First–grateful that many of you who were encouraged by yesterday’s posting on the council of God. Thanks for sharing your heart!

As we mentioned before, we strongly sense that the Lord is rendering His verdict in this season, even regarding our nation. It’s why it is so important to access and receive God’s “Throne Room counsel.”

Judicial intercession both begins and culminates in Jesus Christ. Today we want to equip you with a few keys to help you gain His verdict in your favor. This understanding is crucial for national breakthrough—but also your own! The insights below were originally posted in January, 2011.

Principles of Heaven’s Court
For the past few years, Jolene and I have been on an unexpected “Holy Spirit learning curve” on intercession and the Court of Heaven. As we’ve gained even a small measure of understanding, we have come to perceive Holy Spirit’s leading much better, and we have received more significant results with less delay.

For years the body of Christ has been focused on “coming boldly before God’s Throne” to encounter Him. It’s important to understand that the Throne of God’s beauty is also the Court of His justice. And how you “approach the bench” here on earth is a shadow of how to receive His verdict.

Justice: The Big Picture
Much of what the body of Christ is taught about accessing Heaven’s justice is actually disheartening. For example–from Daniel 7, we know that Heaven’s Court is directly involved in overthrowing the Antichrist at the end of the age. We also know from the parable of Luke 18 that night and day intercession will release speedy justice in the earth.

The problem is—how can we access Heaven’s court during the times we are not directly involved in saving humanity from imminent destruction, or praying 24/7?

Here’s a key for you. If the principles of God’s justice are available to vanquish the greatest evils faced by mankind, they are equally available for you in life’s smaller challenges. God wants you to receive results!

You Are a Lawyer
You may not know this, but in heaven’s sight you are now a lawyer. The word “intercessor” is actually another word for this profession. Jesus Christ is the greatest intercessor ever. He lives in you, and He ever lives to make intercession for His own. Further, Holy Spirit makes intercession through you with groanings too deep for words!

As a lawyer, you are called to organize your case, and present your case before His Throne. That’s what a lawyer does, at the invitation of the Judge. Further, through the precious blood of Jesus, your vindication has already been secured!

“Come now, and let us reason together,” says the Lord. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow…” (Isaiah 1:18).

Prayers and Petitions
As we shared yesterday, a plea before the Court is also called a petition. The Apostle Paul wrote that we should “pray in the Spirit with all manner of prayers and petitions…” (Ephesians 6:18). There is a difference between a prayer and a petition. Prayer covers all aspects of requests. A petition is defined as “a formal message requesting something that is presented to an authority.” Another definition is “a formal written request to a court requesting judicial action on a certain matter.”

In other words, a petition in prayer is a legal presentation before the Judge, requesting a verdict from Heaven’s Court.

Make Your Petition Specific
In preparing your case, take a good look at what you are praying for. Here are five key questions to ask:

In what areas are you seeking justice?

Specifically, what results are you seeking?

On what basis? Is there legal precedent (through God’s word?)

What adversary is preventing you from receiving justice?

Whom are you seeking justice for?

Courtroom Principles
This said, here are five “courtroom principles” from Daniel 7.

You are called to interact with the Court of Heaven. As an intercessor, purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ, you are invited to stand among the “myriads” of men, women and angels standing before the Throne, seeking God’s justice. Learn to interact with Heaven’s Court!

Your Judge is the Ancient of Days. Father God is specifically presented as the Ancient of Days in reference to the court. Why? Because many of the “justice issues” we face personally and regionally are generational. In other words, they are the byproduct of misguided choices from previous generations. As the Ancient of Days, God sees all days and can render judgment to deliver you from the encroachment of generational bondages.

The Lord will review your case. When the court sits, the books, or scrolls, are opened. God will review your petition in light of the past, present and future. You can ask Him to review the scroll of your “Book of Life”—including past generations, to annul covenants with death and darkness that have given access to demonic powers holding your bloodline captive.

You can see principalities disengaged from your life. Daniel saw the greatest evil forces disengaged from humanity by a Throne Room verdict. So did Joshua, as pictured in Zechariah 3. Through the justification of the body and blood of Jesus Christ, you can too– in your own life, family, and your world.

Ask God to rule in favor of the saints! So many times we petition the court without ever asking for a verdict. Then we wonder why nothing has changed. King David was an expert at this. He was specific, and he always asked God to rule in his favor!