JHOP team prays at Supreme Court today at the close of hearing. Sen. Mike Lee of Utah addresses the press. Photos by Jon Hamill

The Supreme Court heard a case of extraordinary significance today. The Obama Administration’s alleged violations of our Constitutional balance of power is being evaluated by the 12 Supremes. 

The case involves Obama’s choice in 2012 to sidestep the US Senate and make recess appointments—while the Senate was still in session. “The court heard arguments Monday in a politically charged dispute over the president’s power to temporarily fill top-level posts when the Senate is in recess,” reported Fox News. “Three federal appeals courts have said Obama overstepped his authority because the Senate was not in recess when he acted.”


No King but Jesus!
Prophetically for 2014, Holy Spirit highlighted to us the Constitutional balance of power in much the same way he compelled us to stand for breakthroughs regarding abortion last year. I have included excerpts below from our 2013 overview, “Crown & Throne: Unveiling the Unshakeable Throne,” that directly address this issue.

To sum it up—heaven and earth still resound with the cry, No King but Jesus! America’s balance of power is more than a good idea or a political agenda. It is an absolute Throne Room mandate that Jesus desires to see upheld so that America does not succumb to dictatorship and tyranny. This mandate is a perpetuation of the same breakthroughs granted by the Lord last year.


Insights from Utah Senator 
Senator Mike Lee of Utah (pictured above) was interviewed by the press immediately after the Court was adjourned. According to “Roll Call,” a blog that covers Capitol Hill, Senator Lee “predicts an overwhelming rebuke to the executive branch.” As quoted by “Roll Call,” Lee observed that “Most, perhaps all, of the justices understand, appreciate and respect the fact that the Senate does have the power … to establish its own rules and procedure, to decide things like when it’s in session and when it isn’t.’”


Significantly, Lee’s home state of Utah has become another battlefield over the balance of power. The Supreme Court recently upheld Utah’s decision to ban gay marriages. Last Friday, Attorney General Eric Holder declared that gay marriages were legal in Utah under federal law, and will be honored by the Obama Administration whether or not state officials in Utah recognize the unions as legitimate.


No to Dictatorship! Pray for the Balance of Power to be Upheld
PLEASE PRAY! We will cover this issue further on Wednesday night’s call. Friends, I am compelled that we contend in prayer nationwide to stop America’s decline into dictatorship on our watch. No King but Jesus!


Lets petition the Lord together to uphold the Constitutional boundaries defined by our Constitution. Further, lets ask the Lord to make clear His desire to each Supreme Court justice. We know there’s a court higher even than the Supreme Court. Lets approach the Bench and petition the Lord for His judgment to be fully rendered, and His discipline to be enforced.


I am grateful for the JHOP team who prayed this morning at their new prayer center on Capitol Hill, then held their LIFE vigil at the Supreme Court just as the hearing was being concluded. Below is an excerpt from our word for 2014, “Crown & Throne—Unveiling the Unshakeable Throne.”


Excerpt: Unveiling the Unshakeable Throne
It’s important to note that King Uzziah and Prophet Isaiah both saw the Lord in the same year. Uzziah saw him by judgment as his reign was cut short. Isaiah saw Him by glory. How we align covenantally determines how we experience His visitation.


Remember that thrones are established by covenant. Uzziah was disciplined for violating the covenantal boundaries the Lord set in place between the office of the king and the priestly ministry. From II Chronicles: “When he became strong, his heart was so proud that he acted corruptly, and he was unfaithful to the Lord his God, for he entered the temple of the Lord to burn incense on the altar of incense” (II Chron. 26: 15-16).


From the beginning, the Lord demanded what we call “checks and balances” in national governance. Israel was founded with three branches of governmental leadership, demarcated by the prophet, the priest and the king. These offices are roughly equated with our branches of government today, founded by a covenant known as the Constitution, which established the judicial, legislative and executive branches.  “For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king” (Isaiah 33:22).


The prophetic office is similar to the judicial branch—keeping in mind that many Israelite prophets also served as judges.


The priestly office is similar to the legislative branch—keeping in mind that the priests not only ministered to the Lord, but represented the people of Israel before the Lord.


The kingly office is similar to the executive branch—with the president serving the “kingly” duties of governance.


By burning incense in the Temple, Uzziah sought to literally usurp and bypass the priestly office—the legislative office of his day. Friends, as it was in Uzziah’s day so it is in ours. Both pride and insecurity can blind us to the consequences of these violations. Because we are powerful, we assume we can bypass our foundational covenants to get what we desire, or achieve what we want. The ends justify the means.


But from the bedroom to the boardroom to Capitol Hill, God is presiding over the foundations of life and governance dedicated by covenant to Him. And His justice will neither be deterred nor evaded. Friends, this should all bring us to humility and repentance before the highest court in the land… the Throne of God.


Court of Heaven, Courts of Earth
The Supreme Court will be faced with decisions of extraordinary consequence in days ahead. Don’t assume you know what this is—instead, simply pray for courage. Pray for an open heaven and a holy convergence, with the Lord rendering His verdicts with and through the Supremes.


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