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The Call Virginia May 26, Fredericksburg VA. More info here.

From Euro destabilization to Israel’s hints of imminent war, global agendas are colliding in Maryland at a historic G8 summit in Camp David May 18-19. The convening will be immediately followed by a NATO summit in Chicago May 20-21.

War Imminent?
Meanwhile, Iranian leaders have continued their rhetoric, calling for an “Islamic awakening to destroy Israel.” In Israel, Benyamin Netanyahu has recently indicated strikes might proceed sooner rather than later.  In addition, the US ambassador to Israel has just announced that the Pentagon has completed battle plans for an attack on Iran.

American and IAEA officials are also meeting with Iranian leaders in Baghdad this week for negotiations. Though sentiments of hope are being articulated, a decade of false promises have masked over Iran’s unrelenting pursuit of nuclear capabilities.

World War Watch
As Lamplighter readers know, we just felt to call for a “World War Watch” from 5-8 to 8-5, 2012. When Holy Spirit spoke this phrase, the general consensus seemed to indicate Israel would wait until after the US elections to move on Iran. But Israel is in a race against time, as more of Iran’s nuclear capabilities are being relocated within Iran’s window of vulnerability begins to close.

Pray in the Spirit!
Tomorrow we’ll share key insights on potential war from our friend and prophetic pastor Carolyn Sissom. For now–THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO IS TO PRAY INTENTIONALLY IN THE SPIRIT! Pray for the G8 summit and for the NATO gathering in Chicago. Pray for wisdom for our leaders regarding Israel & Iran.

And lets pray for a true “Islamic awakening,” where Holy Spirit revival stems the tide of evil and brings multitudes of muslims to salvation in Jesus Christ. Breakthrough, Lord! In Jesus’ Name!