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When President Obama stood near the pyramids of Egypt and declared a “new beginning” in relations between America and the Islamic world, Washington DC responded. Words offensive to Muslims, such as “terrorist,” “jihadist,” and “Islamist radical” were extracted from the training manuals of our defense and intelligence communities. Many outspoken Muslims were promoted to key positions. At the same time, within the halls of both our government and military, a significant number of Christians became the subject of scrutiny and persecution.

And policies towards Israel clearly shifted. The administration dictated that Israel return to its pre-1967 boundaries—even in respect to Jerusalem. For months, the Obama Administration has been strong-arming Congress to cease imposing sanctions against Iran, even though Iran’s nuclear program continues virtually unabated.

Secret Side Deal?
Now today the LA Times broke the news that a secret nuclear “side deal” with Iran has already been agreed upon. According to Christian author Joel Rosenberg:

“The Los Angeles Times is reporting the existence of a secret 30-page document the spells out understandings between the U.S. and Iran regarding expectations of what Iran can and cannot do with its nuclear program, understanding not included in the official, public deal that is being negotiated in Geneva. The Times indicates that according to the “secret side deal” worked out by the Obama administration:

1. Not a single Iranian nuclear facility will be shut down
2. Iran will continue to enrich uranium
3. Iran’s nuclear research operations will actually expand; and
4. New, state-of-the-art centrifuges will be allowed to come on-line in Iran.

Is this accurate? Is it the full picture? Will the document be released to the public, and to the full U.S. government and our allies? Members of Congress are only just hearing about this now, and have yet to react…” (Flashtraffic Blog, Joel Rosenberg).

Appeasement’s Existential Threat
Meanwhile, President Rouhani tweeted today that “In Geneva, world powers surrendered to the Iranian nation’s will.” Though nations involved in this pact have vehemently repudiated even a hint of appeasement, the Iranian leader apparently believes otherwise.

Clearly this apparent appeasement has the potential to jeopardize Israel’s very existence. Though Iranian President Rouhani has backed off from the vitriolic assaults that so defined his predecessor, sentiment against Israel by top government and military officials remains intentional and focused. Their continuing support of Hezbollah and Hamas makes this undeniably clear.

But the prospect of a nuclear Iran is not abhorrent to Israel alone. Iran remains the major Shiite aggressor in the centuries-long war between Shiite and Sunni Muslims. It’s important to note that the lives of millions of Sunni Palestinians would be jeopardized by any nuclear attack on Israel by Iran.

Iran’s nuclear threat has also uniquely connected Israel with Saudi Arabia. Historic friction between Shiite Iran and the Sunni Kingdom of Saud continues to the extent that the Saudis have threatened to purchase atomic weaponry from Pakistan pending any American agreement.

Economic Calamity Due to Deal?
In response to America’s deal with Iran, our oil-rich ally has been rumored to be reconsidering its insistence on supporting the value of the American dollar through its vast global influence. This could be devastating to our economy. A recent blog post by Michael Snyder educates us on the risk:

“The number one American export is U.S. dollars. It is paper currency that is backed up by absolutely nothing, but the rest of the world has been using it to trade with one another and so there is tremendous global demand for our dollars. The linchpin of this system is the petrodollar. For decades, if you have wanted to buy oil virtually anywhere in the world you have had to do so with U.S. dollars. But if one of the biggest oil exporters on the planet, such as Saudi Arabia, decided to start accepting other currencies as payment for oil, the petrodollar monopoly would disintegrate very rapidly.”

Snyder continues, “For years, everyone assumed that nothing like that would happen any time soon, but now Saudi officials are warning of a “major shift” in relations with the United States. In fact, the Saudis are so upset at the Obama administration that “all options” are reportedly “on the table”. If it gets to the point where the Saudis decide to make a major move away from the petrodollar monopoly, it will be absolutely catastrophic for the U.S. economy” (Michael Snyder, “Growing Rift with Saudi Arabia”).

Congressional Response to Deal
Apparently many members of Congress were not initially informed by the Obama Administration of the deal with Iran, made this past weekend. As reported in the Washington Free Beacon:

“Congress and American public have many questions about the Iran deal,” GOP Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R., Va.) tweeted on Monday. The White House “must explain why it’s not releasing the text of the agreement.”

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R., Minn.) told the Free Beacon that the White House is not nearly as transparent as it claims to be. “It is simply unacceptable for the White House to stonewall on the specifics of the Iran nuclear agreement,” Bachmann said. “The ‘most transparent administration ever’ has been anything but transparent.”

“On an issue with such national security repercussions, the public deserves to see the details of the agreement—the White House should release the text immediately,” Bachmann said.

Sen. Mark Kirk (R., Ill.), one of the chief architects of a new Iran sanctions bill, also urged “the White House to publicly release the text of the implementation agreement with Iran for all to review.”

When pressed by reporters on the subject during Monday’s White House press briefing, spokesman Jay Carney defended the embargo. However, he said members of Congress may eventually be permitted to view the deal, which provides Tehran with around $7 billion in sanctions relief while allowing it to continue enriching uranium.

Pray for Israel, America, Iran, Saudi Arabia
Here’s what’s clear. Iran, America, Israel and the Mideast are all at a crossroads. And at these crossroads especially, collisions are not just possible but highly probable. Our greatest need—as always—is to pray. Pray for Obama, Kerry and governmental leaders. Please pray in the Spirit, asking the Lord Jesus Christ to release His directive word and work!

And remember Jolene’s sobering prophetic experience that started out our year. In one moment, everything can change.

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