New! “Tent the Nation” video with Jon, and Jason Hershey

Reformation Day is here. Time to “Tent the Nation!” Today we walk out an “on earth” expression of heaven’s reality.

Yeah, the enemy has been trying to “X out” our land. But in Washington DC and from state to state, we have the honor of calling in God’s Bridal Canopy and inviting the Lord to tabernacle with us! I pray you feel the canopy of God’s presence over you even now!

We encourage you to connect with USRPN/HAPN leaders in your state. Make plans to worship at your state capital, and pray for seats of authority. Our governments can and will shift!

Don’t forget the prayer call tonight! Lets seal the work we have all done. Bridal Canopy from coast to coast! We look forward to hearing from many of you.

Pray God’s Covering Over Tonight’s Activities
Please also remember to bathe your streets in prayer. And if you have a choice between halloween and a Christian harvest party, go with the harvest party! Pray for the kids in your neighborhood, for churches etc. Declare the Lord remove all occult defilement from your family members.

Lets declare that covenantally and governmentally, the enemy’s influence is abated, and God’s Bridal Canopy prevails!

Tent the Nation–Three Goals
There are three facets to the Tent the Nation initiative. First, USRPN teams are going to the four corners of each state to drive in tent pegs and declare the word of the Lord.

Second, USRPN teams and worshipers from across each state are flooding each state capital with spontaneous worship to the Lord Jesus Christ! Time to drive in a “center peg” for this tent in the governmental centers of our states. Many are actually setting up a tent to worship onsite.

Come on, lets tent the nation! Prophesy this next phase of restoration of the Tabernacle of David in your state capital!

Third, Throne Room worship and intercession will mingle as we “reclaim seats of authority” at each state capital. If you cannot go onsite to pray, do not let that stop you! The Lord will reward you as you take responsibility and pray for the cleansing of these seats.

Specific Prayer Points
Apply the precious blood of Jesus to cleanse and redeem each seat–House, Senate, Governor, State Legislature, local government, school board etc.

Pray for all claims of darkness on each seat to be annulled, and for each seat to be fully dedicated to Jesus Christ. For covenant to be reset. Ask the Lord to be the “watchman” over each seat of authority! We recommend praying through the Divorcement from Baal and the Declaration of Covenant towards this end.

Pray for all defilement to be removed. Ask the Lord to stop all abuse of authority, and all generational cycles of sin. Ask Him to realign each seat with His Throne, and grant a new season of grace, righteousness and justice for all who are entrusted with its authority. Pray for full alignment with His heart for Israel. Pray for God’s Eliakim Shift to be fully realized this election!

Covenant blessings to each of you as you embark on this endeavor. As we move forward with this same initiative here in DC, we will be praying for you. THANK YOU for engaging in this movement to see our nation shift!

Below is an excerpt from a prophetic word to encourage you today! This was given by New Zealand prophet Ian Johnson–one of only a few times I am running a word from a prophet I don’t personally know. Jason Hershey forwarded it to me. That said, I don’t believe this prophet has any idea of the Tent the Nation initiative. But wow, check out the shift he prophesies for October 31! May it be so, in Jesus’ Name!

I heard the Lord speak clearly, He said: “The god of New York has been silenced (The Stock Exchange) and the underground has been halted (The enemy’s Kingdom). Now let the God of Israel be seen because there is an exchange of wealth and a release of the Kingdom of heaven on earth.”For those who have ears let them hear. 31st October is an exchange of Kingdom authority and a new season of release. Don’t fear; call out to HIM… nothing will ever be the same.”

For the USA I hear; “even in the face of the storm, don’t be afraid but call on the name of the Lord”. There is another 31st Oct event coming that will explode into a huge move of God and a transfer of wealth from the enemies’ camp and into the Kingdom of God.

The current Storm is a signal of the transfer of Kingdoms. It just so happens it’s also the 95th Storm with Barometric pressure lower than 960 to hit the East Coast of USA since 1948 when Israel became a nation. There’s that number again, 95.

My friends in the USA have told me that they are feeling the breeze of a fresh move. Hold steady my friends because the storm will try to blow you off course. The Atmosphere in the East Coast of the USA currently is quite unlike anything ever experienced. That because THERE IS AN EXCHANGE OF KINGDOMS OCCURRING (emphasis mine).

In the same way the ANZAC’s faced impossible odds in 1917 and Martin Luther in 1517 also Evan Roberts in 1904 but then came the start of A MOVE OF FREEDOM (emphasis mine); so too this October 31st 2012 is a day to mark the turning point in the USA. Don’t look at the circumstances hear what the Spirit is saying in the midst of the storm.