Today in a private ceremony at the White House, President Obama will be officially sworn in for his second term. This will be followed tomorrow by the public Inaugural Ceremony and celebrations. Lamplighter Ministries congratulates the 44th President of the United States!

Friends, we compel you to two sincere prayers vital to the well-being of the nation. First, that President Obama will follow in the footsteps of Lincoln and King, embracing a deep relationship with Jesus Christ that propels him forward as the Moses he is called to be, not a pharaoh as the enemy would have him be. The word below makes clear how the gods of Egypt are now targeted for judgment.

Second, as our land is founded by covenant with Jesus Christ, it is also vital for our well-being that we retain our alliance and covenant alignment with Israel. Pray for this grace, and pray for the dream of God’s heart for Israel to be fully realized!

What Catapulted Us to DC?
Today I wanted to share with you a prophetic word by our friend Rick Ridings, founder of the 24/7 Succat Hallel in Jerusalem. It was Rick’s word below that catapulted Jolene and I to DC one year ago. We were innocently taking in this word when Rick turned to us and prophesied–in front of EVERYONE–that we’re called to Washington DC for this season.

Hard to believe we moved in 12 days! Memories… Anyway, here are excerpts from Rick’s word, as relevant now as it was a year ago.

Riding on a Swift Cloud! 2012 DC Prophecy by Rick Ridings
“And I say in Isaiah 19 when I come on a cloud swiftly, the idols and the gods of Egypt will tremble before me. The Lord says these gods of Egypt thought that they had thrones in the gates of the District of Columbia… But the Lord says, those thrones of the enemy that have been set at the gates of DC are going to come down because I am coming on a cloud swiftly.

“Many have plowed, many have prayed, many have praised, many have worshiped, many have been faithful to me for many years, and the Lord says I have seen your tears, even as Nehemiah who wept over the devastated city of Jerusalem…

Time to Move Swiftly
“Nehemiah surveyed the city and looked over it and prayed over it and wept over it and came around it secretly for a long time surrounded the city in secret, and was not seen because the time was not yet there to be seen. But there is a time when things are to come above the ground. There is a time when things are to be seen. There is a time when things are to move swiftly. 

“There’s a time of preparation, there’s a time of plowing, but this is a time of My moving swiftly and I am riding upon a swift cloud, and I will judge the gods of Egypt in this city… I am removing thrones of the enemy in the north, the south, the east, and the west in order to establish My throne in this city. And I am raising those up in the north, and the south, and the east and the west who shall act as arms to lift up, as pillars lifting up My throne, and My throne shall rest upon this city in a way that it has not in the past.

True “Occupy” Movement!
“In the past much ground has been gained… only for it to be yielded back to the enemy… But the Lord would say the true occupy movement is my occupy movement! And I am not coming to take sides, I am coming to take over.

“I am coming to occupy. And I am coming to raise up a people that will learn to not only take ground, but to occupy that ground, to hold that ground with worship and prayer and praise 24/7 unto me that will occupy that ground, hold that ground, that is taken…

DC House of Prayer
“I am raising up in this season, starting in January, a house of prayer for Washington that will bring together many diverse pieces. And it will truly be a Washington house of prayer… It will be one that is primarily composed of people that live in the District of Columbia. And it will be aided by people who come in from the outside. Who come in from VA, PA, MD, other places around. A very strong core will be people who already live in the district. And added to that will be a very strong core who move into the district.

Warning of Shakings! 
“I believe the Lord is saying that this is the season even as of Ezra and Nehemiah, and that those two books will be very important in these next few months… I felt very strongly that January to March was a very very important season for this nation, that much of the future of this nation would be decided not in November, not even in October or September, but would be decided between January to March of 2012…

“These three months are key–want to say to intercessors in this room January, February, and March… And a lot of things would change in the month of March.

Window to Establish Unshakeable Throne
“And so I believe it’s like God has given a very important window here to see something very accelerated in happening in Washington. Because part of being ready for those shakings is a greater establishment of His unshakeable Throne, and His unshakeable Kingdom, in DC.

“And so I believe for those who live in MD, VA or around that God is going to speak to you and show you what to do. But I would encourage you to pray bout during these three months sending a team at least one day a week even if 2-3 hours for 3 months to give into the birthing of this house of prayer to come forth.

Rebuilding Foundations
“I felt that the Lord was saying in terms of Nehemiah that He was going to release an anointing to build a wall to secure and occupy. That it’s a time of repairing broken foundations. That God is going to go very deep at a foundational level for government….

“We thought a few believers would somehow change everything. But you don’t change everything unless the foundations, and systems, and demonic structures are changed. And I believe the Lord is saying this is a season where I am judging demonic structures and demonic systems in government. And where it’s not a question of political party or people, it’s a question of ungodly foundations that were there that have got to do with the gods of Egypt. And I’m going to judge the gods of Egypt. I’m going to judge wrong systems and wrong foundations…

Shaking in DC
“And through worship and intercession these things will be budged. And it is through worship and intercession that I desire to send an earthquake into the very foundations of Washington DC. I desire to send an earthquake into the very governmental system of this nation.

“And the Lord would say it is the time for my worshipers and my intercessors to arise, even as in the time of Nehemiah, they gathered together, they knew their positions in rebuilding the wall… So this is a time of positioning. And I’m going to put things into position, I’m going to bring things together, so that it is not this one scattered, and that one scattered, but a working together in a way beyond what has happened up until this point…

Crown & Throne
“In the Book of Revelation when you see the elders of God, they have harps and bowls. And the Lord says I have been restoring the harp and the bowl in the last 10 years in a very special way throughout the earth. I’ve been restoring the harp and bowl and I’ve been bringing together worship and intercession as a fragrance, as a ministry to the Lord of harp and bowl.

“But the Lord would say there’s two more thing that those elders have. They not only have a harp, they not only have a bowl, they have each have a throne and they each have a crown. And in these next ten years, as I have restored the harp and the bowl, I am going to further restore now the walking with the throne and the crown! I’m going to restore to My people walking in governmental intercessory, kingly authority. That what you proclaim on earth shall be that which you have already heard proclaimed in heaven!…

“So I believe the Lord is saying that what He is raising up here, He is going to bring a marriage of the priestly and kingly… So I believe there will be this thing of the kingly and the priestly.

Call to Solemn Assembly
“And I believe in the priestly there will be a place like Ezra. Remember Ezra called the people together for a solemn assembly before the Lord… And they wept and they poured out this type of intercessory repentance and confession before the Lord that was very powerful in helping to establish the walls around Jerusalem that Nehemiah was building at that time…

“But I believe there needs to be a solemn assembly in Washington…