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Please note that revivalist John Kilpatrick is in metro DC! We have long prayed for God to ignite revival fires in our region. Why not now?!!! Don’t miss this time. TONITE at Immanuel’s Church, Silver Spring MD!

The Call Virginia May 26 with Lou Engle, others here.

Just before the DC sacred Assembly this March, the Holy Spirit spoke to me about Virginia. “I am restoring the virginity of Virginia, says the Lord!”

This word came with a level of authority that shook me. And it was honestly hilarious to me at the same time. When Holy Spirit spoke this phrase, I immediately remembered the state motto, “Virginia is for lovers!” I remember thinking, “Lord, you’ve got your work cut out for you!”

Virginia is for Lovers… Really!
Which may be true. However, it was painful to discover my own discernment. When the world refers to lovers, I generally assume the reference is to illicit sex, not the covenant love of marriage.

Truly, Virginia is for lovers. God is prophesying through this phrase! It’s time for love to be awakened for Jesus throughout the state of Virginia. He is intent on having a pure, undefiled, lovesick bride in this great state. He is restoring covenant love to this land, founded in covenant with the Lord!

From now through Pentecost, lets make Virginia a primary focus of intercession. Remember the Call Virginia is May 26, a day before Pentecost and the Global Day of Prayer. God is up to something!

New Wave of Healing
You might remember how last year we facilitated a prayer journey through Civil War battlefields and historic wells of awakening. There were so many important Civil War battles in Virginia we needed two teams onsite! We were privileged to facilitate just one aspect of recent healing prayer for the state. I can tell many stories of heroic efforts of persevering intercession, in houses of prayer and onsite in strategic areas, just in the past few years.

And now it’s time for Virginia. Isn’t it something that the Lord has again chosen this historic state, where both covenant with God and the fires of Civil War impacted the soul of our land. Now a move of awakening and union is set to bring a new wave of healing from Virginia to our nation.

From the halls of the Pentagon to the shores of Virginia Beach, God is restoring the virginity of Virginia! Lets stand throughout the nation as “friends of the Bridegroom” for Virginia, and help prepare the way for this state to fully receive her destiny in Jesus Christ!