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The Call Virginia May 26, Fredericksburg VA. More info here.

Yesterday we reviewed a key prophecy for this hour. We saw how the enemy has tried to “X us out” and how the Lord desires to tabernacle with us, establishing His bridal canopy over our nation.

Who is Setting the Course for the Nation?
Many warnings have been issued about 2012. Some feel our nation is doomed, while others feel we are still in the balance, teetering between judgment and blessing. Many felt that electing the right president would steer us away from the brink–only to find their candidates didn’t make the cut.

Conspiracy theorists believe that the course of our nation has already been set–by  globalist power brokers behind the scenes that even the President must obey.

I too believe our course has, to a large measure, already been set. But not by Muslims, globalists, hidden royalty or the military/industrial complex.

No, the culprit behind this massive power shift is even more difficult to perceive. She is illuminated, but not by any false light. She has great sway over the halls of power, but not because of a political spirit. She needs no broom to hover or ascend. She is the Bride of Christ.

Divorcing Baal, Resetting Covenant
Over the previous two years, Dr. John Benefiel led us in one of the most historic and comprehensive prayer initiatives our nation has ever seen. Right out of the pages of Hosea 2, we received together our divorcement from Baal and resetting covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ. This project covered more than 10,000 altars of idolatry and known sin across our nation. From masonic lodges to Wall Street brokerages, from the halls of government to Civil War battlefields, we repented for historic breaches of covenant and sought the Lord to marry our land again!

The Lord gave Dr. Benefiel a very clear word that upon completion of this project, He would respond with a move of Holy Spirit awakening. In short, He would establish His covenant and tabernacle with us again!

July 4–New Birth of Freedom!
Many of you joined us last year as this project culminated with the “11-11 Campaign.” We walked out a vision given to Rick Ridings, where he saw north and south come together in covenant and prayer. He had seen a “hard shell of demonic resistance” over Washington DC, and he saw north and south come together as a “nutcracker” to crack this hard shell.

From Plymouth MA, Topeka KS, and New Orleans LA, our teams prayed through Civil War battlefields and historic wells of awakening, making their way to Washington DC. On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, on July 4, 2011, we joined together for a united cry. Lord, grant our Nation a new birth of freedom!

At that time, we presented the Lord Jesus Christ with a Declaration of Covenant, asking Him to receive our cumulated petition for the divorcement of from historic and present idolatry. And according to the covenants of our forefathers, WE ASKED HIM TO MARRY OUR LAND AGAIN!

50 Days Later… Earthquake!
Remember how, exactly 50 days after Jesus died at Passover, He sent the rushing winds of Pentecost. It was interesting how, exactly 50 days after we sought the Lord to restore covenant, an earthquake shook Washington DC! And the Washington Monument, a primary symbol of our historic idolatry, literally cracked.

This was truly a sign that the “nut” of demonic resistance had been broken through. But more, it was a sign that the Lord had agreed to marry our land again!

I cannot emphasize this enough as we look toward the future. Step by step, the Lord has been progressively establishing our nation, even according to the vision He gave at the birthing of this movement so many years ago.

Now we have come to the next phase of fulfillment. God wants to establish His covenant and tabernacle with us! Will there still be shakings? Challenges? Undoubtedly. But Jesus covenantally is our Bridegroom. He will stand with us, fight for us, provide for us, move heaven and earth to fulfill His word.

I want to end this posting by reviewing again the vision Dr. Benefiel received on the eve of our November initiative, facilitated in conjunction with James Nesbit and  DC40.

On the eve of 11-11-11, the anniversary of the Pilgrims’ covenant consecration of our land to Jesus Christ, Dr. Benefiel had an extraordinary vision. He shared how visions were not the norm for him–meaning that there was a significant emphasis on what was being conveyed.

Apostle John saw a distinct, glowing mist beginning to cover the region, and then form across our entire nation. This was somewhat like Elijah, who saw a cloud the size of a man’s hand! And just as Elijah knew rain had been restored rain to God’s covenant land, so Dr. Benefiel knew God was restoring His glory to the land!

With all the chaos and controversy this year, please let us not forget where we have been, and where we are going. Jesus is still faithful and true! Watch to see the progression of His new move this year. Press into God’s heart. Lets stand together to see His glory restored, His bridal canopy erected, His covenant established! By this process we truly have a new birth of freedom. In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!