Note: Major Announcement July 22! Tabernacle in DC!
Please continue praying for the victims of the Aurora CO shooting, and their families. It is amazing to hear the heroic acts of people who literally “stood in the gap” and took bullets for children and families they did not even know. Please continue to keep watch for your region and nation at this time!

Storm Warnings
Especially in adversity, we can become so focused on our own challenges that we fail to see the larger picture.

Take this summer for example. Those still recovering from the derecho in Washington DC might not perceive the significance of the drought in the breadbasket of the midwest. Those pulling extra shifts just to pay their credit card bills might not see the significance of the warnings Ben Bernanke recently gave Congress to change course or face another global recession. But the messages within these experiences are one and the same.

We began our Dire Straits Prayer Project with a posting on “Storm Warnings.” Today we want to build on this theme. God is calling our nation to radically change course. Why? Because morally, financially, spiritually and governmentally, we as a nation seem to be headed directly into a storm of incredibly destructive power.

Over the next few days we’re going to cover the coming storm from a different perspective. Because there’s a bigger picture than even the storm warnings we’ve been focused on. In the midst of the storm, God has promised a place of refuge for His people!

Warning Dream Regarding September 2012
Below, Jolene recounts one of the most significant dreams she has ever received from the Lord. It’s about the coming storm, and the tent of refuge God has for us.

But first, it’s important to preface this by briefly recounting another dream she had just this summer. The Lord showed her that between September 1-21, something is coming that will affect every household in the nation.

Remember how we started out this year–recounting how the enemy would try to “X out” our Nation, but God would establish His bridal canopy over us! This is more than hyperbole, it is reality for 2012. We both feel that the Feast of Tabernacles is vitally important this year for God’s purposes. WE MUST RESOLVE TO WATCH TOGETHER UNTIL THE ENEMY IS ABATED, AND GOD’S MOVE BEGINS!

More on this tomorrow. For now, please take to heart Jolene’s insights! We are so grateful for your diligence in standing on the wall for your region, for our nation, and for Israel. Together we can see what the enemy meant for evil turn for good!

Jolene: Labor Day Waves
In the fall of 2006, beginning on Labor Day, Jolene had a series of dreams we both believe are pertinent for this season. She began to see masses of people by the ocean on a Monday. She was wondering why everybody was recreating instead of working, and realized it was Labor Day.

What follows here is the fourth in this series of dreams. Jon and I and our son Jonathan were on the beach with my sister on Labor Day. We were seated at a picnic table under a large pavilion on the shoreline. Since I was able to look out over the shoreline from my vantage point I could see a huge tidal wave brewing on the horizon. There were many people on the beach and boardwalks all around us.

The Wave is Coming!
The first three waves were maybe 10-12 feet high and were rolling in towards us. As they broke I began to see a huge wave that was at least 120 feet high approaching behind the smaller ones. I noticed that it was taller than the pavilion and extremely forceful in its approach and NO ONE WAS REALLY AWARE OF IT.

In the dream, Jon and my sister are attempting to do a jigsaw puzzle and are looking for the correct pieces. Seeing the massive wave, I began to ask them if it was better to try and proceed up the steps, which would put us closer to the giant wave, or to stay further away on lower ground near the picnic table. The tidal wave is fast approaching and no one is paying attention.

Phones, Plans and Purchases
The scene changes and Jon is on the phone with a ministry friend, who was on the boardwalk. They were trying to pursue a planning meeting for future events that keeps being delayed for some reason. Their conversation got interrupted by a phone call from our ministry friend’s wife. A store owner was calling to tell her that a shirt she had purchased in several other colors is also now available in pink- would she like to place an order.

All the time I am thinking that none of this matters as we are right about to be hit by the gigantic wave.

Recover and Rebuild
In the next scene we are somehow safe under the pavilion and I think that miraculously the wave must not have hit. But as I emerge from the shelter and look outside the pavilion I see huge cranes and construction equipment rebuilding things all around us. Puddles of water are still everywhere, signifying that the tidal wave definitely hit outside the pavilion and as I look towards the sea there is a series of 4-5 man-made dams with the water flowing over them.

The pavilion was the only place where the wave did not destroy everything around us. I woke up to the song in my spirit repeating Glory, Honor, and POWER, and God was emphasizing the word POWER to me.

Shelter from the Storm
In the day of devastation, the Lord desires to hide us in the shelter of His wings. I believe this dream was a word-picture of Psalm 91 to comfort the remnant.

“He who dwells in the secret place of the most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress; My God, in Him I will trust. Surely he shall deliver us….. A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand: But is shall not come near you. Only with your eyes shall you look and see the reward of the wicked……”

Come in from the Storm
In my dream I saw the devastation all around but it didn’t touch us. Just like in Moses time of the plagues, the Lord’s people lived in Goshen. Despair and tragedy were all around, but the Lord’s people lived in great protection. As a protective Father, this is God’s heart for us.

What’s our part? For one, we must reject apathy and re-evaluate our priorities. In the dream, the majority of God’s covenant people were recreating, and had no concern regarding the smaller waves then hitting our shores or the massive wave cresting on the horizon. The smaller concerns of life were choking out our discernment.

I believe the Lord is saying to everyone today, “Come in from the storm. Do not be distracted in this hour by the things you think are important. Put your priorities in perspective–in DIVINE PERSPECTIVE.”