Yesterday we shared key prophetic perspectives from high-level prophets related to Washington DC this year. We also touched on our own prophetic journey specifically related to these themes.

Today I want to share seven “briefs” of our own, insights and strategies relating to DC and the nation this year. Some of them we will cover in depth later on. But for now, our hope is that these briefs will help you set your course for 2014 in prayer and planning.

1. It’s Time for a “Second Strike!” In late December, Jolene awoke to Holy Spirit thundering this phrase. At first it wasn’t immediately clear what this “second strike” actually was. But what was clear is that the Lord was calling for an initiative this year bearing similar weight to the “New Birth of Freedom Project” we launched at the beginning of last year, centered in DC and touching the nation.

But… what and when? I believe the Lord is calling for a “Second Wave of Breakthrough” for DC and the nation. The work the Lord began in previous seasons will be propelled forward to completion as God marches forth. In an upcoming post we can clarify this more. Watch for it!

2. Governmental Prayer, Passover to Pentecost! While inquiring about the above mandate, the Lord highlighted the 50 days between Passover and Shavuot, or Pentecost. Remember we started with forerunning prayer for God’s “New Birth of Freedom” January 1-22 of last year.  This year, we feel the key dates of intensified, forerunning, travailing, governmental prayer are actually between April 14—June 2.

Remember that on God’s timetable the new year actually begins with Passover. In other words, He wants every year to begin with the blood of Christ applied, Pharaoh disempowered, and a people advancing from slavery to freedom. Now this is important to understand, even for nations.

A key sign in the sky will shine to demarcate this time. The “blood moon” appears for the first of two key times this year, the second being over Tabernacles.

3. Purim: An Existential Invitation. Again and again the Lord has brought to my attention the importance of Purim 2014. Where the orphan daughter of a subjugated people became both a bride and an ambassador to her king. Not only was a Jewish holocaust prevented, but Esther was granted governmental authority to write decrees that her government would enforce with all its power and resources! (Esther 8:8).

Purim this year will again be ambassadorial. And it seems the plight of God’s covenant people will again be in the balance. Nationally, we must be in a time of travail in prayer over Purim. The bowls will become filled, and they will be tipped. God’s response to our travail will propel us forward in a new way beginning around Passover.

Please pause right now and pray for Purim, for God’s plans to be made clear, His covenant purposes to be established, and for His people to advance! Pray for Holy Spirit travail to break forth. Truly it is the season!

4. Now Through Succot: Unveiling the Unshakeable Throne. God’s Crown and Throne movement begins in each of our personal lives with the unveiling, or revelation, of Christ and His majestic throne (Isaiah 6). We felt that this year there will be sovereign manifestations of an open heaven, giving the recipient a life-changing encounter with His unshakeable Throne. SEEK THE LORD FOR THIS REVELATION!

Shakings are coming as God works His righteousness in the heavens and on earth. Let the King redefine your life in the midst. You will sing with new understanding, “Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord!”

5. New Sounds for a New Season. Our expressions of praise and proclamation are shifting this year as God’s new move begins to take hold. Throne Room sounds and Throne room songs will resonate within the depths of our being. Yokes will be broken. Songs of deliverance will fill our mouths! As in Isaiah’s Throne Room encounter recorded in Isaiah 6: PRAISE WILL AGAIN COMMISSION GOD’S ELECT.

6. Now Through July: Prayer Mandate for DC. Many are looking towards the end of the year, with elections etc, for change in Washington DC. I tell you with a great sense of urgency, WE MUST PRAY NOW! Lets blanket the city with love-saturated prayer. Bless and cover your leaders. It’s such an important time to pray for the Pentagon, the intelligence agencies and the State Department. This in addition to your regular prayer for the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court etc.

Pray for peace. But understand also that historically, blood moons often appear at the outset of major wars and the realignment of nations.

7. Now Through July: Prayer for 13 Colonies, Freedom Journey. The Holy Spirit has highlighted the geographic east gate of America this year. As prophetically conveyed in Ezekiel 43, He desires to come in by way of the gate facing east, restoring His glory in the land! We are preparing now for a “13 colonies freedom journey” patterned after the original “13 colonies prayer journey” facilitated by Rick Ridings. This could well be a part of the “second strike” the Lord is calling for this year.

Our prayer and yours remains—God, strike again with your mercy! Move again in power in our land. In Jesus’ name, Amen!