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President Obama Calls for Religious Freedom
Well, folks, it’s been a breakthrough day!

First—at the National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama called religious freedom a “diplomatic priority” for his administration. And in an unprecedented step, he mentioned by name two prominent Americans now being held captive for their faith. In Iran, Pastor Saeed Abedini has been imprisoned for 18 months. In North Korea, missionary Kenneth Bae has been held captive since October 2011.

Lamplighter Ministries celebrates President Obama’s stand, which carries with it significant international ramifications.

Breaking News! Moving to Pentagon City
Second—a major announcement—deal finalized, we are moving to Pentagon City! The condo we are renting is a true “watchman’s perch,” featuring extraordinary vistas of Washington DC as well as the Pentagon, Arlington Cemetery etc.

As we are on the road, we can give more details tonight. For now, I’ll just say God’s hand has been incredible in this process from start to finish. WE look forward to touching base tonight! Covenant blessings!