Plus Whose Child is This? Solomon & the Fiscal Cliff

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Happy New Year! And welcome to the New Birth of Freedom Prayer Project. It’s a joy to start 2013 together in a 21 day project to set the course for the rest of the year. During this season, we will pray through President Obama’s second inauguration. And we will culminate on January 22, the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade. What a time to stand for justice, life, and God’s new birth of freedom!

Washington DC began the year with 2 substantive miracles. First, RGIII led the Redskins to the NFC championship. Absolutely historic!

Second, we took a step back from the proverbial fiscal cliff, with a rare bipartisan effort that preserved the national and global economy for yet another few months. More on this below.

Lincoln’s New Birth of Freedom–Fox News Story!
As you know, for 2013 Holy Spirit has emphasized the phrase “New Birth of Freedom.” We shared key insights on December 31. On January 1, 2013, I was stunned to see this phrase in an article on the Fox News site. “A century and a half ago, today, one of our nation’s greatest presidents launched this nation on a ‘new birth of freedom,’” wrote John Yoo. “On January 1, 1863, Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation…”

Wow! Who knew the Emancipation Proclamation was issued on January 1–exactly 150 years ago! Obviously not us. Lincoln began that year with a declaration mandating a course for freedom. And this year, by the Holy Spirit, this same mandate is here again.

Personal Consecration: 21 Days
A word for you–it is time to return to your seat of authority in prayer! We encourage you to take these 21 days to seek God diligently in personal consecration and advance in breakthrough prayer.

For the next few days, we’ll focus on being recentered in Jesus. Please fast as God leads. The word I hear is “unplug.” Lets disengage from the things that keep our soul entertained, but our spirit drained. You know what they are–be mature, and set your course now for a season that will change your life! In every sphere, ask God to release His new birth of freedom.

Whose Child is This? Solomon & the Fiscal Cliff
Two prostitutes brought their case to the king. They both claimed to be the true parent of a newborn baby.

To bring a just ruling in the court case, Solomon the king needed the truth. A word from God would be good–but so intangible that both the parties involved and the skeptical public could cast doubt on the result.

And DNA testing was a still a few years out. So instead, Solomon brought the two mothers to his version of a fiscal cliff… a test that would both prove the authenticity of the true mother, and preserve the life of the baby.

Divide the baby in half, Solomon declared. Give half a baby to both alleged mothers.

It’s important to note that Solomon’s verdict wasn’t the real verdict. The choice of the mothers–that was the real verdict. One woman sacrificed her legitimate claims to the child in order to preserve that child’s life. By her devotion, Solomon knew–and his constituents knew–who the true parent was.

The Fiscal Cliff & Solomon
Around 11pm on New Years Day, the life of our nation was preserved from a guaranteed economic disaster. Two parents, each claiming to be the legitimate parent of the American future, wrestled to gain control of the child.

In the end, leaders from both the Republicans and Democrats emerged who were willing sacrifice the claims of their respective parties to preserve the life of this child.

I am personally applauding their efforts. To me, some of these leaders have earned authority and legitimacy to lead as legitimate parents of America’s future.

On the world stage, we also one or two whose accusatory, partisan stands literally disqualified them from Senate negotiations. But before pointing fingers, we should all examine where our own pride, anger, unforgiveness and insecurity are compelling us towards decisions that keep us small. FRIENDS, THIS IS A HUGE TRAP.

At the very beginning of this new year, we as a nation have just been through a significant reality check. The fiscal cliff wasn’t the verdict… our responses were. Though deeply divided, we together discovered our true heart for this child. As the legitimate parents–above all else, we want this dream of America’s future to be preserved. This is so important in a year where God wants to entrust us a with new birth of freedom.

Consecration Prayer
Father God, we consecrate these 21 days to you. And we consecrate our life to you for these 21 days. Grace us in forerunning prayer for this New Birth of Freedom–in our lives and world. We choose to humble ourselves before You, and we let go of anger, resentment and unforgiveness, which have drained us of vitality. Refresh us Lord! We return to our seats of authority before Your Throne. Give us breakthrough! In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!