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Happy (belated) Resurrection Day! Tried to get this post to you yesterday, but I guess there were some server problems. Thank God for new beginnings!

We celebrate with you the legacy of our Great Intercessor,  Jesus Christ, whose tomb became a birthing chamber for resurrection life. When Jesus died, we were redeemed. When He arose, this gift of resurrection life became ours as well. THANK YOU LORD!

Honoring our Warriors
Recently I visited Arlington Cemetery with our friends Janet and Allen Bishop, pastors from VT. We were watching the honor guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier when I had a recurring thought. The highest honor the military can convey is given to soldiers whose identity is not even known–nameless warriors who died for the cause of freedom. It occurred to me that our warriors in the spirit deserve such honor as well. We put together a video for you below.

Most effective intercessors live and die without ever being known by man. Yet before God’s throne they are greatly honored and esteemed. Breakthrough is secured, history changed, lives protected, souls birthed into the Kingdom through their efforts.

Today we celebrate our Father, who gave His only begotten Son, that we might have life. We celebrate Jesus, our Great Intercessor. We celebrate those called after His order, living and giving their lives so that Jesus might receive the reward of His suffering.

And we celebrate Holy Spirit, who forever takes this sacred Seed, sown into the earth, and brings forth a great harvest. Let Holy Spirit brood over you today. May He awaken your seed, open your womb, and birth resurrection life today!

Upcoming Events
We will be traveling again beginning later this week, ministering in West Virginia, Florida and New York. We are excited to work again with Randy Demain in our first two events, and then with Paul Keith Davis near Albany NY! Please click on the graphics below for more information.

May each of you advance in Christ’s blessing this Passover season!
Jon & Jolene

with Randy Demain, Pastor Karen Austin, more
with Randy Demain, Dave & Ronda Ramer

with Paul Keith Davis