from the heart of God, and encourage you to meditate upon Sharla’s insights.

In my vision, President Obama was standing at the Gettysburg battlefield in front of the white wall that has on it an inscription of the Gettysburg Address. He seemed overcome with sorrow, as though he knew that whatever words he spoke would not bring the dead in fresh graves on the battlefield back to life. 

The President chose his words with hesitation and grief (I don’t know what he said), and as he finished the graves started opening up. Men in revolutionary war-era clothing and hats stood up from the graves, holding out Bibles in their right hands as though they were preaching. 

Then I “woke up” or came out of the vision and heard the following words: “Mr. President, prepare your Gettysburg Address!”

This word from the Lord reminded me of the story Lou Engle had told during the Circuit Riders gathering at YWAM Kona this past summer. He recounted how a pastor from Joplin MO had a dream where he asked President Obama to remember the unborn. The song “America, God Shed His Grace on Thee” was playing in the dream. 
Within days, a tornado devastated Joplin MO, prompting President Obama to personally come and offer comfort to the town. 

This pastor actually saw his dream fulfilled in this ceremony. The band literally was singing “America, America, God shed His Grace on thee!” Then the pastor found himself shaking hands with President Obama! As their eyes met, he spoke, “Mr. President, you must end abortion.” 

Key Points 
So I asked God what the dream meant. This is what I understand from it:

Gettysburg was the battlefield that claimed the most lives in the Civil War. It was also a major turning point of the Civil War. 

There are many ways that Americans are still killing Americans, but arguably the most-systemic and costly battlefield where Americans are killing Americans today is abortion. 

Though President Obama cannot bring back – through his grief and with his carefully chosen words – the millions of lives lost to abortion, his grief and well-chosen words could bring back revival.

Crossroads of History
Lou Engle’s story of the Joplin pastor, President Obama and “America, America, God shed his grace on thee” unlocked a huge burden of prayer for our President and his family. Especially in me. 

Before hearing this story, I was in a YWAM cafe in England when a woman came over to me and started singing, “America, God shed His grace on thee!” She told me that as an American, I have a responsibility to bring the sound of God’s grace to the nations! Then she actually prayed and commissioned me for this task!

As Lou shared this story, it became a confirmation in my heart. God wants to shed His grace over us again! Though I don’t understand the full meaning, President Obama is at a unique crossroads of history. This coming revival will be revolutionary. Use him, God, to turn our nation from death to life!