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First–thank you for praying for Davids Tent! What an incredible week we’ve had. Sheltered from the storm during Hurricane Sandy. Then the tent goes back up on the very day of “Tent the Nation,” with teams in every state staking their four corners and capitals, inviting God to tabernacle.

The next day, November 1, Dutch Sheets and his team showed up at the tent to worship! Remember the “X to Bridal Canopy” word? Cindy Jacobs saw the vision of the X over our nation and called a meeting to pray into it. DUTCH SAW THE X TRANSFORM INTO A BRIDAL CANOPY.

So the very time we walked out this vision nationally–some 16 years after it was first given–Davids Tent was literally restored, and then the governmental prophet who completed the vision showed up at the tent!

Can’t make this up. Really, can’t even try.

A Time of Covenant and Completion
At the Tent, Dutch briefly shared his “Music Lady” vision, which we shared when we first announced the Midnight Cry. You can check it out by clicking here. He shared how worship was the key to God’s will being released in this election–and even more importantly, how it was key to releasing the full move of awakening the Lord desires. This touched all our hearts very deeply.

OK so there’s even more to this story. For Jason Hershey, November 1 happened to be the completion of 7 years in Washington DC! Seven, by the way, is the biblical number of both completion and covenant.

So at this time of covenant and completion, David’s Tent is restored, we all Tent the Nation, and the guy who prophesied with Cindy this Bridal Canopy shows up to worship and pray. Can’t make this up.

The Warning & the Potential
You may recall how Cindy and Mike Jacobs joined us at the very beginning of our Davids Tent journey. We shared a video interview with her at the Tent, sharing the Bridal Canopy vision. Click here to view.

I really see Cindy’s visit and Dutch’s visit as bookends. Sixteen years ago, Cindy shared the warning, that the enemy was trying to X us out. They went to prayer. Dutch then shared the potential, that as we align in obedience to the Lord this X could be transformed into a Bridal Canopy across our nation.

New Birth of Freedom
And here we are. The Lord wove the strands of many lives together both to facilitate this work and confirm it. Jason Hershey, for instance, was just in high school when this word was given. And I was his age when Cindy invited me to this private meeting where she and Dutch first shared what the Lord had shown them.

I’ll never forget how the Lord burned this word into my heart as a mandate to carry through for the nation. Sometime I’ll get to share this in full, but for now, let me just say that the travail of a friend–really so many friends–is now bringing forth a new birth of freedom.

Then James Goll Arrives!
Did I mention that, the night Dutch showed up at the tent, James Goll also joined us? Through the years I have found this prophetic statesman is never late for a party….

James has stood for decades for God’s “Moravian lampstand” to be relit, with 24/7 worship and prayer igniting the nations for God’s glory. The fire on the altar must never go out!

Don’t share this with James. But the tent is located in the same area on the Ellipse where the National Menorah is erected and lit each Hannukah. Light the lamps and pitch the tents, for this year I tabernacle with my people!

We hear our friend James might be visiting again Sunday mid-afternoon.

The Fire on the Altar
But this brings up a secret I just can no longer hold back. Would you believe that, throughout the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy, night and day “Moravian style” prayer was still going on at the Ellipse? Two by two, for six hours at a stretch, teams kept watch on the Ellipse while the rest of the group worshipped at Faith Tabernacle. The ground was kept–even through the storm.

Why? Because, as James Goll is so fond of saying, the fire on the altar must never go out.