New! “Tent the Nation” video with Jon, and Jason Hershey

We were literally sheltered from the storm.

As reports come in from across the eastern seabord, it is clear that the metro DC could have fared far worse. This monster storm has already flooded New York City, caused fires and even explosions in a power plant, brought down major infrastructure across the northeast, toppled cranes and fishing piers, and left 7.5 million without electricity. Blizzard-like conditions span from West Virginia to Tennessee.

And the storm is not over. Over the next few days, charts show Sandy moving back across northern New York and New England. Please continue to keep the northeast in prayer–that flooding cease, damage be minimized, and this storm move quickly out to sea.

Republican governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, known for hardline opinions, spoke about President Obama today. Referencing a midnight phone call, Christie said, “I want to thank the President personally for his personal attention” to New Jersey during the crisis. “He deserves great credit.”

Tent the Nation Tomorrow!
Tomorrow, on Reformation Day, we Tent the Nation! We encourage you to connect with USRPN/HAPN leaders in your state. Make plans to worship at your state capital, and pray for seats of authority!

More on Tent the Nation tomorrow. For now, please read through yesterday’s posting and prepare accordingly. To view a brief video on Tent the Nation click here.

Tuesday to Tuesday–Final Push
We’re a week away from both the close of elections and the final melodies of Davids Tent. Friends, it’s time for a final push.

The sign that a woman has entered into the final push of her labor is when her water breaks. Can I tell you prophetically, creation is bearing witness that America’s waters are breaking.

And it’s time for the final push for this New Birth of Freedom. C’mon, PUSH! Pray until something happens. Allow Holy Spirit to enter you into travail. Groan, cry out like a woman in labor!

I had originally intended to share more on “Tent the Nation” but I feel this is a “NOW” word for us.

“And now, like a woman in labor I will groan, I will both gasp and pant. I will lay waste the mountains and hills (obstacles)…” Isaiah 42:14.

Birthing a baby is never a pretty sight. First the water breaks. Then mom begins to gasp and pant. Down the corridor the new baby comes, until the head crowns. And suddenly all the commotion comes to a standstill as a miracle takes hold of each heart. The baby gasps for the first time, and then cries out!

Beloved, THIS IS THE MIDNIGHT CRY I LONG TO HEAR. Ask any mother, the final push is totally worth it all.

Ok… what I share below is sacred to me–really a commissioning vision from the Lord. I have held it so close to my heart over the years it has literally become my heart. If that makes sense.

Remember how we divorced Baal and remarried the Lord last year? How, in our covenant renewal, we asked for His hand in marriage? Awakening and union… and a New Birth of Freedom? For me this has all flowed from God’s heart conveyed through the vision.

This word below goes out to Jason Hershy, a true friend with a genuine heart for God. Who named his newborn this Febuary “Anthem Victor Revere” because he was a sign in the earth. “Our identity song of victory is the fear of the Lord” as Jason explains.

I believe this to be true.

LIVE! Calling to a Casket
In 1996, while living on Cape Cod, MA, the Lord gave me a vision of the Bride of Christ in America. Mitt Romney was governor. At the time I was engaged in early morning prayer with my pastor for revival in Provincetown and across Cape Cod. The Pilgrims cut covenant with the Lord in Provincetown harbor on 11-11, 1620, signing the Mayflower Compact and then falling on their faces in worship to God upon reaching shore.

Pastor Chuck had received a series of recurring dreams. A casket was before him in each dream. And in each dream he would prophesy, “Live, live!” to the casket. Yet nothing happened.

The Hand of the Lord Comes
As the pastor shared this vision, the Lord entered me into a prophetic experience. I saw God’s hand come to the casket and break it open. He reached in and pulled up a mummy, wrapped in graveclothes, out of the casket.

Then the hand of the Lord began to unwrap the grave clothes. The face of a beautiful woman emerged. When the wraps were taken off below her neck, I was stunned to see a little child nestled against her bosom.

The Lord began to speak to this woman, “Where you have felt like a widow, abandoned by Me and far from My hand of provision–instead I am bringing you into a season of intimacy with Me and abundance from My hand! And indeed, I have saved the best wine for last.”

It was clear to me that the woman represented His bride in New England and the Nation, betrothed to Jesus Christ from our inception.

And it was also clear to me that the baby represented our heritage–the fruit of His precious covenant with our land.

Inheritance and Destiny
You know by now Jesus’ definition of awakening, found in John 11:11. From death to life! Lazarus our friend has fallen asleep, but I go that I may awaken him from slumber…

Isn’t it something that the Lord awakened His bride, and also awakened this precious child of their covenant. Heritage preserved, destiny released! I believe as of 2012, the Bride of Christ in America and this child of inheritance have both been pulled out of the casket and into LIFE.

New Birth of Freedom! Some of the graveclothes still need to be removed. But God is removing the reproach of our widowhood, and is giving us a second chance. Now it’s time to shift the nation–from death and slumber to life, awakening and union.