With insights from Chuck Pierce, Cindy Jacobs, Rick Ridings, James Goll, others

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Two years ago this week, prophetic statesman Rick Ridings called us out during the commissioning service for the Washington House of Prayer, which our friend Jason Hershey had just started. It went something like this. “Jon & Jolene, the Lord is assigning to you Washington DC. And I believe you may even be led to relocate here geographically…”

We moved in ten days. And it’s been an adventure ever since! 

Not that things have always been easy. But God has placed us on the “front lines” of the war for America’s destiny as a nation under God. We are grateful to be surrounded by a great and mighty army across the nation, standing together for this dream. Jolene and I love taking this journey with you—bearing Christ’s witness from Washington to Washington to Jerusalem!

Today I’m going to share with you a few key aspects of our prophetic journey in our nation’s Capitol. I have included insights pertaining to this year from Chuck Pierce, Rick Ridings, Cindy Jacobs and others.

Washington DC—a Hub for God’s “Crown & Throne Movement”
Rick called us to this transition after essentially prophesying the birth of the “Crown and Throne” movement. He shared that, even as Holy Spirit emphasized in the previous decade the “Harp & Bowl,” so He is emphasizing in this decade the “Crown & Throne.” God was riding on a cloud swiftly into Washington DC, he declared, and the gods of Egypt and the thrones of Egypt would topple (see Isaiah 19). 

Rick mentioned how these thrones had been established through Freemasonry as the cornerstone of both our government and the city, as demarcated at its four corners.  But God was laying a new foundation, based on a new covenant—with Jesus Christ as the Chief Cornerstone of our Nation’s Capitol! He and Patti also expressed that this emerging “Crown & Throne movement” was to have a significant, ongoing expression in Washington DC.

DC Opens This Year—Chuck Pierce
Many before Rick—including Cindy Jacobs, James Goll, Randy Demain and others— had prophesied similar words to us about moving to Washington DC for at least a season. Late this spring, Chuck Pierce prophesied to us about DC as well. Chuck saw that Washington DC would only open up to us after we went through Philadelphia. I reminded Chuck that, though we were working on the Revolution 2013 gathering in Philadelphia, we actually lived in Washington DC already. Chuck replied that Philadelphia had to come first—and only then would DC really open up! 

Our Revolution 2013 gathering was truly a breakthrough time. Now DC must open up! Chuck’s prophetic perception alone gives me great faith for what God has in store here for this year.

More Words and Warnings
God desires to establish His glory in our region. This December, Rick Ridings cast vision for this invitation while ministering at the Gate. Prophetically, he perceived a few local ministries, including Lamplighter, working together to “carry the ark (of the covenant) into the city.” Rick also prophesied about a “13 colonies prayer journey,” which we will delve into at a later date. BUT THIS IS A YEAR TO STAND FOR GOD’S GLORY TO BE RESTORED IN DC AND THROUGHOUT THE EAST COAST.

Cindy Jacobs is among many who recently warned about nation-impacting challenges that need to be overcome through prayer IN WASHINGTON DC this year. We are already scrambling to accommodate her vision. Because she also made it clear that God would give America a second chance!

From an angelic encounter, James Goll was warned of God’s righteous grief over recent decisions in Washington DC to challenge the biblical definition of marriage, and to challenge the God-ordained boundaries of Israel. He warned that these unjust decisions would not be without consequences for our region and nation.

Call for Solemn Assemblies
Prophet Terry Bennett has certainly echoed this sentiment. In fact, he has called for solemn assemblies in our region and across the nation to lessen—or perhaps even circumvent—economic shakings and geological catastrophes he clearly perceived to be coming this year. Terry feels that travailing prayer must be a hallmark of these gatherings, and will be effective before the Throne even if only two or three are gathered together. 

You might ask if I trust or take seriously the warnings of judgment. Absolutely! Prophetic warnings often convey God’s heart about realities we surely deserve, and would probably receive if we remain passive and stagnant. Joel 2 conveys how they should compel us repent and return to covenant with Him, seeking His preservation and blessing. A verdict of mercy is by no means guaranteed—but it is possible. 

I also trust Terry because he has proven accurate in my own life. I’ve never shared this before, but I strongly believe it was Terry Bennett who first prophesied in KC that I was a “spiritual Paul Revere.”  By the Spirit of God, Terry spoke this “identity word” that has framed the entire course of my life and ministry since that time. 

Two year later this same prophecy was delivered to me again by Cindy Jacobs, word for word. This message on spiritual Paul Reveres is so significant that it forms the basis of our new book, “Crown and Throne—a Field Guide for Spiritual Revolution.”  Which I was compelled by the Spirit to write for God’s people to be equipped in this very season—especially in DC.

Washington DC—Our Mandate
Many are attracted to Washington DC for power and prestige. But Jolene and I didn’t come here to “magnify our ministry.” Of course we want God to grant us more influence, more opportunities, connections and provision. But we came here with one sacred commission—to stand with the Lord to further establish His covenant in Washington DC and the nation. This remains our absolute priority today. Because it is truly our greatest hope for the future.