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Psalm 114 for 2014
Some call it Jolene’s corner when I write a posting. I prefer to just refer to it as thoughts from my chair. Either way here it is…..   

Years ago, at our Seattle Lampstand conference, Randy Demain gave an incredible sermon where the premise was that the Psalms from 110 to 117 would correspond with God’s work in the years 2010-2017. Randy felt these Psalms represented different aspects of the seven spirits of God, and also the seven candles of the lampstand, or menorah.

Jon and I were amazed that the fourth and middle candle is known as the “servant candle.” This is actually the candle that lit on our wedding. And it represents Jesus! So with anticipation in my heart I could not wait to read this morning the corresponding psalm for our new year. Psalm 114 begins:

When Israel went forth from Egypt, the house of Jacob from a people of strange language, Judah became His sanctuary; and Israel His dominion.

Jon felt to call this prayer project “Advance.” And as he shared yesterday, he was a bit confused on why the Lord changed his message on New Years Eve to speak about the Exodus story. But that was where God judged the gods of Egypt and set his people free. In one moment, everything changed. And Israel advanced out of Egypt!

That’s our progression in this year too. We are advancing out of the oppressive rulership of the enemy! Further, as we do we will see Judah, or praise, become God’s sanctuary in a whole new way. His glory will be restored! And further, from His Throne He will extend His dominion over our promises and our promised land. This is great news both for us and for the land of Israel!

KC Dream: In One Minute it will all Change
I had a very profound dream the other night about generational deliverance and the Lord is speaking to me about how this year is going to be marked by supernatural deliverance for his people. Not just the usual areas but profound places of wounding that have happened for generations in the lives of families are going to be healed and delivered in this season of time. It took place during the “One Thing” conference at the international House of Prayer where amazingly 32,000 people (mostly youth) showed up to honor Jesus and worship him at this historic conference. Jon and I traveled there to be part of a leadership summit hosted by IHOP-KC. The presence of God permeated the city and I had profound experiences in my dreams at night.

The second night we were there I had the Lord speak this phrase to me. “Once we cross over 12-12….in one minute it will all change.”  My sense was that there was going to be a significant event in this year that will mark a change for this nation. I am praying into the crossing over of 12/12. It was on 12-12-12, which happened to be Hanukkah, that Jon shared his “New Birth of Freedom” message. We have seen God bring tremendous change to our nation already, especially with restrictions this year on abortion and clinics closing at a record rate.

Change: Global Markets, Individual Lives
The Lord is again highlighting 12-12 for this year. In exactly what context I’m not sure. But my sense is that beyond any date of time, God is conveying something about a prophetic symbolism with the numbers. The number 12 represents the apostolic and government. Beyond this we are praying for more revelation!

That said I want to concentrate on the phrase that “In one minute it will all change.”  The context of the experience was about global financial markets for our nation and the nations.

But the Lord also highlighted to me that the declaration is true in individual lives as well. That there are areas in peoples personal lives and situations where the enemy has plundered that have become hopeless for some people and for some families.  Situations that seem to be worsening and our so complicated that there seems to be no resolution even possible. The Lord is declaring into those situations that he will bring change in one minute.  Situations that seem in the natural that will take years to unravel the cords of the enemy from will be resolved in a minute by the Lord.

I have a friend in ministry who used to say, “Let’s just give the Holy Spirit a minute…” For God’s people this year, this is all it is going to take. Very simply, Holy Spirit and a minute!

KC Dream: Religion, Generational Bondages
Then I had this dream the next night….I am in a room full of minsters that I do not know. They are busy setting up chairs in the front of the room for those who have been invited to share at  this meeting. I know that I am not on their “list” of people but the Lord is propelling me forward in this hour.  Many do not even have any idea who I am and they are definitely not intending to set up a chair for me. But still I am hoping that they hear from the Lord and open the opportunity the Lord wants me to have.

In the dream, I am wearing one of my favorite pieces of clothing, which is a white shawl-like sweater top. It has big roomy sleeves that when you put your arms out look like wings. The people who are in this room grab hold of the sleeves of this blouse and start spinning me around to dance. Like a man would lead a woman in a spin on the dance floor. They put there arms above me and spin me.  The unusual thing about this is that as they spin me they wind me tightly into the sweater and the fabric begins to bind me up and becomes grave clothes and wrap me up like a mummy. Then there are men that are literally beating me up and even in the dream I feel myself struggling against their assaults.

My father is standing next to me in the dream (in the natural my father is deceased). I say to the man assaulting me, “You better leave me alone because my father is going to kick your ass.”  Hope this is not too offensive, but this is what happened.

But as I look over to my father he is doing nothing! He then says to me, “Jolene, fight for yourself because you are on your on in this battle….”  I perceived in the dream that my father couldn’t because actions in his life actually invited the battle into my life the first place!  I woke up saying, “Why is the battle so hard and why can’t I seem to make any headway here.”

This was a very significant dream to me.  It quickly highlighted to me that many of the battles that we are in are actually caused generationally.  That the very people that we are looking to save us (ie family) are incapable of saving us because they are the ones that brought the battle in the first place.

It’s probably important to note here that my dad had been involved in Freemasonry. And I do believe that this year the Lord is going to bring great deliverance to His people from the generational effects of idolatry in all forms. This is one way in which we are advancing out of Egypt!

In both scenarios in the dream the people that I was trusting to free me were actually the perpetuators of the very bondage that I was stuck in. The first scenario represented the bondage of “religion” and the second represented bondages from our very families of origin. Each set us on a course of bondage not freedom.

Power of God in Deliverance
All that said it was very interesting to me to then open my bible to the Psalm 114 scripture this morning. It is entitled “The Power of God in his deliverance of Israel.” God is going to deliver us his people in this year. Not with self-help books and religion but with the supernatural power of Holy Spirit. We are going to go to the Red Sea in this year. And in situations that seem like there is no escape from the enemy, God is going to both deliver us through the Red Sea, and establish boundaries that he cannot cross.  The POWER of God is going to deliver us!  Not by might, not by power (man’s) but by my Spirit says the Lord!

From Psalm 114: When Israel went out of Egypt, The house of Jacob from a people of strange language, Judah became his sanctuary and Israel his dominion… Tremble, O earth, at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the God of Jacob: Who turned the rock into a pool of water, the flint into a fountain of waters” (Psalm 114:1-2, 8).

There it is. When we come out of Egypt—and more importantly, when Egypt comes out of us— then God can turn the flint into a fountain of waters. In other words, God can turn the hard places of our lives into a fountain flowing with the waters of His Spirit. The earth is going to tremble and shake at His Presence, and His Spirit is going to in a minute turn the hard places into flowing waters, a fountain of perpetual provision. I say, bring it on GOD!