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The Call Virginia May 26, Fredericksburg VA. More info here.

Just a quick note to thank you again for praying for Jolene. Good report today. After surgery to repair her foot and leg, and three long months of healing, Jolene is now able to stand on her own two feet!

Well, sort of. But she is now on both feet with her walker, and still cruisin’ with her scooter! Jolene should be back to full strength after a few more months of physical therapy. And as of today, her boot has been replaced by a splint! The queen of shoes is once again sporting an actual pair…

These three months have been quite a journey. Many of you surrounded Jolene and me from the beginning–with visits, notes of affection, fantastic meals and desserts. As we have had to postpone most ministry engagements, your generosity financially has continued to help us through.

Most of all, you prayed! As we enter into our final leg of this journey, we just want to say it is an extreme honor to count you as friends. We are so glad to be on this journey together! Please continue to pray for Jolene’s full healing, as well as protection and provision as we move forward. Thank you, and as we keep watch, we are so excited for all the Lord has for each one of you!