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Yesterday we shared about how God is providing a tent of refuge in a time of storms. The enemy has been trying to “X out” our nation, but God is working to establish His tabernacle of protection over us!

Today we want to announce an unprecedented witness to this grace. Imagine 24/7 worship on the Ellipse, the backyard of the White House, from Yom Kippur til election day! To my knowledge this has never been done. God is granting us a literal picture of the Tabernacle of David–in our governmental seat of authority–at the capitol of our nation.

Please note upfront–this not about politics in any way. It’s about enthroning Jesus in our praise, and standing as intercessors for our land and leaders!

Prayer Coordination
The “Wild vision of the year” award certainly goes to Jason Hershey for establishing this. Jolene and I are honored to work with Jason, director of the Washington House of Prayer, on this adventure. We serve as the Intercessory Coordinators for David’s Tent. Which means our Lamplighter family is invited to be “front and center” as we advance! Lets do this together.

We’re excited that the Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network and the Reformation Prayer Network have also embraced our request to cover David’s Tent in prayer!

We encourage you to go wild with this. Get a weekly prayer group together for David’s Tent. Make plans to come to Washington DC. Schedule a praise team!

God is Emphasizing Tabernacles
For more than a year, God has been speaking to us about the significance of Tabernacles. That 2012 would actually be a fulfillment of Cindy Jacobs’ vision of the “X” over our nation that transforms into a Bridal Canopy.

It is no coincidence that “David’s Tent” begins with Yom Kippur and then the Feast of Tabernacles. During Tabernacles, people left the comfort of their homes to make pilgrimage to their Capitol, camp out and seek the Lord. That’s your invitation in this hour. Come seek the Lord in Washington DC at this historic time!

Below is a special invitation for you to pray for us and join us onsite.

Invitation from Jason Hershey
Dear Intercessors–thank you for your continued intercessions for America. The remnant is not small anymore!

I believe your intercessions are working. Here is evidence: We were presented with the opportunity to do 24/7 worship on the White House Ellipse continuously for over 40 days preceding the elections this fall. We credit all of your intercessions as birthing this opportunity, yet we need your intercessions to tend this the whole way through.

This email is to invite your prayer and participation in Davids Tent DC, from September 25- November 6 at the White House Ellipse. This means a 43 day continuous song of love to the Lord preceding the elections this fall! The National Park Service permits division has told us that this is unprecedented in length for any event in DC. We at Washington House of Prayer are requesting your intercessions for this key event, as well as your help to get the word out.

The Ellipse is an oval, egg-shaped park–called the Presidents Park–directly in back of the White House South Lawn.  We believe that new life is in the egg, as we build an oval altar of worship to Jesus by the Oval Office!

We have heard from the Lord that this is to be the “Joyful Assembly” of Hebrews 12. There comes a point in every journey where the intercessor is asked to praise God in advance for the answers to their prayers, even though they haven’t seen the manifestations. This is the final test of faith for the intercessor: to thank God in faith, in advance, to the for the answer!

And this is our call at David’s Tent DC.  In spite of evidence that says otherwise, we will praise God for the revival and reformation he is sending. America! Israel’s finest victories came when they were out of options… I can’t tell you how excited I am about the lack of options our nation has right now! Praise God, we are out of options! It’s time to let the Kingdom roll!

The vision for this is all on our website:

The location of this event is prime.  It also is expensive and an administrative labyrinth to pull off.  The Park Service and Secret Service were very clear that this is the hardest piece of land in DC to do an event on. We decided that’s exactly where it needs to be.

That said… we desire your intercessions, and are in deep need of them! Will you please pray and have any prayer groups you are connected with pray for us, as we have such a short window to pull all this together?  (Say “yes!”)

Prayer Points:
1. Please pray protection from intimidation, oppression, and a spirit of being overwhelmed.  We at Washington House of Prayer are little guys with not much influence trying to do big things!

2. Please pray God would send the right worshipers and teams as we book the stage and for his grace to vet our way through that process.

3. Please pray for much favor in finances, connections!  We will make this as excellent as the provision is there.  Pray for 1.4 million dollars pledge in the next 40 days!

4. Please pray for our crew here in DC.  Humility, Purity, strength and joyous freedom!  This must be laced with the joy of the Lord!

5. Please pray for what happens November 7 into the future in DC. We believe that this event will launch a long-term 24/7 lamp of prayer in Washington DC.

6. Declare a million times over:  The Lord is our King, The Lord is our Law-giver, The Lord is our Judge.  It is He that will save us! Isaiah 33:22!

We want to hear from you!!!  Any words, pictures, visions, scriptures, dreams, encouragements or any other form of revelation that you receive from the Lord for us and David’s Tent DC, please email to Jon Hamill at  Jon Hamill from Lamplighter Ministries is the intercession coordinator for David’s Tent DC.  He is a trusted intercessor, married to the land of America, and we are so glad to have him in this role.

Thank you for standing with us as we  lift up Jesus, in a time that America needs to put her eyes upward.

For His Glory, always,
Jason Hershey