Holy Spirit’s Work in Metro DC

First—Lamplighter celebrates Martin Luther King Day! We honor the legacy if this prophetic voice, whose dream changed the course of our nation from slavery to freedom.

And in the spirit of this legacy… Yesterday we shared one of the most important postings of these 22 days. If you haven’t yet read it, please do so. The Lord gave vital revelatory keys for our deliverance and advancement into freedom!

It all began Saturday. I awoke to a vision of Jesus dressed in a deep red robe, holding a menorah with a flickering flame. Jesus cradled this menorah in His hands. He then wept into the menorah, and as His tears and breath fell upon the fire it literally began to blaze!

The vision of Jesus tending the lampstand conveys both Christ’s very personal work in each of our lives, and His work in metro DC in this hour. Then the stream of this revelatory experience took a dramatically different direction. He spoke to me the phrase “the usurper.” Just as Daniel experienced a 21 day delay in receiving from the Lord his promised release, we had experienced unusual delays in this season. And we heard similar reports from many others!

Today, Jolene and I have spent some time in the courts of the Lord, joined with our friend from Kansas City Annie Schumacher. There’s a witness in the Spirit that everything has shifted. We are so grateful that His verdict has been secured!

During our time I felt strongly impressed that the Lord of hosts is TODAY releasing His angel to go before us to prepare the way. Today there is quite literally an angelic re-emergence. He is granting a second wave of breakthrough that removes every obstacle and secures His desired end!

Let me close this posting with a vision from our prophetic friend Annie. She saw a tattered US flag teetering in the wind. The stars were unharmed, but there was  with a gaping hole through the stripes. As we prayed together for the nation, she began to see a progressive restoration of the flag. Mesh, like what is used by a seamstress, was used to make the fabric sturdy again. Frayed threads came together, with the inner structure of fiber “healed.” She then saw the flag become steady in the wind—literally brand new!

Friends, don’t give up on God’s dream for America, and don’t give up on Washington DC. We have truly only just begun.

Join us for “Prepare the Way Connecticut” Feb. 7-8 at Valley Shore Assemblies in Old Saybrook. God is moving powerfully in CT. New levels each time! And I feel great anticipation for this gathering, which is somehow catalytic to God’s move this year. More info at