This is an hour to disengage from idolatry in every form. Jolene and I were on a last-minute family visit in State College PA when Joe Paterno’s statue was taken down. Crazy coincidence. Please keep Penn State in prayer as they walk through this leadership transition. Pray for God’s Eliakims (Isaiah 22) to arise throughout PA!
Red Alert for Syria
I was planning on sharing more today on this theme. However, when we returned last night and prayed for our military, I felt significant spiritual intensity. Then today, news broke regarding Syria.

In our World War Watch, I feel we must immediately be on “red alert” regarding Syria. President Assad’s forces acknowledged today that they indeed have chemical and biological weapons. According to Reuters, they also asserted their willingness to use these weapons against foreign intervention!

These weapons were obviously developed with Israel in mind. According to reports, Syria also has missile capacity to reach Israel with these weapons–including sarin gas and other material. As Assad’s leadership crumbles, both Israel and America are very concerned that the chemical and biological weapons could be passed on to radical Islamic groups.

According to the Daily Beast, “With the days and weeks of the Syrian government appearing numbered, the Central Intelligence Agency is scrambling to get a handle on the locations of the country’s chemical and biological weapons, while assessing the composition, loyalties, and background of the rebel groups poised to take power in the event President Bashar al-Assad falls.

Pray for Military, Intelligence Communities
You can be sure that both the intelligence communities and the Pentagon are actively involved in efforts to secure these weapons before they fall into the wrong hands. I do feel by the Spirit we need to actively watch and pray, especially from now through the 9th of Av! 


Historic Seat of Baal–Lord Enforce the Divorce!
It is very important to note that Syria is a primary historic seat of the Baal principality. Many of you have been involved in the divorcement of Baal and seeing God shift us from Baal to Jesus. THE CURRENT BATTLE IS FOR THIS VERY SEAT. Ask the Lord to “enforce the divorce” and restrain the principality behind Assad and his regime! PRAY MUCH IN THE SPIRIT!

Isaiah 19 assures us that a day is coming where Israel, Egypt and Assyria will all follow the Lord and be a blessing in the earth. This is vital to understand. WE ARE NOT CONTENDING FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF SYRIA, BUT FOR HER GOD-GIVEN DESTINY.

Prayer for Syria
Lord, enforce the divorce! Restrain the Baal principality at the seat of rulership in Syria. We claim Your restraint on behalf of the people of the land, and on behalf of Your destiny for the land! We declare Your shift from Baal to Jesus, and all the promises of Isaiah 19!

Father do not allow these chemical and biological weapons to fall into the hands of Islamic Jihadists. NEUTRALIZE THE THREAT, LORD! Secure the weapons. Do not let them be used against Israel, America, intervening agencies, or their own people. Mercy, Lord!

Father by faith in Jesus Christ, we come into agreement that Your watch is now set over Syria. WE CALL FORTH THE WATCH OF THE LORD! We call forth intercessors from Israel and the Mideast, from America, and the nations to stand watch NOW. Bring deliverance from unreasonable and wicked men who do not have faith!

Father God we pray for President Obama. We pray for the CIA, NSA and other intelligence agencies, as well as the Pentagon and military leadership. Give very clear direction by Your Holy Spirit. Expose all that the enemy is hiding, Lord.

Lord as You restrain the enemy in the spiritual realm over Syria, restrain and forbid enemy harassment here. Enforce the divorce! Confusion and disorientation be bound and removed. Supernatural agitation be removed, sent to the feet of Jesus. Clarity and “shalom” by Your Spirit, be released! Let the angels of the Lord Jesus Christ be released to clear the way for breakthrough. Preserve lives Lord–what You love to do!

Lord, Your heart is to topple unjust dictators (Acts 12). Assad has openly defied You, slaughtered his own people and threatened Your covenant people. Put an end to the bloodshed! Topple Assad and his regime NOW, in Jesus’ Name, AMEN!

Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may run swiftly and be glorified, just as it is with you, and that we may be delivered from unreasonable and wicked men; for not all have faith. But the Lord is faithful, who will establish you and guard you from the evil one (2 Thess. 3:1-4).