Special thanks to Dr. John Benefiel and Martin Frankena for sharing key concepts on this theme. Thanks to Martin for helping to put together the prayer for freedom. 

It’s been an interesting morning. For the past few weeks a few of us have been praying with Dick Simmons, a legendary father of governmental intercession. His house is directly across the street from the Supreme Court.

Nothing like praying with Dick Simmons in a hurricane–with the elections only a week away! And there’s no contest between Hurricane Simmons and Hurricane Sandy in intensity.

Of Omelets and Speedy Justice
You learn all kinds of precious secrets from Dick Simmons. Like how the Supreme Court cafeteria serves up really good omelets, for a reasonable price. So after a week of work this morning in prayer, I waded across the street for a really good breakfast.

And was stunned to find out–though the rest of the Federal Government was shut down, the Supremes were still holding court! In a hurricane! There’s probably something prophetic about this. Justice prevailing through a hurricane… court is still in session… let justice roll like a river, and righteousness like an everflowing stream…

And when you explore the correlation between 24/7 prayer and speedy justice, it’s exciting that David’s Tent is holding court only a few blocks away. I can’t wait to spend copious amounts of time there this afternoon and evening. Soaking… and receiving expedited justice from God’s Throne.

Your Verdict is Freedom!
Speaking of the Court–remember Wednesday we will pray for our seats of governmental authority in each state. Please be prepared with a list of your local, county, city, state and national seats of authority.

Below we are sharing key Biblical principles on how to receive justice from the Lord to reclaim seats of authority. The Judge wants to rule in your favor–and wants you to reclaim the seats of authority in your own life and family first. From there we can pray for governmental seats of authority this Wednesday.

We encourage you to review and pray through these themes before embarking on “Tent the Nation.” A prayer of deliverance from trilateral covenants accompanies this teaching.

I also want to recommend to you a video message we shared on this same theme at Dr. John Benefiel’s Church on the Rock. We’ve entitled it, “Your Verdict is Freedom,” and it unpacks Biblical revelation about seats of authority. Click here to view.

Make no mistake, the enemy is after the throne of our elected leaders. These elections are not so much about “flesh and blood”–in our time, Obama and Romney in the Presidential race–but  about gaining breakthrough in the spirit so that either candidate can be free from the terrible burden of being claimed by forces of darkness.

Reclaiming Seats of Authority
So with this in mind, we wanted to present to you a posting we originally shared in January called “Reclaiming Seats of Authority.” From the outset, I want to thank John Benefiel and Martin & Cindy Frankena for their revelatory contributions here. For some, this will all be new. But for others, these insights will simply shed another light on a familiar theme.

These issues are personal before they are corporate–so please take time to pray!

We’ve chronicled from Isaiah 22 how God wants to bring forth an “Eliakim Shift” in this Valley of Vision. Where unjust rulers are removed and godly rulers advance God’s covenant with His people. This shift is being set in motion as God reclaims seats of authority.

But in our hearts we realize that, unless radical change is instituted, we’ll still see the same cycles in operation no matter who is in office. The shift might not begin where you think.

Break the Cycle 
Mrs. Gatekeeper goes to Washington, with great new ideas to reform a corrupt system. She assumes office after taking her oath on a Bible. Off to a great start!

But a few years later, the sparkle has left her eyes. The power of authenticity has been replaced by influence of leverage. Compromise has set in. The cycle remains.

To break the cycle, we simply need to deal with the person in office… right? That’s the purpose of an election year. But we have failed to perceive how, through sin, the seat of authority itself can become compromised. And to successfully break the cycle, we must actually deal with the seat of authority in the spiritual realm.

Thrones Established by Covenant
Thrones, or seats of authority are established by covenant. The US Constitution established the offices and authorities of our three branches of government. Businesses establish their offices through articles of incorporation.

What’s important to know is that all covenants exist in both the natural and spiritual realms. They function horizontally, between parties on earth, and also vertically, in the spirit realm. They are trilateral.

The biblical account of the Covenant at Mizpah is a great example of this (Genesis 31). At Mizpah, Jacob and Laban made a covenant with each other and with the Lord. By invoking God to watch over the covenant they established a seat of authority for Him to rule. Essentially they asked God to govern, or mediate, the covenant they formed.

This tradition of trilateral covenants is best seen today in Christian marriage ceremonies, where the Name of Jesus is invoked to watch over and protect the bride and groom. By this, the newlyweds establish a seat of authority for Jesus to watch over their marriage covenant.

Who Occupies the Seat?
Unfortunately, many times, covenants are actually established with spiritual forces other than the Lord Jesus Christ as the “governor” who occupies the seat of authority. What happens when this occurs?
Grandpa Gatekeeper is a Freemason. Through his vows, he established a seat of authority for Baal over his life and family. Grandpa dies. But this demonic influence is passed down, with Baal literally possessing a seat of authority over generations of the family line. Dysfunction, sin and tragedy are perpetuated.

As it is in the family line, so it is in corporations, and even nations. To bring true freedom, the seat of authority itself must be dealt with–along with the covenants that have legally empowered darkness to rule.

When Godly Covenants are Compromised
The need to deal with ungodly covenants in the generational line, through the occult etc, is now pretty acknowledged. Now lets explore covenants in Christ that have become sabotaged.

When a godly covenant becomes compromised through intentional, sustained unfaithfulness and betrayal, the seat of authority over the covenant is also compromised in the spiritual realm. By our ungodly choices or the ungodly choices of our forefathers , demonic powers can assume influence over the seats of authority of our covenants.

They then become covenants of abuse, where sin, abuse, injustice or betrayal is tolerated and perpetuated.

To regain true freedom, compromised trilateral covenants must be dealt with. By this act, seats of authority can be reclaimed in our lives, families and our nation.

Divorcing Baal, Reclaiming Seats of Authority 
This is exactly what we’ve been working towards in divorcing Baal. For the past few years, we have been functioning in Heaven’s court to receive God’s verdict of divorce from idolatry in each state of our nation.

Though we haven’t really articulated it this way, I believe the strategy to divorce Baal significantly applies to reclaiming seats of authority. Last year we facilitated the divorcement of Baal primarily in places where idolatry is practiced. For 2012, I believe God will show us how to petition His court regarding specific seats of authority in our state and nation.

The Pilgrims consecrated our land and government to the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith. Therefore as covenant with Christ has been renewed, these seats of authority can now be reclaimed for Him as well. Really, this is a primary catalyst to the “Eliakim Shift.” Where these seats have become defiled through sin and ungodly covenants, it’s time for regime change!

Prayer for Freedom from Trilateral Covenants
Before we try to save the world, lets begin with you! Below is a prayer for freedom from trilateral covenants. It is not comprehensive, but it’s a good start. Where needed, we encourage you to seek out reputable counselors as you pursue healing.

Father God, I come before the Court of Heaven and petition You as the Ancient of Days to review my case and judge in my favor. I am asking that You annul all trilateral covenants–covenants established in the spirit and natural realms between myself and spiritual entities other than the Lord Jesus Christ.

Father God, as Daniel saw, I ask now that You convene court and review my case. Open the books of my life and generations. Please identify all places where either I or my forefathers entered into covenant with demonic powers.

Please annul all trilateral covenants, all covenants with Baal, death and darkness throughout my generational line. I personally repent and renounce all personal and generational covenants, and I forgive my ancestors for entering into these covenants. I renounce all covenants made between myself and these entities, and I renounce all covenants made between my forefathers and these entities.

Father God, my justification in this request is simply the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Jesus took the full punishment for my sins and iniquities, or generational sins. By this precious blood, I ask that you now blot out the record of my covenants with Baal and other idols and demonic powers, and those of my forefathers.

Further, I ask that you dismiss Baal from my life and bloodline, as well as all forces under Baal that have been empowered by these covenants. Please dismantle all seats of authority, where demonic powers have had legal authority to rule over my generations through these covenants. Please grant me a judicial restraining order against these demonic powers, in Jesus’ Name. Let this restraining order be enforced beginning now!

I now reset covenant with You, Father God, in the Name of Jesus Christ. I give myself to You without reserve, spirit, soul and body. I give to You the seat of authority over myself, my family, my possessions and my generational line. Father God, I am asking to be betrothed to the Lord Jesus Christ, and Christ alone, redeemed by His body and blood alone. I receive Jesus Christ as My Lord, Savior, Bridegroom and King, In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!