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On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther pegged his treatise on reformation on to the door of the church. The world pivoted from that peg.

On Reformation Day 2012, teams drove tent pegs into the four corners and governmental centers of each respective state, believing God together for His bridal canopy to be released. I believe the nation has pivoted. The enemy tried to X us out… but today, the Bridal Canopy prevails!

As Holy Spirit spoke to us at the beginning of 2012, Light the lamps and pitch the tents, for this year I tabernacle with My people.

We are humbled by what God has done. And once again, Jolene and I celebrate each of your devotion to the Lord and investment into His dream for our land. You are forerunners of His work!

Covenant Stakes
If the Bridal Canopy represents God’s covering, the stakes represent His covenant with us. Through the prophet Isaiah, God declares how a land can be married to Him (Isaiah 62). He prophesies how God’s glory will be restored to Zion as a bridal canopy (Isaiah 4).

Hosea’s prophetic legacy conveys how a land once married to God, but who broke covenant, can return to her Bridegroom (Hosea 2).

Holy Transaction
There’s a violence to this transaction. Pegs had to be driven in to this Covering in order to secure it to the earth, for this transaction to be completed. Let us never forget the unimaginable sacrifice made by Jesus Christ on the cross. The Son of God pegged to a tree so our reproach could be removed, and we could be married to Him!

Beloved, what an amazing covenant He has adorned us with. What an amazing Covering! Relentlessly faithful to His bride. In our unfaithfulness, He purchased us with His own blood.

Lanterns at Old North Church
On October 31st, 2003, we first signed our names as “Jon & Jolene Hamill.” It was in the guest book of Boston’s Old North Church, where the lanterns hung as a signal to Paul Revere. Revere saw the signals and began his “Midnight Ride.”

Though we were engaged, we were still a month and a half away from our wedding. We came to Massachusetts to pray with the saints in Salem MA through the night, visiting Old North Church along the way.

Prophecy: Spiritual Paul Revere
Twice before, God had prophesied over me that I was a “spiritual Paul Revere.” An unknown prophet declared this when I first visited Kansas City in 1998. Two years later, Cindy Jacobs repeated this prophecy word for word.

“You are a spiritual Paul Revere. And you will go forth from city to city, holding out a burning lamp. Instead of saying ‘the British are coming, the British are coming,’ you will be saying, “the Lord is coming, the Lord is coming!”

Cindy then added something beyond the words of the unknonwn prophet from Kansas City. “And everywhere you go, revival is going to break forth!”

That to say… when we had the opportunity to sign our names for the first time as Jon & Jolene Hamill on the roster of the Old North Church… we took it!

Midnight Cry!
Today there is a whole movement of spiritual Paul Reveres. Holy forerunners with a united cry to awaken the bride for the Bridegroom. Matthew 25 articulates this best. “But at midnight there was a cry, ‘Behold the Bridegroom is coming. Rise up to meet Him!’ Then all those virgins rose, and trimmed their lamps.”

From city to city, a Midnight Cry is resounding. The bride is awakening, even in this midnight hour, and moving in a holy procession towards a wedding. The lamps are being lit, and now it is time to meet the Bridegroom.

Is it any wonder God has called us to “Tent the Nation” as He establishes a Bridal Canopy over the land? Is it any wonder my friend Jason Hershey, founder of Davids Tent, was told to name his newborn son “Anthem Revere?”

Is it any wonder we are now engaged in a “Midnight Cry” for our nation?

Friends, our labors together are SO MUCH MORE than just about an election–as vitally important as this election is. This is about a move of Holy Spirit awakening and union. Where God awakens us. Where He joins us with Himself, and in Him joins us with each other.

Where we not only become burning and shining lamps, but we help light the lamps of others, so our Nation can shine for Christ again.

See… it’s all about a wedding.

Jolene’s Vision–Bridal Canopy–October 31
I want to close this posting by sharing another vision we hold close to heart, and rarely share publicly. But it has everything to do with the incredible work that was accomplished yesterday.

On the way down to Old North Church–on October 31, 2003–Jolene experienced a vision. The natural world disappeared, and she watched with open eyes as a bridal canopy appeared. Under the tent was a purple pillow with a crown and sceptre on it. The Holy Spirit thundered to her, “Welcome My New England bride, My royal New England bride!”

When Jolene recounted this to me in the car, I was stunned. Because as you’ve seen from a previous posting, I have been interceding for the Bride of Christ in New England for a long time. In covenant with the Lord from the conception of this nation, she had experienced two great awakenings and had fallen asleep. Time for a third great awakening!

But that said, I thought Jolene might be a bit presumptive in her experience…

The Bride Confirms the Vision
We went to Old North Church, prayed in Salem, and went our separate ways. Which meant that we had to meet up again the morning of November 1. There was a conference nearby, held by my friend Donna Milham, so we decided to meet there.

I had no idea until getting to the church that this conference was called “THE BRIDE.” When we walked into the sanctuary, the stage was set with a BRIDAL CANOPY in the center. A pavillion, adorned with a laced opaque covering and other romantic accompaniments.

And under that Bridal Canopy was a purple pillow. With a crown and sceptre resting on top!

Ha! That’s where I really learned to listen to my wife. Of course, when Donna heard of Jolene’s vision she grabbed us, pulled us under the Bridal Canopy, made us hold the crown and sceptre, and all but married us on the spot!

Welcome to November 1–Bridal Canopy Prevails! 
But what we didn’t know then is that GOD WAS PAINTING A PROPHETIC PICTURE OF THIS VERY HOUR. The Bridal Canopy has now been released–from Massachusetts and Washington DC and state to state. On October 31!

And as of November 1, under the Bridal Canopy, this precious Bride is becoming joined to her Bridegroom, adorned with a crown and a sceptre of authority from His Throne.

Welcome to November 1. We can say prophetically–the Bridal Canopy has prevailed, and a new season has begun. Light the lamps and pitch the tents, for this year I tabernacle with My people!